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Belogorsk Monastery, Perm Region

We visited the Belogorsky Monastery on the way to Kungur Ice Cave. They are on the same route, so, as they say, they killed two birds with one stone. And it doesn't make sense to go on purpose, only to a monastery. Even when sightseeing buses carry tourists, they visit two places at once - the Kungur Ice Cave and the Belogorsky Monastery.

This monastery is for men. Its full name is the Belogorsky St. Nicholas Orthodox Missionary Monastery. The monastery is the main Orthodox attraction of the Perm Region.

The monastery is located on the edge of the Ural White Mountain, 40 kilometers from the city of Kungura.

The monastery previously had a very strict charter and for this it was called the Ural Athos.

If you go to the monastery by car, driving up to the monastery (uphill), the engine of the car may start to malfunction, do not be afraid, this happens almost always and for everyone. According to the locals, this is how the monastery's energy works. Maybe this is true, or maybe there are just stubs to maintain faith in the almighty force.

Erected on the top of the mountain, the majestic and beautiful monastery, like a lighthouse, attracts with its architecture

Belogorsky Monastery in winter

A ten-meter cross on the territory of the monastery

From the territory of the monastery there are wonderful panoramic views

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