Girona - the city is small and compact, it's easy to explore for a couple of days.

Girona draws that has a rich history, reflected in the old town and convenient location, giving you the opportunity to combine the visit to Girona with seaside resorts and famous cities.


Girona is a city with a rich history, originating from the times of the Iberians.

Currently in Girona have preserved the old quarter, reflecting a long history. There are also more modern attractions.


The historic centre of Girona is the core of the city known as old town, the Barri Vell, which translated from Catalan means "the old quarter".

Old town Girona is the most well-preserved medieval old town in Spain and one of the most interesting in Catalonia.


Lion market in Girona is a small indoor shopping complex, which is a traditional Spanish municipal market.

Attractive market location, it is near the historic centre of Girona, where there is the main tourist life.


The wall of Girona, is a former defensive fortification, consisting of walls and watchtowers that surrounded the ancient city.

Currently, the wall of Girona is one of the main attractions of the city and is a separate tourist route. On the wall you can walk.


Barcelona and Girona, two different cities, located at a distance of around 100 kilometers from each other.

However, if you want to visit is Barcelona, fly into Girona, and Vice versa - fly to Barcelona, and then travel to Girona.


Park de La Devesa, or just the Devesa Park - gardens, a public Park located in the centre of the new town of Girona.

The Park is home to ducks and are: elegant plane alley, places for rest and walks, children's playgrounds, picnic area, sculptures and monuments, fountains and flower beds.


La Rambla is the same La Llibertat, often shortened to just La Rambla - the main street of the old town of Girona.

This is a very small street, its length is slightly more than 200 meters. Located Rambla Llibertat on the right Bank of the Onyar river in the old part of Girona.


Independence square is the main and largest square in the city of Girona.

The square is rectangular in shape, its perimeter decorated with a simple neoclassical buildings-twins of the 19th century, with semicircular arches on the first floor.


In Girona there are such places without visiting which you kind of never been to Spain and never seen this live and at the same time keeping the spirit of past centuries in the city.

One such place is the river Onyar, or rather houses, lined up in a row near the edge of the water, and the bridges crossing the river.


There is a popular saying: "If you come to Girona you have to kiss the lioness in the ass." And this is no joke, and not some play on words, a literally kiss the ass of the lioness.


Girona-Costa Brava Airport is an international airport located in the North-Eastern part of Catalonia 12 km from downtown Girona.

To get from Girona airport to Girona city centre, as well as from the city to the airport, you can: by taxi, car or public buses.

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