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What to try in Paphos. Meze in Paphos

Kitchen of Paphos is a traditional Cypriot cuisine, a characteristic richness and strong taste. In the preparation of the vast majority of Cypriot dishes using meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, and various sauces and local spices.

Among the most common dishes are:

- moussaka - casserole of potatoes, eggplant and minced meat with Bechamel sauce - the average price of 12-13 Euro per serving;

- keftedes - meatballs in different sauces, usually with garlic-tomato - the average price of 12-13 Euro per serving;

- gemista - vegetables stuffed with meat and rice - the average price of 12-13 Euro per serving;

- Imam - eggplant and zucchini with tomatoes and garlic - the average price of 12-13 Euro per serving;

- stifado - beef with onions - the average price of 14-17 Euros per portion;

- kleftiko - chunks of lamb baked with local spices is the average price of 14-17 Euros per portion;

- aphelion - small pieces of pork in red wine sauce with addition of coriander - the average price of 12-13 Euro per serving;

- loucanika and settles Cypriot sausages - the average price of 7 Euros per serving;

- halloumi cheese - traditional Cypriot cheese, often served grilled - the average price of 6 Euros per portion;

- dolma - stuffed meat grape leaves - the average price of 7-9 Euros per portion;

- kebabs of various meats, sold as separately - one small skewer, or as a main dish - the cost of one of the skewers at a fast food restaurant 1-2 Euro per piece;

- suckling pig, roasted with red wine, cloves and cinnamon - the average price of 18 Euros;

- for a snack suitable Pita with various fillings - the average price of 5 Euros in fast food and from 9 € in restaurants.

Meze in Paphos

The most popular meal in Cyprus is meze.

Meze or Mezze - the Cypriot national option a leisurely lunch or dinner, as a rule, designed for a few people.

Meze is a set of various appetizers and small dishes (hot and cold), and is a great option to try several Cypriot national dishes in one sitting.

Essentially meze is something like a tasting menu, when you bring small portions of several different dishes. So, depending on the restaurant, the meze can have different variations of dishes which alternate each other. The number supplied as plates, dishes can start from a few and end more than 30 plates.

Meze usually starts with a snack, bring a salad horiatica is almost always (Greek salad), some pickles, olives, bread, maybe a potato and, of course, sauces. After the dishes are from the main part, if it is a meat meze, it will meats: sausages, kebabs, chicken, meatballs, dolma, grilled cheese, etc. If fish meze, respectively, will be dishes from fish and seafood.

Meze there are: meat, fish, mixed (meat + fish) and vegetarian.

Most often, meze can be ordered at least two, if not eaten, is wrapped with them. So go to eat meze is very hungry.

The average cost of a meze in the restaurants of Paphos:

- meat meze 17-20 Euro for 1 person;

- fish meze from 19 to 23 Euros for 1 person;

- meze mix - 18-25 Euro for 1 person;

- vegetarian meze - 17-19 Euro per 1 person.

Where to eat meze in Paphos: Paphos meze, as well as traditional Cypriot dishes can be enjoyed in many restaurants, of the best:

- Hondros Taverne, located in the heart of Kato Paphos, on the street Apostolou Pavlou Ave;

- Demokritos Taverna. This restaurant is located in the centre of Kato Paphos, close to Church of Panagia Theoskepasti and 270 metres from the beach, Municipal Baths. Dinner of the institution will be accompanied by music and entertainment. Prices in the tavern are quite high, eze is from 22 to 34 Euros, but the cost may include an additional wine, mineral water and fresh fruit;

- Agora Tavern, located in the upper Paphos, at the following address: Kenedy Square, 6. This institution specializiruetsya on the meze, they have no menu. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 19:00 to 22:00 hours. At the height of tourist season there may not be seats available, best to book a table in advance. Entrance from the square, the stairs leading to the second floor.

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