Yantarny is an urban-type settlement located on the Baltic Sea coast.

Yantarny is considered the best resort in the Kaliningrad region and is famous for its wide and long sandy beach strip.

This article will focus on mountain resorts, the village of Esto-Sadok and the village of Krasnaya Polyany in the summer season: rest, what to do, where to go, what to see, etc.


The Kazan Kremlin (Kremlin Kazan) is the visiting card of Kazan, which is an architectural complex with towers, museums, cathedrals, an observation deck and places for walking.


Kaliningrad is not only a beautiful, historically rich city, but also a place where one of the cultural highlights are museums that strive to preserve and tell the history and heterogeneous culture of the region.


Yusupov Palace is a former noble estate, which is an architectural ensemble of the 18th-20th centuries with halls and interiors.

Today it is a museum open to the public.


The Lion Bridge is one of the most beautiful, visited and photographed bridges in St. Petersburg.

The bridge is completely pedestrian and decorated with sculptures of large white lions.


Vorontsov Palace is a former palace with a chapel in the historical center of St. Petersburg, distinguished by the Baroque style.


Derzhavin's Estate Museum is a complex in St. Petersburg, where G.R. Derzhavin lived.

The estate includes Derzhavin's mansion with a home theater, a greenhouse, a garden and a hotel.


The Krasin icebreaker is a historical Arctic icebreaker, which is now a museum ship with an exposition located in St. Petersburg.


Aurora is a cruiser of the first rank, a warship of the early 20th century, which is a monument to the history of Russia.

Today it is a museum ship located in the center of St. Petersburg.


The memorial sign "Triumph of the Russian Fleet" is a stele with a large-scale mosaic panel in Kronstadt, symbolizing the revival of the tradition of holding the main Naval parade on the Kronstadt raid.


The Makarov Monument is a monument in honor of Vice Admiral S.O. Makarov, located in Kronstadt.

The monument is placed on a granite rock with bas-reliefs showing episodes from the life of Makarov.


The Makarovsky Bridge is a pedestrian suspension bridge in the Kronstadt of St. Petersburg, which is a monument of history and architecture of the 20th century.


The Naval Cathedral is the main naval temple of Russia.

A small exhibition is open in the cathedral hall. You can go to the second tier and visit the bell tower of the cathedral.


The house of Peter I is a wooden house, which is the former royal mansions and the first building of St. Petersburg.

Today it is a museum where artifacts of the Peter the Great era and authentic things of Peter the Great are presented.

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