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Paphos, Cyprus (Pafos)

Paphos (Pafos) - the fourth in terms of population and one of the most beautiful resort towns of Cyprus, situated on the West coast of the island.

Paphos town is the capital of the Paphos district, covering the North-Western and most of the South-Western coast of Cyprus. In the Paphos area includes such famous places as, Peyia, Mandria, Kouklia, Polis and the nature reserve of the Akamas Peninsula.

Interesting facts about Paphos

In ancient times there were two places that were called Paphos: Old Paphos and New today Kouklia and new Paphos - Paphos current.

The Apostle Paul visited Paphos in 45 during a missionary journey to Cyprus and in Paphos preaching the word of God, was captured by locals and subject to corporal punishment. Currently in Paphos is the famous pillar of St. Paul, according to the Scriptures, and next to which "punish" the Apostle.

According to mythology, Paphos is the birthplace of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. The many attractions of Paphos are the name of the goddess. So, in Kouklia can find Aphrodite's rock, the beach of Aphrodite and the temple of Aphrodite and the Akamas Peninsula are situated the baths of Aphrodite and Hiking trail of Aphrodite, the Paphos, on the Central promenade you can see the sculpture "the Modern Aphrodite".

Modern Paphos

The modern town of Paphos is located on the Mediterranean coast, about 60 kilometers West of Limassol (the biggest port on the island).

Paphos international airport is the second largest airport of the country and the only one that provides air transport services in the district of Paphos and surrounding area Limassol.

Distinguish top or Pano Paphos, known as Ktima - more modern residential area (city center) and Lower Paphos or Kato Paphos, the coastal area of the city. Exactly Kato Paphos is the most popular holiday destination among tourists. Also in Kato Paphos provides the largest number of attractions of historic and architectural value.

Thanks to the numerous ancient sites, and cultural and natural values, in 1980 the whole area of Kato Paphos was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. And in 2017, Paphos, together with the Danish city of Aarhus has been chosen as the cultural capital of Europe.

Holidays in Paphos

Currently, Paphos has won the best reputation in the Cypriot resort for respectable guests, and the number of attractions.

And thanks to the developed tourist infrastructure, quite a high service, plenty of locations, availability of international airport and long coastline, where the many and varied beaches, many of which are awarded with Blue flag, Paphos, is the second most popular in Cyprus, after the Ayia Napa, beach destination.

All the beaches in Paphos, the municipal, and that means in and around the city there is no hotels with its own beach, but there are many of those who have direct access to the beach. Most of these hotels are concentrated in Yeroskipou. Also there are hotels with direct access to the beach, located to the North along the coast from Paphos castle and Harbour, for example: the Kefalos beach hotel and the Elysium. Read more about hotels in Paphos beach...

Seasons in Paphos. The climate of Paphos

Cyprus - the most southern and therefore sunniest island of Europe, with warm sea water.

High beach season in Paphos starts somewhere in June and lasts until early October.

The warmest month in Paphos - August. The average day and night temperatures during August are +26 - +32.2°C and +21 - +25.2°C, respectively. The maximum temperature can reach +35°C.

The warmest sea in Paphos is also in August. The average sea temperature this month is +26 - +28.4°C. the Sea water begins to warm in early may, and rapidly gaining temperature. However, in the first half of may the temperature quickly creeps up when sea water is still cool.

Local recommend to visit Paphos, with the aim of beaches, from late August to late September.

The off-season and even the winter months are also suitable for holidays in Paphos, swim in these seasons will be resolved, unless the unit hardened and the brave, and go for a stroll along the sea and sightseeing in these months for you. Especially in these months, tourists few, and the prices are the lowest.

The most rainfall happens in the period from mid-November to March. Snow is rare, but still in the winter months can fall, and then quickly melt.

Weather - the lady is very unpredictable, year on year is not necessary, therefore, for a more comfortable vacation, check the weather before you visit Paphos.

The beaches of Paphos

In the high tourist season on the beaches of Paphos there is all necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and umbrellas, toilets and showers, rubbish bins and changing rooms, rescue rigs, on some beaches dedicated space for sports and water activities, there are playgrounds.

Lifeguards with lifesaving equipment and first aid are on the beaches from April 15 to October 31, from 11:00 to 17:30 hours. The average cost of renting a sunbed or parasol - € 2.50.

The most famous and visited beaches of Paphos are:

Beach Municipal Baths

Beach Municipal Baths is one of the main beaches of Paphos, located in the heart of the coast of Kato Paphos.

The beach has a length of 100 meters and stands out from the usual concept of the beaches of Paphos, there is no sand nor shingle strip and convenient entry into the sea.

