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Nikolsky Naval Cathedral, Kronstadt (Saint Petersburg)

The Naval Cathedral (St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral) is the main naval temple of Russia, which belongs to the St. Petersburg Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church and is located in the Kronstadt of St. Petersburg.

The full name of the cathedral: The Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (Nikolsky Stavropol St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral).

The Maritime Cathedral is active, services, baptisms and weddings take place there. A small exhibition is open in the cathedral hall. With an excursion, you can go to the second tier of the cathedral and visit the bell tower.

The cathedral is located on the main square of Kronstadt - Anchor Square.

The Naval Cathedral was the last built and the largest of the naval cathedrals of the Russian Empire.

The cathedral was erected by decree of Emperor Nicholas II in 1903 in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Russian Navy, as a monument to all sailors who died for the Fatherland in battle or from wounds.

The consecration of the cathedral took place in the Highest Presence in 1913 in the name of the patron saint of sailors, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The cathedral was designed by architect V.A. Kosyakovav in the neo-Byzantine style. The replica for the cathedral was the Constantinople Church of St. Sophia (Istanbul).

In 1918, the cathedral was nationalized. On June 1, 1929, the Presidium of the Leningrad Executive Committee issued a resolution on the closure of the temple and the transfer of the building for use for cultural purposes. After the cathedral was ruined. During the Great Patriotic War, the temple was shelled. In different years, the temple housed a cinema, a club and a concert hall.

The revival and large-scale repair and reconstruction work of the cathedral began in 2002. In the same year, the main dome of the temple was again crowned with a cross.

Today the cathedral is a unique temple-a monument to the history of the Russian Navy, as well as the urban and maritime dominant of Kronstadt. The cathedral is the main dominant of Kronstadt and its main dome, with a diameter of about 27 meters, is clearly visible from afar.

The central dome of the cathedral is placed on a low drum with many windows. The cathedral is also distinguished by two bell towers on the main facade and a large arched window above the main portal (entrance).

Wide steps lead to the main portal of the cathedral.

The central portal is decorated with mosaic images of the Savior Not Made with Hands, two scenes from the life of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, symbols of the evangelists and ornaments.

Above the side portals of the main entrance there are icons of saints to whom the side chapels of the temple are dedicated: on the left - the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, on the right - St. John of Rila.

The side facades of the cathedral are distinguished by large round windows.

Inside, the Naval Cathedral is three-span, decorated with colored marble.

The main altar is dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (patronal feast on December 19), consecrated on June 10, 1913; the chapel of Saints Peter and Paul (July 12), consecrated on September 14, 1909; the second chapel - in the name of St. John of Rila (November 1), consecrated in June 1920.

The altar part is raised by 4 meters. The iconostasis of the sculptor N.A. Popov, designed by V.A. and G.A. Kosyakovs, was made of white marble with mosaic inserts. A marble canopy towered over the main throne. The iconostasis was destroyed in 1929 and later recreated according to sketches, archival photographs and materials.

In the cathedral there are icons, relics of saints and commemorative marble plaques on which the names of the fallen ranks of Russian sailors and naval clergymen are carved.

The dome space is surrounded by two-tiered galleries.

The cathedral has a small exhibition from the collections of the Naval Museum and the State Museum of the History of Religion.

Layout of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral

A tomb for the shroud with an inscription reading: "Noble Joseph took off Your Most Pure Body from the cross, wrapped it with a clean shroud and incense, covered it in a new coffin."

Model of the squadron battleship "Borodino", whose crew distinguished themselves by heroism in the Battle of Tsushima on May 14, 1905

A mock-up of a large diesel-electric submarine.

Adjacent to the cathedral is a square with places for recreation, a monument to Admiral Fyodor Ushakov and a memorial stone.

Practical information

There are guided tours of the Sea Cathedral. For a fee, you can visit the second tier of the cathedral and the bell tower, which offers panoramic views of Kronstadt.

Entrance to the cathedral is free (free).

The address of the Naval Cathedral: St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, Anchor Square 1.

Coordinates of the Sea Cathedral: 59°59'30.0"N 29°46'39.0"E (59.991667, 29.777500).

Website of the Maritime Cathedral: kronshtadtsobor.

You can visit Kronstadt with one of the excursions from the center of St. Petersburg

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