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Mountain Fabrica Hill in Paphos: quarries, pebble mosaic, Agios Agapitikos cave and amphitheateк

Mountain Fabrica (Fabrica Hill) is a limestone mountain, rather a small hill, which in the depths of which are concentrated such historical sights of Paphos such as: quarries, pebble mosaic, cave lovers or Agios Agapitikos cave and an amphitheater.

Located mountain Fabrica in Kato Paphos, close to the Agia Solomoni catacombs, catacombs of St. Lambrianos and close to shopping centre Kings Avenue Mall, along the street of Apostolou Pavlou. Very convenient at a time to see the sights of the mountains, the Fabrica and the catacombs of Solomoni. Admission is free.

Currently, the Fabrica mount is a complex archaeological site of ancient objects, assigning the most part of which is still not completely defined. The only thing known is the age of the objects around 3rd century BC (Hellenistic-Roman period).

Attractions mountain Fabrica in Paphos

The ancient amphitheatre, mountain Fabrica, Paphos

The remains of the Roman amphitheatre (Ruins of Hellenic Theatre), located in the South-Eastern side of the hillside Fabrica. Most likely the theatre was built in the 4th century BC. This amphitheatre is like a theatre located in the Archaeological Park of Paphos, only smaller.

Above the amphitheatre is equipped with an observation deck which offers great views of the theatre and the surrounding area.

The cave of Agios Agapitikos, mountain Fabrica, Paphos

From the North-Eastern side of the mountain remains of the cave of Agios Agapitikos. The cave is more similar to the rock Church, inside which you can see icons and candles.

The cave of St. Agapitikos is also called the cave of lovers. According to legend, if loving each other people will come together in this cave, holding hands, then they will live happily ever after, and nothing will ever they will not be able to separate.

Pebble mosaic, mountain Fabrica, Paphos

Approximately in the center of the mountain, in a small private pavilion, you can see the remains of a pebble mosaic floor from the Hellenistic period. This mosaic is considered the largest surviving in Cyprus of this kind.

The Central scene mosaic black pebbles on a white background and framed in patterns, laid out in a brick-red color. The Central panel depicts two Dolphin holding a Trident. Whereas in the second panel might have been depicted a male figure, going North.

Stone mountain Fabrica, Paphos

Most of the territory of the excavations of mount Fabrica is a quarry (Fabrica Hill Caves) having different slopes and passages, and may caves, which to this day remains to be elucidated.

However, considering the underground facilities can sometimes notice the shape cut out large stones, probably carved in this place and used for the construction of other important facilities in Paphos and the surrounding area.

Currently part of the chambers and passages still remain under the rubble, and to consider them impossible, while others allowed free entrance.

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