It is a concrete beach with a wide wooden deck and concrete piers equipped with ladders, for a more comfortable descent into the water.

Beach Vrysoudia B

Beach Vrysoudia B is a small and narrow beach. On the beach mostly dense gray sand, sometimes mixed with pebbles. The beach is cleaned regularly. On the beach there are algae.

On both sides of the beach are the breakwaters, making the beach look like small semi-circular Bay. Thanks to these breakwaters sea water is quite calm. The entrance to the sea is flat, the bottom is mostly sandy.


Beach SODAP is considered one of the best beaches of Kato Paphos, as well as one of the main beaches located close to the main road - Poseidonos Avenue.

The length of the beach is 300 metres away. The beach is mostly fine sand of gray color, sometimes mixed with gravel and boulders. The beach is cleaned regularly. On the beach there are algae.

Faros Beach

Faros beach - public town beach, located in the northwestern part of the coast of Paphos.

It's pretty wide and spacious beach. The beach is 400 metres away. On the beach the sand is light gray, sometimes mixed with pebbles and stones.

The beach is cleaned regularly. However, algae on the beach are abundant.

Sea water is clean, the bottom is not very convenient - sandy-stony, also in the water is the abundance of algae. For a more comfortable entry into the sea the beach has a concrete pier with a ladder.

The beach in front of hotel Kefalos

The beach is near the hotel Kefalos narrow for ease of movement, along the line of the sea with a wooden deck, near which on the green lawn, sun loungers and parasols.

On the beach of gray sand mixed with small pebbles. Entry into the sea is rocky. For the convenience of the direct descend into the water equipped pier with a ladder. Sea water is clean, the bottom of the stones, also occur in algae.

Refined green territory of hotel Kefalos is a complex, which has all the necessary infrastructure beach. In the complex: lovely two-storey building, walking paths, a promenade with benches for relaxing, there is a small Church.

The beaches of Geroskipou

The beaches of Geroskipou are one of the best in Paphos. Near most of the beaches of Geroskipou, on the first line located hotels with direct beach access and a landscaped garden.

The beaches in the area are predominantly mixed sand, sand + pebbles in the water and at the beaches are often rocky ridges. Read more about all the beaches of Paphos and Yeroskipou...

Coral Bay

Special attention is given to Coral Bay - beach-tourist area, which has already become a private resort located in the South-Western part of the municipality of Peyia, 12 kilometres from the centre of Kato Paphos (North coast).

Coral Bay is famous for its sandy beaches with calm and clean sea waters, as well as a developed infrastructure beach and the gentle sunset in the sea.

In Coral Bay there are two equally attractive beach of the namesake beach of Coral Bay and the beach Laourou. These beaches are Tops the best beaches on the West coast of Cyprus for a holiday with children.

The beaches of Coral Bay is surrounded by small limestone headlands, which makes them very picturesque, and the sea water is calm and good for swimming. Read more about Coral Bay...

Places for walking and recreation in Kato Paphos

Quay - Paphos promenade

In addition to sightseeing, the main place for walks, leisure and evening get-togethers in bars and restaurants is Paphos promenade promenade.

The Central part of the embankment originates from Paphos castle is near the harbour and central area of Kato Paphos. In this part of the promenade, plenty of cafés and restaurants.

Further, the seafront of Kato Paphos blends in with the waterfront of Yeroskipou, where a large part of walking coastal path runs alongside the hotel, with direct access to the beach. And, of course, the promenade Yeroskipou is buried in flowers and greenery.

North of the Paphos castle, the seafront is a promenade road that stretches to the beach of Faros. There are no cafes and restaurants, as well as any structures. Therefore, walk along this part of the coast can bring peace and delight in the endless sea waters. Read more about the waterfront of Paphos and Yeroskipou...

Bar street

So-called "Bar street", and rather a few small streets near the centre of the promenade of Paphos, a little higher than that - the main street of Kato Paphos for evening gatherings with a glass of beer or wine.

There are an abundance of restaurants, cafes, bars and hookah cafes where in the evenings you can see the company of young people and not so leisurely smoke hookah, sipping hot drinks and something fun talking. Also there are discos and night clubs.

Landmark: streets Pafias Afroditis, Ayias Anastasias, Constantias and nearby streets.

The street of the Tombs of the Kings

Another tourist street is the street of the Tombs of the Kings (Tombs of the Kings Ave), which runs above the sea level, leading from the shopping Kings Avenue Mall to the North. Along the street: cafes and restaurants, tour agencies and bars, hotels and apartments. This street will lead to the Royal tombs.

