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Monument to Duke Albrecht in Kaliningrad (on the island of Kant)

The monument to Duke Albrecht is one of the monuments located on the island of Kanta in Kaliningrad.

Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach (German: Albrecht von Brandenburg-Ansbach; May 17, 1490 - March 20, 1568) was the last grand master of the Teutonic Order and the first Duke of Prussia.

In 1544, Albrecht founded the University of Konigsberg. He was buried in the Konigsberg Cathedral, which today is the Kant Cathedral in Kaliningrad and is located on Kant Island.

Initially, the monument to Duke Albrecht - May 19, 1891, was installed in Konigsberg (now the city of Kaliningrad) at one of the towers of the Royal Castle, of which only a few ruins now remain). The monument was made by the sculptor Johann Friedrich Roisch. In 1935, the bronze sculpture was moved to another tower of the castle.

The monument survived during the bombing and storming of Konigsberg in 1944 - 1945. However, it was lost in the post-war years.

The monument was restored (a copy was made) on June 30, 2005 and installed on Kant Island, near the Pregolya River, near the northeast corner The cathedral, where the grave of Immanuel Kant is located. The authors of the monument were: F.A. Morozov, A.N. Shevtsov; workshop "Forge on Printing".

The sculpture of Albrecht is installed on a high pedestal. The duke is depicted dressed in classical attire, with a sword in his left hand and a scroll in his right, and books are placed near his feet.

View of the monument to Duke Albrecht and the Cathedral

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