Kaliningrad (Königsberg)


Kant's island, the island of Immanuel Kant - historical non-island part of the city of Kaliningrad, surrounded by the river Pregolya, in the heart of the city.

Currently, the Kant island is one of the main attractions of Kaliningrad.

The main attractions of the island of Kant are: the Cathedral, Kant's tomb, the sculpture Park and the Honey bridge..


Fish village or Fishing village - ethnographic and trade and handicraft complex located in the heart of Kaliningrad on the Bank of the Pregolya river.

Complex Fish village stylized pre-war East Prussian city of Königsberg.

At the present time Fish village is one of the most visited places for walking and recreation in Kaliningrad, as locals and visitors alike.


Brandenburg gate (German name Brandenburger Tor) is a living testimony to the history of the city of Kaliningrad and the legacy of Prussian königsberg.

Brandenburg gate - one of seven surviving gates of Kaliningrad and the only city gate still used for its intended purpose, through the gate is the roadway of the street Bagrationa.

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