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Day in Kazan

Kazan (Tatar name Kazan, Qazan) is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation, a major port on the left bank of the Volga River, at the confluence of the Kazanka River. Official website of the city of Kazan .

We arrived in Kazan in September on the road from Krasnodar to Perm. We planned to stop by the city for a couple of hours, take a walk on our own, have a snack and relax. That's what we thought at first… However, we liked the city at first sight, well-groomed, clean, developed, compared to other cities in Russia. So we stayed in it from morning until late at night.

After walking along the central streets, we even went on a tour of the city on a small red double-decker bus. Everyone probably knows these, they carry excursions in most countries of the world. We did not regret that we went on an excursion at all, learned and saw a lot of interesting and maybe even surprising to some extent for our country. It's a pity that we managed to capture a few photos, the camera was discharged and the battery on the phone ran out in just a couple of hours.

Kazan has a very convenient urban layout of objects. The administrative and business center is located on one side of the Kazanka and Volga rivers, and on the other there are residential areas. These two parts of the city are connected by road bridges and an underground subway.

Kazan appeared to us as a rapidly developing city attracting tourists from all over the country and it seems that it will gain momentum and become one of the leaders in the tourism field. Why go far, in 2014, in the ranking of the travel website, Kazan has already taken 8th place in the list of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world and 3rd place in Europe. And it's true, after the Krasnodar Territory, Kazan opened up to us as another country. It was then that the conviction became even stronger that it was necessary to get out of Krasnodar as soon as possible, otherwise we would fall behind the world and stay together with the edge somewhere between the 18th and 19th centuries.

In addition, Kazan has the status of one of the largest religious, economic, political, scientific, educational, cultural and sports centers in Russia. It also has a registered brand "the third capital of Russia".

The city has its own day, its own holiday, in general, the day of the city. It falls on August 30. It would probably be great to visit Kazan on this day and get to the festivities.

The population of the republic is diverse. Russians, Tatars, and Chuvash mingle here and live side by side. Everyone has their own religion. There are Muslim, Orthodox and Catholic churches and temples in the city. Sometimes they are located side by side, standing side by side with each other.

Here are the few photos from our "Kazan archive"

On the left in the photo is a part of the wall of the Kazan Kremlin, which is on the side of Bauman Street. The Kazan Kremlin is a separate song, the architectural complex of the Kremlin is located behind the wall. Beautiful and well-groomed. We spent three hours in the Kazan Kremlin, walking around its territory. Details about the Kremlin were written in a previous article, you can read here.

If you are in Kazan, be sure to visit the Kremlin.

In this photo we see a pyramid. Pyramid is a cultural and entertainment complex in the center of Kazan. The pyramid hosts a variety of shows and performances by pop artists. There is also a fitness room, a health and beauty center, a cafe and a pastry shop. You can find out more information and see the poster on the official website of the pyramid .

Walking further, we came to the Bulak River, which is in the very center of the city. The river is ennobled by fountains, a two-sided embankment decorated with flowers. The embankment on the left side is called Levobulachnaya Street, and on the right side, respectively, Pravo-Bulachnaya Street.

We go further, admire the architecture of the city. A characteristic feature of Kazan is its intact architectural ensemble of the historical center of the city in the style of the Old Tatar Settlement. It is formed by old mansions, profitable and trading houses, various administrative and public buildings of architecture of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication of Kazan Federal University

We came to the square near the Lower Kaban Lake. The square is separated from the Bulak River by Tatarstan Street, smoothly flowing into Pushkin Street.

Fountains, recreation areas with benches and walking paths are located on the square near the lake.

In the background of the photo, the Tatar State Academic Theater is visible. Galiaskara Kamala. It is located on the same square.

The battery on the phone ran out and that was the end of our photos, and the walk around the city lasted for many more hours, during which we saw a lot of interesting things - this is the pedestrian Bauman Street, museums, temples, mosques, the family center, the Kazan circus and so on. Next time, we will definitely visit this charming city not by a raid, but we will stop for a few days and study the whole of Kazan well already with pre-prepared cameras with a full battery charge)).

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