Poseidonos street in Geroskipou

Location Geroskipou is a street Poseidonos Avenue, along which lined cafes and restaurants, shops and stalls with Souvenirs, sweets and other goods.

The attractions of Paphos

The basis of the attractions of Paphos is the archeological objects located in Kato Paphos, near the harbour.

Paphos castle

Paphos Castle is a medieval Fort situated on the ancient mole in the Western part of the port city.

This medieval fortress in the past was a part of the coastal defense system of Cyprus. At present, the Paphos castle is a small rectangular stone structure, consisting of one tower with two floors. For a fee you can climb to the second floor, with a 360 degree view and represents an open platform, which offers wonderful views of the harbour and the main promenade of Kato Paphos and the Mediterranean sea.

Paphos Archaeological Park

Archaeological Park of Paphos is a site of objects of several ages, located under the open sky near Paphos harbour.

The complex of the Archaeological Park includes: the ruins of a castle Forty columns, four villas (House of Dionysos, House of Aion, House of Theseus, House of Orpheus), which preserved mosaic floors, as well as the Agora, the Odeon, the Asklepeion and the latest construction of the Park is the lighthouse.

Complex Chrysopolitissa

Complex Chrysopolitissa - archaeological site comprising:

- ruins of an early Christian Basilica (4-7 century ad) and the medieval Franciscan Church (13th century). Among the ruins you can see the remnants of the former colonnades, mosaics and floor of the atrium;

- the pillar of St. Paul;

- medieval Ottoman Turkish Baths originated in the Roman and Byzantine periods;

- and the main attraction of the complex is the Church of Panagia Chrysopolitissa, built in the 1500s on the ruins of earlier shrines.

Agia Solomoni Catacombs

The Agia Solomoni Catacombs - one of the most famous catacombs of Paphos.

Currently, the catacombs is one of the Christian shrines of Cyprus, which is a small underground paleo-Christian complex, consisting of several small caves, partly carved into the rock formations.

Near the entrance (descent) into the catacombs growing pistachio tree, the branches of which are tied with colored ribbons left by parishioners and tourists in the hope of healing from diseases.

Mount Fabrica

Mountain Fabrica (Fabrica Hill) lime mountain (small hill) where in the depths of which are concentrated such historical sights of Paphos such as: quarries, pebble mosaic, cave of the lovers and the amphitheatre.

Agios Lambrianos Catacomb

The catacombs of St. Lambrianos or Lambrianos Cave (Agios Lambrianos Catacomb), is a spacious cave, or a series of caves, with rather high vaults, carved into calcareous rocks.

The catacombs of Agios Lambrianos are believed to belong to one of the first places in Cyprus where Christian worship took place - the early Christian period (330 - 650 AD).

Tombs of the Kings

Tombs of the Kings is a necropolis located to the North along the coast from the harbour of Kato Paphos.

The necropolis was built during the Hellenistic period (3rd century BC), to meet the needs of the elite of Nea Paphos. Currently, the Tombs of the Kings is a very vast territory under the open sky, fenced, on which are the remains of underground burial chambers, partially or completely carved into the rock formations.

The church of Panagia Theoskepasti

The Church of Panagia Theoskepasti - orthodox byzantine church, located near Paphos castle and harbour.

The history of the Church of Theoskepasti comes down to the early 10th century. The temple was built on a small cliff, which made the Church a recognizable and clearly visible even from a distance. Currently at the base of the Church, it is also possible to see part of the old rocks.

In addition to these, in Kato Paphos and Upper Paphos located and the other shrines are small chapels and impressive dimensions of the churches. Learn more about the attractions of Paphos...

Museums of Paphos

Byzantine Museum, ethnographical Museum of Paphos art gallery, the district archaeological Museum of Paphos, and Byzantine Museum and folk art Museum in Geroskipou.

What to see in Paphos area

The basic and most interesting places-the sights of Paphos are:


Kouklia is a small village with a rich history, located 26 kilometres from Paphos centre. In ancient times it was the center of the island, called Paleo Paphos (Old Paphos). At present, the area of the village of Kouklia is a Museum under the open sky, whose main attraction is the ruins and the temple (sanctuary) of Aphrodite.

Also on the coast of Kouklia is another famous on the whole of Cyprus, landmark, legendary rock - the rock of Aphrodite. This area is associated with several legends, which essentially boils down to one thing - this stone is the birth place of the beautiful maiden emerging from the sea foam goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite.

Near Aphrodite's rock is the eponymous beach of Aphrodite. Read more about cliff and the beach of Aphrodite...

