Houses and bridges of the Onyar River in Girona - business cards of the city

There is in the Spanish city of Girona such places without visiting which you kind of never been to Spain and never seen this live and at the same time keeping the spirit of past centuries in the city.

One such place is the river Onyar, or rather houses, lined up in a row near the edge of the water, and the bridges crossing the river.

The Onyar river (Riu Onyar) - river crossing Girona and divides the city into two parts: on the left Bank is a modern city, district El Mercadel (El Mercadal), and on the side of the right Bank, the historic centre with medieval buildings - the old town "Barri Vell".

The most interesting and beautiful part of the river Onyar runs from Plaza Catalunya to the bridge of Sant Feliu.

The house on the right side of the river Onyar (Onyar Casas de) was built in the seventeenth century, most of which was built and restored in the twentieth century, through the former city walls from the river.

Plaza Catalunya (Plaça de Catalunya) is a small square located in the heart of Girona. On the square: a bed of flowers and a fountain, places to stay and a monument to the Catalan writer, Prudence Bertrand.

From Plaza Catalunya, originates the part of the Onyar river, lined with dense, located near the colorful picturesque houses overlooking the river. The houses were built for many years and give the appearance of a small Mediterranean town. The facades are painted in accordance with the palette created by Enric Anses, James and John. Faso and architects Fossom and George. Viaderm.

This part of the river provides the most symbolic image of the city.

Here, near the river, the historical part of the city is the main tourist street of the old town Rambla de La Llibertat.

Pedra bridge (Pont de Pedra) is one of the most beautiful and historical bridges that cross the river Onyar. Stone bridge Pedra 1856 was built on the site of a medieval bridge that Deplete the Sant Francesc.

The Eiffel bridge (Pont Eiffel or Pont de les Peixateries Velles) is the most popular and famous bridge crossing the river Onyar. This red metal bridge was built in the 1800s, by Gustave Eiffel.

From the bridge to the Eiffel overlook the colorful facades of the houses overlooking the Cathedral of Girona and the Sant Agustí bridge (Pont de Sant Agusti).

Gomes bridge (Pont d'en Gómez), also known as the Princess bridge (Pont de la Princesa) - the most romantic bridge over the river Onyar. This bridge is one of the favorite places for photos among couples.

The bridge is formed of one arch, was built in 1916. When the bridge was built, part of the estate of Miguel Gomez was destroyed, and for this reason the bridge was called Pont d'en Gomez.

Bridge of Sant Agustí and Gomez, from the old city, is one of the famous houses in Girona - the house of Masks or Casa Maso (Casa Masó) - the birthplace of the architect Rafael masó and an example of Features in Girona.

Since 2006, the building is the headquarters of the fundación Rafael Masó. The facade of the house from the river can be identified by the white color.

This is the only known houses on the river Onyar that is open to the public. The house was saved with the furniture and furnishings of the 19th century-style Features. The entrance from the old town (Carrer de les Ballesteries, 29). Ticket price 6 Euro.

The current building is the result of combining the four houses that the family of Issa purchased in the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The facade acquired its present appearance thanks to the reforms conducted by Rafael masó in the period from 1911 to 1919 years, integration, and repair of the interiors. Highlights - tribune the third floor. On the first floor and his father ran a printing press, the Issa, which was published the Newspaper Girona with notifications and news in the period from 1889 to 1936.

A wide balcony on the first floor of the house was a privileged place to view the parades on the street Ballesteros.

Along the river Onyar, predominantly dense development of homes, the gathering directly equipped to the borders of the river, so as such the waterfront here. In addition to, perhaps, unextended plot, which runs along the left side of the river, from the bridge of Gomez and to the bridge of Sant Feliu.

In this part of the waterfront is notable for the theatre Sala La Planeta (Sala La Planeta). The theatre was established in 1987 in the building that for many years was station and garage bus company Sarfa.

The bridge of Sant Feliu (Sant Feliu de Pont) - last but not the list, and among the most remarkable bridge that cross the river Onyar.

This bridge connects a large Park de La Devesa with the Church of St. Felix and one of the most photographic and famous sculptures Girona - sculpture "Girona Lioness" (La Lleona) that love to kiss ass.

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