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Jubilee bridge in Kaliningrad - a pedestrian drawbridge near the Rybnaya village

The Jubilee Bridge is one of the bridges in the center of Kaliningrad across the Pregolya River.

The Jubilee Bridge is a pedestrian drawbridge; it is part of the Fish Village complex and connects Oktyabrskaya Street with Epronovskaya Street.

The Fish Village is an ethnographic and trade and craft complex located in the heart of the city of Kaliningrad, on Oktyabrsky Island (formerly Lomze), on the bank of the Pregolya River. More about the Fishing Village...

The Jubilee Bridge is built on the pillars of the Imperial Bridge destroyed during World War II (German name: Kaiserbrücke / Kaiserbrücke), which was built in 1905.

The Jubilee Bridge was erected by the Kaliningrad City Hall according to the project of architect Alexander Bashin in commemoration of the 750th anniversary of Konigsberg - Kaliningrad. For this reason, to coincide with the opening of the bridge to the anniversary of the city, the bridge got its name - "Jubilee".

The bridge was opened on July 1, 2005.

The bridge is pedestrian and drawbridge, has three spans.

The length of the Jubilee Bridge is 70 meters, and its width is 6 meters. The average span of the bridge, which is 18.5 meters, is bred to ensure the passage of ships. Next to the bridge there is a bridge house, which houses mechanisms for raising the bridge.

Memorial plaque on the bridge

View of the drawbridge of the Jubilee Bridge

The Jubilee Bridge is decorated with lanterns and an openwork fence.

The Jubilee Bridge is one of the most visited and photographed in Kaliningrad.

The bridge offers views of the Pregolya River, the Fish Village complex and Honey Bridge, on which there is a figure of one of the homlins and which connects the Fish Village with the island of Kanta.

All accommodation facilities in Kaliningrad (hotels, apartments, etc.), including near the Jubilee Bridge, Kant Island and in the Fishing Village, can be viewed and booked here

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