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Monument to I. Kant in Kaliningrad - a copy on a historical pedestal

The I. Kant Monument is a monument to Immanuel Kant, which is a copy of the Konigsberg monument and is installed on the original historical pedestal in the center of Kaliningrad.

Immanuel Kant (April 22, 1724 - February 12, 1804) was a German philosopher who was born, lived and worked, and died in Konigsberg (now the city of Kaliningrad, Russia).

The monument is located in the park on Universitetskaya Street, near the Bunker Museum (Lyash's Dugout).

Initially, the monument to Immanuel Kant was cast in 1857 in Berlin by the sculptor Christian Daniel Rauch and installed on a pedestal in Konigsberg in 1864 opposite the philosopher's house. In 1885, the monument was moved to the Paradeplatz.

During the Second World War - in 1944, the sculpture of Cantu was removed from the pedestal and hidden in the estate of Countess Marion Hedda Ilse Denhoff Friedrichstein. In the post-war years, the sculpture was lost.

The high pedestal of red granite on which the sculpture was installed has been preserved. The pedestal was made together with the sculpture by the court master of stone works R. von Mueller. The pedestal was preserved due to the fact that in Soviet times a bust of the leader of the German Communists Ernst Telman was installed on it.

In the early 1990s, Countess Marion Denhoff, who considered herself responsible to the city for the preservation of the Kant sculpture, donated a large sum to restore the monument. In 1992, a bronze copy of the former Kant sculpture, cast in 1991 in Berlin by sculptor Harald Haake based on an old miniature model, was installed on the historical Koenigsberg pedestal in Kaliningrad in front of the building of the I.Kant Baltic Federal University (I. Kant BFU), located at 2 Universitetskaya Street.

The pedestal is surrounded by a low fence.

In the sculpture, Kant is depicted in the prime of life; in a standing, slightly leaning forward pose, dressed in a long frock coat, with a cane and an invariable headdress in his left hand, and gesticulating with his right hand (Kant loved philosophical conversations accompanied by active gesticulation).

Remark! There is a Kant Museum in Kaliningrad, located in The Cathedral on the island of Kanta.

Currently, the monument to Kant is one of the sights of Kaliningrad and an object of cultural heritage of local (municipal) significance.

A sign near the monument to I. Kant in Kaliningrad

Coordinates of the monument to I.Kant in Kaliningrad: 54°42'50"N 20°30'37"E (54.713889, 20.510278).

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