Treatment in Karlovy vary, pay and free - thermal springs, baths, pools, treatments, etc: description, price, personal experience

Karlovy vary is not only the amazing beauty of the city, but also famous Czech health resort. A resort that is widely known not only throughout Europe, but also around the world. In Karlovy vary at different times, rested and treated many kings and artists, kings and composers.

To be treated and just treatment in Karlovy vary has arrived and every year hundreds of tourists come. In Karlovy vary has all the conditions for treatment and General improvement of the organism, both free and for money. Without money, of course, will not do, but there are several ways.

The city is literally at every step the resort or Spa. So the problems with finding places to restore health and strength does not seem to be. All treatments are paid separately. Arrive, check in any hotel or health resort, and after paying for the procedure.

How to find treatments and learn which one is suitable?

1. Treatment all just. They are appointed by the doctor, and they are held only by prescription. Every resort has its own doctor, come to the reception, show your test results or the direction of their family doctor, if not, then to take the tests and pass the examinations in place. Then the doctor prescribes the procedures and the period of treatment.

2. Improvement without prescription. Those in Karlovy vary, too many, of the most common thermal water and everything connected with them (drinking, baths, masks, wraps), swimming pools and a salt cave, massages, inhalations and even relaxing program. All of this can be held as the preliminary consultation, and without. To find such procedures in the city just go to a sanatorium or centre, ask at reception and you all explain in detail and tell you will also give brochure with treatments and prices.

There is no language barrier, the locals communicate easily, both in Czech and in English.

Now describe in detail each listed way to improve your health and rejuvenate without prescription. The information below will suit everyone, both children and adults, and those who came to be treated by the doctor, and independent tourists.

The air in Karlovy vary

The air in Karlovy vary impregnated with medicinal properties. The fact that Karlovy vary is a small town, this cars in the city a little, besides it is surrounded by Popovskii and Krasnymi mountains, allowing the city to sink into the green trees of the forest Slavskogo. And thanks to the abundance of thermal springs, the air is filled with useful properties. For these reasons, the air in the city clean, fresh and healthy. So even a simple stroll through the historic city centre are beneficial to the body.

The thermal springs of Karlovy vary

Karlovy vary has received such wide fame and status of a health resort, mainly due to the fact that many of the city's hot mineral water springs with healing properties. Just in Karlovy vary, about 60 thermal springs, of which treatment and recovery are 12-th. The largest and most famous thermal spring is the "vřídlo", it breaks the surface from a depth of 2 500 metres.

The water in all sources is similar in chemical composition, but is characterized by its temperature, volume fractions of carbon dioxide and power. The water in the thermal springs of Karlovy vary comes to 73 degrees.

The effect of the thermal waters depends on the temperature: the hotter the water provide a relaxing and calming effect, cooler - laxative.

Almost all thermal springs are located in the city center, the four colonnades and two gazebos. The colonnade also are the main attractions of Karlovy vary.

The colonnade and pergola with thermal springs in Karlovy vary:

Entrance to all the sources is free, water is free, come pick up, but be careful not to overdo it. Here, the main measure.

The Park colonnade/kolonada Sadoveho pramene - laced cast-iron colonnade, located in the heart of the city, in the gardens of Dvorak.

Garden colonnade, Karlovy Vary

The Park colonnade is one of the most famous of the colonnades in Karlovy vary, in this colonnade are two sources of thermal water snake and garden, with low water temperatures. This water in small quantities suitable for use inside everyone.

The snake spring (No. 15) of the thermal water has a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. This source contains less minerals than other springs, but more carbon dioxide.

Snake Spring, Karlovy Vary

A fountain of gardens, (No. 12) has a water temperature of just over 42 degrees. There is a spring in the basement of the military sanatorium, the entrance of the colonnade. Has hours open daily from 06:00 to 18:30 hours yesterday. This source also high content of carbon dioxide.

