Perm ice town

Every year, for the New Year and Christmas holidays, the largest and main Perm Ice Town begins its work on the city Esplanade near the Perm Krai administration.

This year, the snow town will stand until March. Opening hours are daily, weekends and holidays 10:00-23:00, weekdays 12:00-23:00. Admission is free and free, through security. There is a dry law in the town, so it will not work to carry alcohol, bags will be checked at the entrance. All ice compositions are equipped with information signs, so a trip to the town will not only be fun, but also an educational event for the whole family.

Every year the ice town has its own special theme. This year the town was called "Perm the Great". The theme of the town was dedicated to the Perm Region, its main attractions and legends. All the objects of the ice town are made exclusively of ice, but how else, because the name "Ice Town" speaks for itself.

Here, on the esplanade, among the ice sculptures, slides and entertainment facilities, the main Christmas Tree of the city is being installed. Ice sculptures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are located near the central Perm Christmas tree.

As mentioned earlier, the Perm ice town is located on the city esplanade, between Popov, Petropavlovsk (formerly Communist) and Lenin Streets. This is a legitimate annual place of the ice town, although due to insufficient funds in the budget, they wanted to move the town to the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation. There is less space in the park, so in order to fill it with ice sculptures, unlike the esplanade, you will need less ice, lighting and, accordingly, money. We hope that such a transfer of the ice town will not happen. The ice town on the esplanade looks more harmonious, adorns the very center of the city of Perm and the residents of the city are already used to this location. In addition, there is a park, there are a lot of attractions, entertainments and cafes there without any ice gadgets, if you also stick the town there, you will get oil, while a fairly large area of the esplanade will become a deserted blown field.

New Year and Christmas celebrations are held on the territory of the Perm ice town, accompanied by music, performances by local artists, entertainment programs for children and adults, and, of course, folk festivals.

Incendiary music plays every day on the territory of the town, and in the evening, when it gets dark, all the ice sculptures and the central Christmas tree are illuminated with multicolored illumination. All this colorful extravaganza creates an additional fabulously exciting impression.

The main structures of the Ice Town are a variety of ice slides, of various heights and lengths. So both adults and the youngest guests of the ice town can have fun on the slides.

The main and largest slide of the Perm ice town was the slide called "Perm the Great".

The second most important and large-scale structure is the ice maze, decorated with a central seven-meter ice figure of the Queen Kama, personifying the Perm river - Kama.

In the very center of the ice town, near the city Christmas tree, there is an ice trap "Secrets of Kungur". An ice trap is a small ice pit, having rolled into which, you can get back out only by exerting effort and clinging to ropes. Very fun fun, especially for kids.

In addition to the listed sculptures, there are many other smaller themed ice slides in the ice town.

Slides for the youngest. One of which is made in the form of a Russian folk samovar.

In addition, sculptures of eight ice bears and the symbol of 2016 - a monkey are installed in the fairy-tale town. The walking bear is a symbol of the city of Perm and is depicted on the coat of arms of the city. Why the walking bear?... During the creation of the symbol of the city, according to the authors of the project, the idea of the monument arose in connection with the idea of foreigners that "bears must walk along the streets of Ural cities." Smiles ... however, this fact is reflected in one of the cold Russian cities.

On the territory of the ice town there are open and closed cafes that sell hot drinks and snacks. Tea - 30 rubles, coffee - 30-70 rubles, hot chocolate - 70 rubles, warming mulled wine, sausages in dough, Bavarian sausages, bacon, popcorn and other goodies.

An ice rink and ATV rental are also available on site. Skate rental for an hour is 200 rubles, with your own skates, admission to the ice is free.

At night, the ice town becomes especially beautiful, all the ice sculptures are illuminated with hundreds of colorful lights, and the beautiful Christmas tree shimmers with multicolored radiance, creating a festive mood.

Families with children have a good time in the Perm Velikaya Ice Town. On cold winter days there is not much entertainment in Perm, and this town has served as a great place for family walks. Adults, on the other hand, will not be so interested in staying near ice sculptures for a long time, walking, looking and everything, at least half an hour was enough for us personally to inspect everything and walk around.

Opposite the town, across the street, along Popova Street, the city esplanade continues. There is a monument here, a monument to "Heroes of the front and rear from grateful descendants" (Monument to Heroes of the Front and Rear).

Behind the monument is the Perm Academic Theater-Theater (abbreviated TT). Near the drama theater there are symbols of the new year - Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden and figures illuminated in the evening.

In general, the entire central street of the city of Perm - Lenin Street is quite well decorated. We especially liked the New Year decorations near the Lukoil building, Perm Lukoil workers were well prepared.

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