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Prague is a city of beer, meat and tired legs


The National Gallery Prague is an art gallery in Prague, which has the largest collection of works of art in the Czech Republic and is located in several historical buildings.


The Jewish Quarter in Prague (Židovská čtvrť) was a Jewish ghetto, where monuments have been preserved: the Jewish town hall, synagogues and a Jewish cemetery.

The objects of the quarter are part of the Jewish Museum of Prague.


The Sternberg Palace (Sternberg Palace) is a historic palace with a garden in Prague, which has a high Baroque style and is the exhibition hall of the National Gallery Prague.


The Royal Way (Royal Road) is a historical route in Prague, along which future Czech kings passed to the coronation.

Today, the path is a popular tourist route.


Hradcana Square is one of the most important and visited squares in Prague, which is surrounded by historical palaces and where there is an observation deck.

The square leads to Prague Castle.


The Strahov Monastery is an ancient monastery in Prague, which houses: the Strahov library, an art gallery, a basilica, a church, a brewery and panoramic gardens.

The objects of the monastery can be visited.


The Franz Kafka Museum is a literary and biographical museum in Prague dedicated to the writer Franz Kafka, who is widely known as one of the main figures of 20th century literature.


The Archbishop's Palace is a magnificent historical building in the Baroque and Rococo styles in Prague, which is the archbishop's consistory.


Malostranskaya Square is one of the most important and most visited squares in Prague, surrounded by historical palaces and where one of the best viewing platforms in the city is located.


The Smetana Museum in Prague is dedicated to the life and work of the famous Czech composer Bedřich Smetana.

There is an observation deck near the museum.


Karlova street (Karlova ulice) is one of the oldest, most beautiful, famous and most visited streets in Prague.


Crusaders Square (Krzyzownica Square) is one of the smallest and most visited squares in Prague.

The square is the center of concentration of significant sights of Prague.


The Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace is a historical palace building in Prague, which is one of the most valuable monuments of the city.

The premises of the palace can be visited.


Small Square (Malé náměstí) is a small but pleasant square in the historical center of Prague, surrounded by bright buildings.


The House by the Minute is an exquisite building in Prague, which is a typical example of the architecture of the Czech bourgeois Renaissance and stands out with graffiti.

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