Czech Republic - a fairy tale come to life in Central Europe


Prague (Praha) is the capital of the Czech Republic, the city has long been included in the list of the most beautiful and became one of the most visited cities in the world. Having been in Prague once, many tourists want to return and we were not the exception. We in Prague have left their indelible mark, and we still fondly remember their trip to the Czech Republic, especially Prague.

Most of the tourists who decided to spend their holidays in the Czech Republic, the acquaintance with the country begins with Prague. First of all, because in Prague easy to get to and it becomes the starting point for many trips around the country.


Museum of love in Prague - Museum with an erotic theme, located in the heart of Prague.

Despite its fairly small size, this Museum is quite extraordinary. The Museum presented an exhibition consisting of more than 300 exhibits dedicated to love and eroticism.

Among the exhibits: photographs, paintings and sculptures with erotic content, hardwood...


Republic square, one of the main squares of the Czech capital city of Prague.

On Republic square are always Packed. Tourists attracted to the area primarily because it is from here that originate most of the sightseeing in Old Prague. And for good reason, because this area as it is on the border of the Old and New towns, representing the unity of the old and modern Prague.

The dominant feature of the square, conspicuous, powerful structure of the powder tower with the same power Gate. Even from afar, before reaching the square, these gates stand out against other, more modern buildings of the square. It is for these gates originated the historical centre of Prague, Old town.


The main part of Prague situated in the historical centre, the old part of the city. This part of the city riddled with mysteries and secrets. Here are the most striking architectural buildings steeped in history and different destinies.

To walk through this part of Prague indefinitely, constantly discovering something new and unknown.


Karlovy Vary is a city not only of great beauty and tranquility, but also is a resort in the Czech town you can go shopping.

The Foundation of Karlovy vary's shopping accounted for his unusual gifts, sweets and alcohol, most of which you will hardly find in any other country in the world.

In Karlovy vary there are some excellent things that can be a great gift for yourself, loved ones, relatives, friends and acquaintances. The goods is inherent only in Karlovy vary, they display the spirit and atmosphere of the city, and if you as a gift will choose them, they will be the exclusive carlsbad gifts with a twist.


From each country want to bring something original, memorable and unique this country is. Something that you can buy only there and nowhere else!

Czech Republic in this respect, surpassed many countries in the world! The Czech Republic, especially its capital, Prague, pleases its guests with a generous selection of unique Souvenirs and gifts that you won't find in any other country in the world. So, the campaign for Czech Souvenirs can be a great shopping.


Prague Castle (Prazsky hrad) for over thousands of years is the symbol and the outstanding jewel of the Czech Republic. Currently, Prague Castle is one of the largest fortress complexes in the world, founded in the 9th century.

For centuries the Prague Castle was a residence of Czech kings and later presidents. The total area is 45 hectares, which housed the towers, picturesque narrow streets and gardens and historical palaces, offices, fortifications and religious buildings, most of which are now housed in various museums and expositions.


Many people come to Karlovy vary only on a day trip. But we were staying in town for a few days and slowly taste all the delights of such a beautiful, drowning in greenery and flowers city.

Attractions in Karlovy vary are not many, basically they are all located in the city centre, which runs on both sides along the thermal river Tepla. Karlovy vary, the town itself is small, its center can be easily explored on foot in one day, but it is better out to visit the city at least a couple of days. Green parks, colorful low houses, alleys and waterfront-all this creates the impression of an eternal holiday. Even more this feeling is fueled by the enchanting striking architecture and ever-beating hot Geyser.


No walk around Prague is complete without visiting the city's main square - Wenceslas square. Wherever you go in Prague, still one way or another, exit Wenceslas square.

Wenceslas square is the largest and most famous square in the Czech capital, but also one of the largest squares in the world. This area is not similar to the square in the usual sense of the word, but rather more like a Boulevard in the center of which is a walking area, and on both sides of the roadways and sidewalks.


Distance from the centre of Prague to Karlovy vary is about 130 kilometers.

To get from Prague to Karlovy vary can: by taxi, car, bus or train (s-Bahn). Also visit Karlovy vary can be one of the excursions.


Probably, it is impossible to imagine any city in the world without green parks, and even more so Prague. The Czech capital has always attracted with its hills, on which there are beautiful gardens and many attractions. On one of these hills, in the heart of Prague, there is the legendary Letna Park, better known as Letenske Sady.

Letensky Gardens are located on the left bank of the Vltava River, opposite the historical district of Prague Stare Mesto, near the Prague bridges. The attractive thing about this park is that it is located on a hill and climbing into the park, you can absolutely free of charge, unlike the viewing platforms in the city, admire the beautiful panorama of the right bank of Prague, the Vltava River and Prague bridges, including seeing the Charles Bridge in all its glory.


Going on vacation to Czech Republic you need to prepare not only comfortable shoes, but also to empty the stomach. Surely everyone knows that the Czech cuisine is tasty and hearty, but it was still and heavy. So it would be good not to forget a some remedy for heaviness in the stomach)).

Czech cuisine, it is at first glance a huge variety of dishes. However, the predominance of meat, often quite fatty meat (mainly pork) make Czech cuisine on one side appetizing, on the other hand, if you look closely, the choice of dishes is not great: the meat in different variations, soups, sausages (again, meat), snacks (also grilled or marinated).


Petrin Hill is located in the very center of Prague on the left bank of the Vltava River and is not only the highest hill of the Czech capital, but also one of the main attractions of Prague, which no tourist can avoid. So we did not pass by and looked at Petrshin.

The main attractions of the hill are famous for stretching a considerable distance green gardens and Petrin tower, which is a miniature of the Eiffel tower. On the top of the tower is an observation deck with a panoramic view of almost the whole of Prague.


Having been in the beautiful Czech city of Prague, we will, of course, could not ignore such historical attractions like the Clementinum (Klementinum). And attracted us Clementinum national library, first of all, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Even sitting at home and preparing for the trip, we looked at pictures of this Baroque library hall, admired him, and wanted to see the most beautiful library in the world.


In Prague, along the Vltava river, stretching embankments, which are joined together at the long promenade of the city. However, there are two, the most picturesque of Prague embankments, they are one of the most vibrant streets of Prague's embankments or Masaryk Masaryk and Rasinova.

On these embankments is always crowded and full of life, entertainment and festive events.

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