Garden spring, Karlovy Vary

Mill colonnade/Mlynska kolonada - colonnade of stone, also located in the city centre, right at the teplá river, not far from the Garden. Walking around the city to get past this colonnade is simply impossible, this is the largest colonnade in Karlovy vary, she immediately catches the eye.

Mill colonnade, Karlovy Vary

Mill colonnade is located five sources 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Water sources from 53 to 65 degrees. Sources: the Mill spring, the source of the mermaid, the Prince Wenceslas spring, the Libuse spring and Rock spring. To the colonnade round the clock free access.

mineral water springs in the Mill Colonnade, Karlovy Vary

Market colonnade/Trzni Kolonada - carved wooden colonnade built in Swiss style, is one of the most beautiful colonnades in the city. Also located in the city centre, on the banks of the river Tepla, close to the previous two colonnades. Access daily and free to everyone.

Market colonnade, Karlovy Vary

Market colonnade has three mineral springs - Charles IV, the Lower castle spring, and the Market source. The source numbers 2 - 64 degrees, 3 - 55 degrees 5 - water 62 degrees.

mineral springs of the Market Colonnade, Karlovy Vary

thermal spring No. 3, Market Colonnade, Karlovy Vary

The hot spring colonnade/Vridelni kolonada - the most recent and new colonnade, made of glass and concrete. Located in the heart of the city close to the other three colonnades. Open daily from 06:00 to 19:00 hours, admission is free.

Geyser Colonnade, Karlovy Vary

Thermal water fountain Geyser, hence the name of the colonnade. It is the strong and hot source, the source number 1, the temperature is 70 degrees. For many 70 degrees is very hot water, so the water specially cooled to 50 and 30 degrees. Water all three temperatures in one place, in the centre of the colonnade.

thermal water, geyser colonnade, Karlovy Vary

In addition to these four colonnades have in the fifth, the castle colonnade. This colonnade was rebuilt into a Spa, so free entry it is missing. But it does not matter, in the Stoa had two sources - the Top of castle hot spring water temperature of 49.3 degrees and the Lower castle spring, the water temperature is 55 degrees. The lower castle spring is derived in Market colonnade, of which we spoke above, and the top - in the gazebo next to the salon.

The upper castle spring is a gazebo. Source number 4, access free.

Upper Castle Spring, Karlovy Vary

thermal spring, Castle colonnade, Karlovy Vary

In the town there is another gazebo with mineral Spa water - gazebo source of Freedom. Octagonal, wooden gazebo adorned with columns located directly on the boardwalk Karls right from the Mill colonnade.

gazebo of the spring of Freedom, Karlovy Vary

The gazebo is removed one source, № 11, the water temperature is 60 degrees. Access source free.

thermal spring in the Freedom gazebo, Karlovy Vary

The 14th edition of the Karlovy vary mineral spring is located in the gazebo - Alois Klein. This is the coldest and latest thermal spring in Karlovy vary. The temperature of the water at source total 14.2 degrees.

In the gazebo Aloys Klein is the Stephanie spring. There is a spring in the Park before the Park hotel Richmond on the southern edge of the town of Karlovy vary, about a mile from the city centre.

The water in all sources would taste about the same, however, the hotter, the more pronounced the taste.

How to drink mineral water without harm to health:

If you consult a doctor, he, of course, all will register how much water, what, when, and in what order to drink. But if without consulting?! In principle, all sources are public and free, drinking water can be from any, just remember:

- this healing water and the organism it can respond differently. So to abuse the water is not recommended;

drinking Karlovy vary mineral water the following way: take some water in a container, then walking slowly around town, drinking small SIPS of water;

- the hotter the source, the less water it is recommended to drink. The best are the springs of thermal water up to 50 degrees. But young and old alike, drink all the water indiscriminately.

