Shopping Mall Kings Avenue Mall is a modern shopping centre located in the centre of Paphos.

With its convenient location (close to Kato Paphos), availability zone, food court, large supermarket, children's Playground, free Fi-Wi throughout the hotel and the cool, permanently maintained in the center of the Mall Kings Avenue Mall, besides shopping and recreation, is often used by tourists as a place where you can while away the time, for example, prior to departure or before arrival.


Paphos - fourth in terms of population and one of the most beautiful resort towns of Cyprus.

Paphos town is the capital of the Paphos district, covering the North-Western and most of the South-Western coast of Cyprus. In the Paphos area includes such famous places as, Peyia, Mandria, Kouklia, Polis and the nature reserve of the Akamas Peninsula.

Currently, Paphos has won the best reputation in the Cypriot resort for respectable guests, and the number of attractions.


Kitchen of Paphos is a traditional Cypriot cuisine, a characteristic richness and strong taste. In the preparation of the vast majority of Cypriot dishes using meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, and various sauces and local spices.

Special attention deserves the Meze - national Cyprus option a leisurely lunch or dinner, as a rule, designed for a few people.


In Paphos, especially in the tourist parts - Kato Paphos, a few of the selling points of the city.

Based plenty of fun - all sorts of group trips in the Paphos area and the island of Cyprus, a survey of architectural, historical and natural attractions and monasteries of Cyprus.

You can also order a customized tour from local guides.


Coral Bay is one of the most popular tourist resorts of the Western coast of Cyprus.

Coral Bay is located in the south-western part of the municipality of Peyia. Peyia is situated mainly on the steep slopes of the coastal hills at the southern end of the Akamas Peninsula in the Paphos region.

The tourist area of Peyia is Coral Bay, set on the shores of the Mediterranean sea and consists of two beaches awarded Blue flag and seaside tourist area.


The famous Paphos is not only a beach holiday, but also historical sites.

The bulk of the attractions are concentrated in the Paphos district Kato Paphos, near the Harbour and the main beaches, and is a valuable monument of history and architecture.

In addition Paphos has won the best reputation in the Cypriot resort for respectable guests, and the number of attractions.


Tombs of the Kings (Royal tombs) - necropolis, built during the Hellenistic period, to meet the needs of the elite of Nea Paphos.

Tombs of the Kings constantly were used as graves during the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Currently, Royal tombs represent a very large area, where you can see the remains of underground burial chambers, partially or completely carved into the rock formations.


Mountain Fabrica (Fabrica Hill) is a limestone mountain, rather a small hill, which in the depths of which are concentrated such historical sights of Paphos such as: quarries, pebble mosaic, cave lovers or Agios Agapitikos cave and an amphitheater.

Currently, the Fabrica mount is a complex archaeological site of ancient objects, assigning the most part of which is still not completely defined.


The Agia Solomoni catacombs (Agia Solomoni Catacomb) - one of the most famous catacombs of Paphos.

Currently, the catacombs is one of the main Christian shrines of Cyprus, which is a small underground paleo-Christian complex, consisting of several caves, partly carved into the rock formations, one of which contains fragments of old frescoes of the 12th century.


Complex Chrysopolitissa - the archaeological site includes ruins of an early Christian Basilica and a medieval Franciscan Church, the pillar of St Paul, medieval Ottoman baths and the main attraction of the complex is the Church of Panagia Chrysopolitissa.

This small complex is fenced (free entry), located in the centre of Kato Paphos, near the Harbour and Paphos Archaeological Park.


Paphos Archaeological Park is one of the most important sights of Paphos, which is a site of several eras, located under the open sky in the area of Kato Paphos.

The complex of the Archaeological Park includes the ruins of a castle Forty columns, four villas (House of Dionysos, House of Aion, House of Theseus, House of Orpheus), which preserved mosaic floors, as well as the Agora, the Odeon, the Asclepion and the latest construction of the Park is the lighthouse.


Though there is no Paphos hotels with private beach, since all beaches are municipal and public, but there are hotels located close to the beach, on the first line.

Such hotels have direct access to the beach, and, most often, well-groomed green territory, reaching right up to the beach. In the majority of hotels are located near beaches, has a pool, or pools, paths of movement, cafés and bars. For guests of the hotels sun loungers and parasols, often free.


In the city of Paphos and the surrounding area (district Paphos) you can spend your holidays, combining a beach holiday and attractions, of which close to Paphos and the surrounding area is not so little. After all, the Paphos region is rich in historical and natural attractions, as well as various beaches.

In Paphos there are a few sandy beaches, however, most of the beaches of Paphos is a mixture of sand with gravel and partly rocky sea floor, also has a concrete beach.


The 4-star Kefalos Beach Tourist Village is located on the first line, in the North-Western part of the coast of Kato Paphos.

Refined green territory of hotel Kefalos is a complex, which has all the necessary infrastructure beach.

The beach is near the hotel Kefalos narrow for ease of movement, along the line of the sea with a wooden deck, near which on the green lawn, sun loungers and parasols.


The Alykes Beach is one of the main beaches of Paphos, located in the tourist area of Kato Paphos.

The beach is a narrow strip, which runs along the waterfront. Rare places on the Alykes beach, there are small areas of coarse sand of a dark color mixed with pebbles.

The beach is surrounded by breakwaters that protect swimmers from strong waves and currents.

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