Baths of Adonis

Baths of Adonis (Adonis Baths), is located 4 kilometres from the centre of the village of Koili in the 15-17 kilometers from Paphos Harbor. Data bathing are also related to the Cyprus legends and beliefs. Baths represent a natural pool. The entrance fees.

Saint Neophytos Monastery

Saint Neophytos monastery - stavropegic monastery of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, located at an altitude of 412 meters above sea level, near Tala village and 12 kilometers from Paphos Harbor.

The monastery was founded in the XII century by the monk Neophytos the Recluse. Currently, the monastery is quite a lively place, attracting, both pilgrims and tourists. The feast of St. Paul is celebrated on 28 September, the monastery acquires special popularity.

Avakas Gorge

Special attention deserves the Avakas Gorge, located in the heart of Peyia village.

Avakas is not just a natural attraction but also a place for active Hiking.

The Akamas Nature Reserve

The nature reserve of the Akamas Peninsula - natural landmark of Paphos district, located closer to the Polis - is westernmost point of Cyprus.

Remarkable Akamas Peninsula for its natural beauty.

The main attractions of the island are:

- Baths of Aphrodite. It is believed that in this place Aphrodite usually took baths in pools of natural caves, where she met her lover Adonis;

- Akamas Blue Lagoon is a Bay framed by cliffs. Looks very picturesque, and the water in the Bay is clean and has a gentle blue tide;

- Hiking routes in the reserve, among which the most famous are the Aphrodite trail and Adonis trail.

Lara beach

Lara beach is located North of the coast of Paphos, Peyia is higher.

Although this beach is quite remote and rarely visited, but here you can enjoy the natural wealth and privacy. The beach is surrounded by the places where sea turtles lay their eggs, for the same reason, this beach called "Turtle beach".

Polis and its surroundings

North of Paphos is the little town of Polis. Maybe he's not so popular among tourists, but the sea waters surrounding the coast of Polis and the surrounding area, considered among the cleanest in the district of Paphos.

The most interesting and popular place in the area of Polis is a beach resort, a fishing and holiday village - Latsi. Latsi is famous for its fish taverns, the picturesque coast, the beach and the Marina.

Entertainment in Paphos and the surrounding area

Water Park

The water Park is Paphos (Paphos Waterpark) - the largest water Park in Paphos located in Geroskipou.

Rides: free fall, kamikaze, Twister, wild water, crossover, super volcano, family rafting, wave pool, relaxation pool and Jacuzzi. It is also possible a trial scuba dive. Official site.

Luna Park

Luna Park (the amusement Park Paphos) is a small amusement Park located in Geroskipou, at the address: Poseidonos Ave 1, Paphos, Cyprus.

Pafos zoo

Zoo Paphos (Pafos Zoo) - the bird & animal Park, located in the Northern part of Peyia. Official site.

Botanical park "Eleouthkia"

The Park is located in the village of Anarita, in a relatively small area, near the village of Mandria, South-East of Paphos airport.

The name of the Park "Eleouthkia" means "olive trees", and was chosen due to the fact that for many years in Anarita were olive groves.

Botanical Park occupies a large area of 20,000 square meters, there are 10 thematic gardens, which are nearly 55,000 plants and flowers from around the world, as well as some plants of Cyprus. There is also a cafe, two playgrounds, a Museum and gift shop. On-site weddings and celebrations. Official site.

Cyprus Land

Park "Cyprus land" is a theme Park located in Limassol, 77 kilometres from the centre of Kato Paphos.

In the Park you can get acquainted with the history, culture and traditions of the island of Cyprus. In the Park there are workshops of traditional Cypriot crafts, to manufacture tools and household items, lace, mosaic, pottery, glass, olive oil and honey.

The centre of the Park is the exhibition dedicated to the history of Cyprus. Also in the Park you can practice archery, watch a short jousting battles, café or take part in professional workshops. Official site.

Excursions in Paphos. Tours from Paphos

The city's many selling points of the city. Based plenty of fun - all sorts of excursions in the area of Paphos and the island of Cyprus, a survey of architectural, historical and natural attractions, and a visit to the monasteries of Cyprus.

A lot of popular boat trips and cruisesduring which you can see the beaches and coves of the area Paphos, or other parts of Cyprus; to go to sea with the purpose of swimming or fishing, and also swimming in the famous Blue lagoon or take a cruise with the purpose of turtle watching.

Also offers two-day trips to Israel. Read more about tours in Paphos and from Paphos...

Tour buses in Paphos

Popular among tourists for its sightseeing double-Decker buses are red. These buses run to Paphos. While driving, make 11 stops near the most famous attractions of Paphos town. Read more about the buses and the cost of tickets...

