Perm is the capital of the Perm Region


Every year, for the New Year and Christmas holidays, the largest and main Perm Ice Town begins its work on the city Esplanade near the Perm Krai administration.

All the objects of the ice town are made exclusively of ice. Among the ice slides, attractions, sculptures and entertainment facilities, the main Christmas Tree of the city is being installed, cafeterias, an ice rink and ATV rental are working.


The Ascension and Theodosius Church in Perm is the main and, according to most, one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in the city.

This is one of the last churches built in the city of Perm before the revolution.

Originally the church was called the Church of the Ascension of the Lord, or simply the Ascension. Nowadays it is better known by the name of Theodosius Church or temple. In the people, the church was called "merchant", but at present this name has been forgotten and is no longer used.


This monastery is for men. Its full name is the Belogorsky St. Nicholas Orthodox Missionary Monastery. The monastery is the main Orthodox attraction of the Perm Region.

The monastery previously had a very strict charter and for this it was called the Ural Athos.

If you go to the monastery by car, driving up to the monastery (uphill), the engine of the car may start to malfunction, do not be afraid, this happens almost always and for everyone. According to the locals, this is how the monastery's energy works. Maybe this is true, or maybe there are just stubs to maintain faith in the almighty force.


The Kungur Ice Cave is one of the most popular and visited sights of Siberia and the Urals. Together with the Ice Mountain, it forms a historical and natural complex of regional significance. This is truly the pearl of the country.

This cave is one of the largest in the world and frankly, the largest and only beautiful of all that we managed to see.

During the journey through the cave, we were introduced to the history of the cave, its glaciations, told colorful legends that envelop literally every corner of this fascinating beauty.

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