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Kazan and Tatarstan


The Kazan Kremlin (Kremlin Kazan) is the visiting card of Kazan, which is an architectural complex with towers, museums, cathedrals, an observation deck and places for walking.


We arrived in Kazan in September on the road from Krasnodar to Perm. We planned to stop by the city for a couple of hours, take a walk on our own, have a snack and relax. That's what we thought at first… However, we liked the city at first sight, well-groomed, clean, developed. So we stayed in it from morning until late at night.

After walking along the central streets, we even went on a tour of the city on a small red double-decker bus. We did not regret that we went on an excursion at all, learned and saw a lot of interesting and maybe even surprising to some extent for our country.

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