Walking around the city I notice that every second goes with interesting fixtures in hand. This special mug with a narrow spout for drinking mineral water. These mugs are sold in every souvenir shop of the city are, on average, 150 CZK.

thermal water drinking mugs

mineral water mugs, Karlovy Vary

A lot of talk about the circles, the flesh to the fact that they will certainly need in order to prevent the water from getting on the teeth and damage the enamel. Water on the tooth will fall anyway, and enamel the water won't hurt. These mugs are used for one purpose only, to drink small SIPS, but mostly just as a souvenir. With the same success can drink mineral water in small SIPS it is possible and from any other containers, for example bottles, even for inserting into the bottle a tube. That's just the hot water does not need to dial into plastic bottles and cups. To drink mineral water for future use is also not recommended.

The pools with thermal water in Karlovy vary

Swimming pools in Karlovy vary a lot, your pool is in almost every motels and hotels. But swimming pools with thermal water are not. Earlier was thermal, but it is already two years was closed for repairs, but the way it hung. Now it is covered with a thermal tent and soon decays.

We climbed the entire city, went to many motels and hotels, but only one place we were told that there is a pool, but not with thermal water, and mineral supplements, call any of the mineral pools. However, others said that this pool of mineral additives is not, in any case, like it or not, we do not know. The pool is in Spa Hotel Krivan located in the heart of the city, at the address: Sadova 5, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. Before dinner in the pool treatments, and after, effective commercial activity. You can visit from 16:00 to 21:00 hours, the cost is 90 euros for 60 minutes.

Why no thermal pools in Karlovy vary? Change the water in this pool are often needed and the kind of care that scope turns troublesome and costly. In any case, pools with thermal water, completely can not find the sanitary norms do not allow the bleach and water will always be present.

Swimming pools with thermal water in Karlovy vary, but there are widely used various baths with thermal water. The following section is about bathrooms.

Therapeutic mineral baths and masks in Karlovy vary

As mentioned above, in carlsbad there are treatments that are carried out only on prescription, but that prescription is not required. Ie just come to the center or the resort, pay for the procedure and enjoy. Such procedures are more focused on relaxation, prevention and General strengthening of the body, rather than any medicinal effect.

Prices in the city vary, sometimes decent. For example, initial medical examination from 850 to 1050 CZK, inspection of 500 to 600 CZK, prescriptions, and drinking of course from 500 to 600 crowns. Accepted as the Czech crown and the Euro.

Procedures that do not require a prescription

If I had to describe everything, the article will turn out just unrealistic sizes, and the following are some of the most popular examples:

- bath with mineral water, pearl, herbal, carbonic, peat, hemp. The time of the procedure 15 to 20 minutes and the cost from 350 to 500 CZK.

- inhalation, 10-15 minutes for 250 CZK.

- irrigation of the gums, 15-20 minutes 130-300 crowns.

- massages: classic General and partial, aromatherapy, with the application of lava stones, honey, underwater, reflex, banks, etc. the Time from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on massage. The cost from 350 to 1 290 CZK.

- beauty treatments: masks - nourishing and purifying body wrap - nourishing, detox (detoxification of the body and restore the immune system), anti-cellulite, slimming. Time procedures from 20 to 50 minutes and the price from 320 to 1 660, - CZK.

- aesthetic medicine, 25-45 minutes, 930 -2 270 CZK.

The service also offers a relaxation program designed for 2-3 days. Ordering in advance. For example:

program classic, including classical partial massage, pearl bath and a swimming pool. Cost 900 crowns;

program Relaxation, which includes an herbal bath, salt cave partial massage. The price of CZK 950;

program Stay, which includes an herbal bath, classic partial massage, salt cave, swimming pool and infrasauna. The cost of 1 360 CZK;

Ideally, all looks so, come choose protsedurki, which, like, application, well, or one treatment, pay and go at the appointed time. I personally would choose course days five to ten, which would in turn includes a swimming pool with sauna, a salt cave, massages and baths with masks. In the morning woke up, had Breakfast, walked around, drank some water from the hot springs, then went to the procedure, after had lunch of fruit and soup, then the rest late afternoon swim in the pool, then a massage. Then again took a walk, drank some water and dinner in some restaurant with national dishes and beer.