In order to travel independently and comfortably around the surroundings of Paphos, and throughout Cyprus, while independently exploring any attractions, you can rent a car. You can choose and order a car in advance, at the appointed time your car will be waiting for you near the airport, in the center of Paphos or other places in Cyprus. Rent a car can here...

Attention! Traffic in Cyprus drives on the left.

What to try in Paphos

Kitchen of Paphos is a traditional Cypriot cuisine, a characteristic richness and strong taste. In the preparation of the vast majority of Cypriot dishes using meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, and various sauces and local spices.

The most popular dish is the Meze. Meze is a set of various snacks and small meals is also a great option to try several Cypriot national dishes in one sitting. So, depending on the restaurant, the meze can have different variations of dishes.

Meze iseither: meat, fish, mixed (meat + fish) and vegetarian. Read more about the cuisine and meze in Paphos...

Shops and supermarkets in Paphos

In the centre of Kato Paphos a lot of small boutiques and souvenir shops.

Shopping Mall with food court and large supermarket on the ground floor located at the address: Corner St. Paul & Tombs of the Kings 2, Paphos 8046, Cyprus, one kilometre from the bus station to the Harbor. It is the only major shopping Mall in Kato Paphos.

Papantoniou Supermarket Kato Paphos, located at 4, Lidas Street, in 200 metres from the bus station to the Harbor.

For lovers of cakes and pastries in the heart of Kato Paphos, within 450 metres from the bus station Harbor, the street Apostolou Pavlou Ave there is a good bakery Zorbas Bakery.

Next to the bakery is a small fish Market, which sell fresh fish and seafood. Opened in the first half of the day.

In the Upper Paphos there are more supermarkets and shops, a special place among them occupies travel duffel Municipal market of Paphos (Pafos Municipal Market / Δημοτική αγορά Πάφου). Of Kato Paphos, the bus station, the Harbor, can be reached by bus 610.

603В bus, bus station Harbor, runs to supermarket Alphamega, with a large range of products and manufactured goods and household chemistry.

Transport in Paphos

The only public transport to Paphos and the surrounding area - buses.

On the Lower and Upper Paphos, you can easily move on foot. Bus message of Paphos are well developed, to visit almost all the attractions of the surrounding area of Paphos can be on the bus.

The city has two bus stations: the Harbour located near harbour and Karavella, located in the heart of the Upper town, 3.5 kilometres from the coast.

Most tourists use the station Harbour. From this bus station buses depart for the nearby trails. Karavella bus station is used mostly for commuter transportation over longer distances, including in Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia. The bus link between the bus routes №№ 603 and 618.

The fare in Paphos and surrounding areas is € 1.50. After 21:00 cost night ticket is € 2.50. Daily ticket is 5 Euro. Free travel for children up to 6 years. Read more about public transport in Paphos...

Where to stay in Paphos (Paphos hotels)

The choice of accommodation in Paphos is very large and diverse, here you can find accommodation for every taste and budget, from budget to luxury 5 star hotels, boutique hotels, apartments and villas, located near the beaches and the centre of Kato Paphos, and more remotely from those.

All means of accommodation in Paphos, from budget to luxury, you can view and book here.

How to get to Paphos

Paphos International Airport is a modern international airport, located 13 kilometers to the Southeast from the tourist center of Paphos (Kato Paphos).

Paphos airport although small, but is the second largest airport of the country, after Larnaca international airport. This airport is commonly used by tourists who want to spend their holiday in the Western part of Cyprus and provides access to such popular resorts as the Paphos, Coral Bay, Polis, Pissouri and Limassol.

Paphos airport regularly sends and receives flights from cities in Europe.

You can also fly to Larnaca airport and from Larnaca get to Paphos. The distance is about 136 kilometers. Cheap flights to Paphos and Larnaca...

To get from the airport Paphos to the centre of Paphos can be:

Taxi/Shuttle Service

To get from Paphos airport to Paphos city center and other cities and resorts of Cyprus, more convenient and faster than a taxi. Book a taxi/Shuttle service is possible in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details! To know the cost of taxi ride here...

Car rental

If you plan to travel around Cyprus, then car rental will be an ideal option. You can choose and order a car in advance, at the appointed time your car will be waiting for you near the airport or elsewhere in the city. You can view and pick up a car here...


At the bus station Harbour bus 612. The Karavella bus station - bus 613.

In high season buses run:

- at the bus station Harbour, approximately every hour, from 07:00 a.m. till 00:30 o'clock in the morning;

- bus Karavella, 08:00 am to 19:00 PM, with a break of one and a half to 2.5 hours.

Photo streets of Kato Paphos

Useful for trips / travel

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