Petrin tower, Prague (Petřínska rozhledna) - lookout in the mini Eiffel tower

The Petrin Tower (Petřínská rozhledna) is a steel tower in Prague, which is a smaller copy of the Paris Eiffel Tower.

In the upper part of the Petrin tower there is a public observation deck, and on the underground level there is a small exposition about Petrin.

The Petrin Tower was erected as part of the Jubilee Exhibition of 1891 as a free copy of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, only reduced by 5 times (1:5). The designers of the tower were engineers Frantisek Prashil and Julius Soucek.

Сегодня высота Петршинской башни составляет 58,7 метров.

The construction of the tower was started on March 16, 1891, and its grand opening took place on August 20 of the same year.

To simulate the Eiffel Tower in Prague, a place was chosen at an altitude of 324 meters on Petrin hill (Petřín). But due to the fact that the Petrin Tower is located on a hill, geographically the Petrin Tower turns out to be higher than the Eiffel Tower.

Although the Petrin observation tower is often called a smaller copy of the Eiffel Tower, but still it has differences. So, unlike the Eiffel Tower, the Petrin Tower has an octagonal, not a square cross-section. In addition, it stands not like the Eiffel Tower, on four columns of latticed steel. The entire area under the "feet" of the tower is occupied by an entrance hall structure.

The Petrin tower has a metal frame. The weight of the structure is about 170 tons.

Today, the Petrin Tower is one of the main attractions and one of the symbols of Prague with one of the best viewing platforms of the city.

The Petrin observation tower is illuminated daily and at night, depending on dusk and dawn.

Observation deck in the Petrin Tower

There are viewing platforms in the Petrin Tower.

299 steps lead to the upper observation deck, located at a height of 51 meters. You can also take the elevator.

The observation deck offers stunning views of Prague, and in good weather, parts of the Czech Republic.

View on Prague Castle with dominant - St. Vitus Cathedral. From this point it is even more beautiful than near.

View of the Petrin hill with gardens

Clearly visible from the observation deck St. Lawrence Cathedral (Katedralni chram sv. Vavrince), located on the Petrin hill, near the tower

Other objects and exhibition in the Petrin Tower

On the ground floor of the Petrin Tower there are ticket offices, an information center, a souvenir shop and a cafe.

In the basement of the tower there is a permanent exhibition "Petrinsky place of walking, exploring and mining".

Practical information

The ascent to the observation deck of the Petrin Tower is paid. If you want to take the elevator, and not walk up the steps, then you need to make an additional payment. There are discounted and family tickets.

You can also purchase a comprehensive ticket to visit the Petrin Tower and the nearby Mirror maze.

For wheelchair users, the elevator stops at a covered observation deck with a gallery at a height of 20 meters in the Petrin Tower.

Website: petrinska-rozhledna.

The Petrin Tower is located on the Petrshin Hill, at: Petřínské sady 633, 118 00 Praha 1 - Malá Strana.

Coordinates of the Petrin Observation Tower: 50°05'00.0"N 14°23'42.0"E (50.083333, 14.395000).

You can climb to the tower along the paths of the Petrshin Hill or by the Petrshin funicular from the Uyezd tram stop (Újezd). Funicular route: County-Nebozízek-Petřín (Újezd - Nebozízek - Petřín).

A one-time funicular ticket, a subscription to Prague, 24- and 72-hour city transport tickets, as well as travel documents at special rates and documents entitling to free travel are valid for the funicular.

Tickets can be purchased at funicular stops at vending machines.

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