Salt cave (room) in Karlovy vary

About salt cave or room, as anyone else, I want to tell separately. Recently, it has become a fashion trend, salt rooms are opening in many cities. People go there themselves and lead their children, regardless of age and attendance is not, can only any chronic disease, but it is individual, and the exception rather than the rule. A friend drives his daughter constantly says winter less sick he became.

Here we are, myself have decided to try the magical effect of salts.

Salt caves in carlsbad and very common. There are many sanatoriums and Spa-centres. Duration of one session is 45 minutes and the price 110-130 crowns.

Salt caves represent a room, floor, ceiling and walls in salt. Fine salt on the floor, the large salt rocks on the walls, smaller on the ceiling. Ideally, the salt should be collected from different seas. In Karlovy vary there is salt from the dead sea, Mediterranean and Baltic seas.

salt cave, Karlovy Vary

salt room, Karlovy Vary

treatment in the salt room

Walk into a room, turn on soft light, unobtrusive music plays, we hear the sounds of running water, you sit in a comfortable chair, hiding a soft blanket, in a room maintained at a constant temperature, cool, so a blanket is needed. Then just relax and relax for 45 minutes, breathing in the evaporation of salts.

relax in the salt cave, Karlovy Vary

The procedure we liked. Say, for primary effect must pass a minimum of datacapture, five is ideal, and better on an ongoing basis. But even after the first time we felt pleasant, some breathing, and reveal the light effect tingling throat.

The effect of salt rooms is due to the fact that in addition to the salt cave/room is constantly circulated by the special microclimate characteristic exceptional bacteriological purity and humidity. During the session, i.e. 45 minutes, is inhaled such a quantity of ionized air, which corresponds to a 2-3 day stay at sea. Therefore, the salt cave is not a treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of health.

For the procedure we went to the famous and looks equally beautiful Spa-center, medical-rehabilitation complex Alzbetiny Lazne Spa 5 located at the address: Smetanovy sady 1145/1, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

Alzbetiny Lazne Spa 5, Karlovy Vary

Visiting salt caves is particularly recommended in the following categories:

- adults and children, especially children, with the aim of promoting good health and preventing colds;

- asthmatics. A beneficial effect on upper and lower respiratory tract;

- people with skin diseases: eczema, boils, psoriasis, acne;

- allergies of all kinds;

- poor function of the thyroid gland;

- violation of blood circulation, high blood pressure;

- fatigue or depression, neurosis, psychosomatic diseases.

In General, all those ailments and diseases, which has beneficial effects of the sea.

In our view, the salt cave (room) is not only a good replacement for the constant presence of the sea, but also a good relaxation.

Cosmetic and therapeutic tools with the addition of mineral water in Karlovy vary

On the streets, in the center of Karlovy vary you can see a lot of small shops and retail outlets that sell cosmetics and therapeutic tools based on salt, evaporated their thermal waters, and hemp.

In Karlovy vary widely represented, as a medicinal and tonic and generally applicable cosmetic products, e.g., toothpastes, shampoos, lotions, serums, foams, lotions, vitamins on the basis of the carlsbad salt, salt ingestion and salt for external use, mainly for bathing.

mineral water-based cosmetics, Karlovy Vary

karlovy vary salt

With the ingestion of such funds we would not advise to experiment, it is best to consult with your doctor. But external products, such as bath salt, obtained by evaporation of thermal waters, very even be useful at home, they say it has a relaxing effect and softens the skin.

The closer the store with such products to the center of the city, the higher the price.

To write and to share what we have learned about treatment and recovery, and that conducted an experiment on himself, having been in Karlovy vary, you can still very long. But, perhaps, about the most basic and necessary we have said. So, while on vacation in Karlovy vary, you'll be satisfied. Besides, the city itself is very beautiful and well maintained, fully consistent with the status of the resort, every street, every building in the town, sets you on a leisurely, relaxing holiday. About the city and its virtues are described in a separate article, to find information and see photos here.

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