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Kaliningrad (Königsberg)


Kaliningrad is not only a beautiful, historically rich city, but also a place where one of the cultural highlights are museums that strive to preserve and tell the history and heterogeneous culture of the region.


The Jubilee Bridge is one of the bridges in the center of Kaliningrad across the Pregolya River.

The bridge is a pedestrian drawbridge and is part of the Fish Village complex.


The monument to Duke Albrecht is one of the monuments located on the island of Kanta in Kaliningrad.


Honey Bridge is one of the bridges in Kaliningrad connecting Kanta Island and the Fish Village.

There is a figure of Grandpa Homlin on the bridge, and near the bridge there is a hotel near the Honey Bridge.


Kreuz pharmacy (Kreuz-Apötheke) is a building with a bright facade in Kaliningrad, which was originally erected during the time of Konigsberg and for which the name "Kreuz-pharmacy" was fixed.


The new liberal synagogue is a synagogue in Kaliningrad, which in 2011-2020 was erected on the site of the former Konigsberg synagogue, in shapes and sizes close to the original ones.


Immanuel Kant's grave is the burial place of the great philosopher of the 18th century, which is located in the city of Kaliningrad, near the wall of the Cathedral.


The I. Kant Monument is a monument to Immanuel Kant, which is a copy of the Konigsberg monument and is installed on the original historical pedestal in the center of Kaliningrad.


The article presents routes in Kaliningrad, designed for guests who came to the city for 3 or more full days.

And also, where you can go around the region from Kaliningrad and where to eat while walking.


The Ferris wheel in Yunost Park is the tallest in Kaliningrad.

It has a height of 45 meters and 20 enclosed cabins. Each booth has an air conditioner with a temperature controller.


The Lighthouse view Tower is one of the attractions and a popular tourist destination of Kaliningrad, on the top of which there is an observation deck.


Geographically, the Kaliningrad Region is cut off from the main part of Russia and is located between Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea.

Until the end of World War II, the city was called Konigsberg and was part of the German province of East Prussia.


The article contains a selection of the best hotels in the center of Kaliningrad, including according to the estimates of vacationers.

All the hotels listed in this list are located in the city center - near the main attractions.


Thanks to its rich history, Kaliningrad is not only a beautiful city, but also a place where there are a considerable number of attractions that can tell their guests about the history, heterogeneous culture of the region and the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Konigsberg-Kaliningrad.


This article presents a list of the main and the most colorful attractions + hemline, museums and parks of Kaliningrad, which is worth a visit in the first place or, if the city allocated is not much time (1 - 2 - 3 of the day).

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