Karlovy Vary - health resort of the Czech Republic


Karlovy Vary is a city not only of great beauty and tranquility, but also is a resort in the Czech town you can go shopping.

The Foundation of Karlovy vary's shopping accounted for his unusual gifts, sweets and alcohol, most of which you will hardly find in any other country in the world.

In Karlovy vary there are some excellent things that can be a great gift for yourself, loved ones, relatives, friends and acquaintances. The goods is inherent only in Karlovy vary, they display the spirit and atmosphere of the city, and if you as a gift will choose them, they will be the exclusive carlsbad gifts with a twist.


Many people come to Karlovy vary only on a day trip. But we were staying in town for a few days and slowly taste all the delights of such a beautiful, drowning in greenery and flowers city.

Attractions in Karlovy vary are not many, basically they are all located in the city centre, which runs on both sides along the thermal river Tepla. Karlovy vary, the town itself is small, its center can be easily explored on foot in one day, but it is better out to visit the city at least a couple of days. Green parks, colorful low houses, alleys and waterfront-all this creates the impression of an eternal holiday. Even more this feeling is fueled by the enchanting striking architecture and ever-beating hot Geyser.


You can get from Prague to Karlovy Vary: by taxi, car, bus, train.

You can visit Karlovy Vary with guided tours.


Not so long ago ended our stay in the Czech Republic!

In the article we want to share our impressions of the trip, as well as talk about some of the features of this wonderful country.


Here we are in carlsbad! After visited all the main sights of the city, walked around the main streets and tried thermal mineral water from existing sources, the question arises: "What else can you do in Karlovy vary?".

Now it's time to take a walk to the famous carlsbad tower observation tower "Diana" and the eponymous railway.


Having been in Karlovy vary in one of the SPA centres have given us an interesting pamphlet, which contains 10 tested masks for the face of the Karlovy vary health resort.

Most interesting is that all of these masks are not based on thermal water, they can easily do at home. So to say we received the recipes of homemade masks. All masks are based on natural ingredients, which are in every house. Some of the masks we already knew, but others were unexpected for us opening and very interesting and unusual.


Karlovy vary is not only the amazing beauty of the city, but also famous Czech health resort. A resort that is widely known not only throughout Europe, but also around the world. In Karlovy vary at different times, rested and treated many kings and artists, kings and composers.

The city is famous for its complimentary mineral water, which flows directly from an underground thermal source. On the basis of these waters in Karlovy vary provide treatment and General health of the body receiving treatment of water inside the mineral baths and masks, all kinds of wraps, pools, inhalation, salt cave, massages, inhalations and even relaxing program.

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