Devesa Park in Girona (Parc de la Devesa) - a green oasis in the city center

Park de La Devesa, or just the Devesa Park (Parc de la Devesa La Devesa Park, Jardins de la Devesa) - gardens, a public Park located in the centre of the new town of Girona, on the left Bank of the Onyar river, near the bridge of Sant Feliu (Sant Feliu de Pont) linking the Park with the historic part of Girona.

The Devesa Park is a great place for walks and relaxation in the heart of Girona and the biggest Park in Catalonia, with an area up to 40 hectares.

The name of the Park comes from its original use - area covered with natural vegetation, intended for livestock grazing and wood collection. Later, this area was used for walking, was reclaimed and ultimately turned into a public Park.

Currently in the Park are: elegant plane alley, places for rest and walks, children's playgrounds, picnic area, sculptures and monuments, fountains, flower beds, space for dog run, French garden and city cultural facilities.

A large part of the trees of the Park of La Devesa was planted in 1850-ies. In the Park there are more than 2 500 trees, some of which reach a height of 55 meters.

The Park is home to ducks, and near the Fairgrounds of Fira de Girona.

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