Murcia - a fairly large city in the South-East of Spain, the administrative center of the homonymous province. Currently, Murcia is a very popular tourist destination.

To get from Alicante to Murcia by public transport - buses, trains; a personal or rented car or taxi.

Buses and trains from Alicante to Murcia go as from the airport and from the centre of Alicante.


The city of Alicante, a province on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Alicante is quite large, the tourist-developed city that is an attractive place for tourists of all ages and different interests.

The main purpose of tourists visiting Alicante is a beach vacation, and it is not casual, there are lots of good, clean and wide beaches, lapped by the warm waters of the Mediterranean. In addition, the city is full of historical sights, parks, walking and interesting places.

To reach Alicante is very easy and relatively inexpensive.


Stay in Alicante by many tourists is seen only as a rest in the hotel, beaches and excursions. But in Alicante there is another side of the holiday: main attractions, a walk through the parks, squares and picturesque streets of the Spanish city, as well as shopping.

From all this diversity it is possible to get unforgettable emotions, moreover, to see it all with my own eyes, not necessarily to buy expensive trips. All these places of interest located in the heart of the historic part of the city, walking distance from the beach, so go around them independently, and needed to find information on our website in the "category of Alicante".

In this article we will discuss the most in our opinion interesting places in the city that deserve special attention. So, the attractions of Alicante, Spain...


After swimming in the sea and visiting the main attractions of the city of Alicante, it's time to take a walk through the streets of this pretty Spanish town. Believe me, just walking through the streets of Alicante, there is also something to see.

To the walk was more interesting and rich no need to think of some routes and make plans in this city you just need to go bear feet and lead the eye. In each of our journeys is part of this route, we choose the day and walk the streets of the city, here in Alicante we walked around.

In this article we will put photos of the streets of Alicante, will also describe some of the most memorable streets in the city.


In this article you will touch the life of the Spanish Mediterranean resort town of Alicante. Here we have posted a small video of the city of Alicante, shot from the Parc de La Ereta, in the heart of the historical part of the city, mount Benacantil.

The video shows some parts of the panorama of the city of Alicante and the Central Postiguet beach, sea, seaport, green and picturesque Park Ereta and mount Benacantil with the castle of Santa Barbara at the top.

Noise of sea waves and a light breeze...


Arriving in the Spanish Mediterranean resort town of Alicante, it is impossible not to visit the most famous historical attraction and cultural heritage of the country - the Fortress of Santa Barbara. The castle of Santa Barbara is located in Central Alicante, on the top of the mountain Benacantil. To visit this fortress tourists from all over the country and the world.

The castle of Santa Barbara is rightly called the hallmark of Alicante, it can be seen from all corners of the city.

The picturesque ruins of the castle of Santa Barbara by themselves tell the story, not only the castle but the whole city of Alicante. After all, this fortress was once the city came into being. Here are the fortifications, the medieval exhibits, in a word, reconstructs the history. Walking around the fortress do not even need a guide, everything is so clearly shown that no matter what language you speak, you will understand everything without words. In this place you bury yourself in history and architecture, once majestic and coveted the city of Alicante.


Puerta del Mar (Plaza Puerta del Mar) is one of the main areas of Alicante. This is quite an interesting urban place, where at any time it is possible to meet a large crowd not only tourists but also local residents.

Particularly noteworthy in the Puerta del Mar, the home of Carbonell. The house is a historical landmark. He from the first minutes amazes with its architecture and is perhaps the most beautiful building of Barcelona. The white building is built in modern style with elements of neo-Baroque, has two towers with cupolas.

In addition to the appearance and architecture of the building attracts and the history of its creation.


Alicante is not only the beautiful Mediterranean, the sun, hot Spanish delicious Spanish wine and paella. It is also a lot of attractions, parks, squares, alleys and squares. Many interesting and famous places of the city we have already talked in the blog, read on the pages of this website. In this article I want to talk about one of the most famous and visited tourist areas of Mallorca, the town Hall square.

Town hall square, unlike most other Spanish areas are not green, except it is absent of any vegetation, except that ornamental trees in pots on the balconies of houses and near restaurants. It is a stone square, rectangular, plate, asphalt and grey stone buildings on all four sides. So in cloudy weather, the area looks quite dark and oppressive, but in a Sunny, very personal.

In the center of the square from under the stone slabs playful beat jet fountain. It makes the Plaza of the town Hall more attractive.


One of the most beautiful and comfortable places for rest and walks in the city of Alicante is a street consisting of three avenues - Avenue Doctor Gadea Avenue Federico Soto Avenue and General moor.

These three prospectus are interconnected and form one long and green street, a beautiful pedestrian Boulevard in the middle. On both sides of the Boulevard, high palm trees, installed benches for relaxing, playgrounds, flower beds with colorful flowers, fountains and buildings in the Spanish style.

Brochures are one of the most beautiful and frequently visited tourist streets of the city, which I love to walk by the locals. Boulevard originates from the Mediterranean coast. One Avenue blends in with the other so that the naked eye just do not understand where one street ends and another begins. So all three of the prospectus for the tourist turn into one long and wide, green and beautiful walking path.


Alicante is a beautiful city located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, near Valencia and Barcelona. In Alicnate are many ancient attractions, major cargo port and yacht Marina. In addition, Alicante is primarily the freshest gifts of the Mediterranean sea, warm sun, miles of wide and clean beaches with fine Golden sand and of course the warm sea.

For Alicante has a mild climate with pleasant warm summers, full of sunshine and moderately cold winters. The average temperature in July is +28C, but in the heat of midday rising above 30 degrees Celsius and in the winter months - from +10 to +13C.


After a walk through the famous places of the Spanish resort of Alicante city, its attractions, groomed Central streets and admire the architectural treasures, have a great opportunity to witness the real life of a poor class of local residents and to join the true Spain.

The old town of Alicante or Santa Cruz, the narrow winding streets that climb up the mountain, dark posharpanny the house, trash in the yards between the houses and almost absolute loneliness and silence in the streets. It would seem that you're just a few moments ago, I was in the thick of things, where day and night does not cease life, and now, just a few meters and you're already in the stone silence. Here only occasionally pass by the same old wandered into the city or run through cat.


Santa Teresa Square (Plaza Santa Teresa) - a small green square in the center of the Spanish resort city of Alicante.

In the heart of the Park is the Pantheon Quijano. The Pantheon is a stone mausoleum, established in honor of the former Governor of Alicante Trino gonzález de Quijano, who during the cholera epidemic refused to leave the city and died of cholera in 1854. According to legend it was on this spot are buried the remains Kahina.


Sea port of Alicante has become almost the Central symbol of the city. Do not deceive sources, the port is really quite large and picturesque. And boats, yachts, boats and small vessels, landing of the shores of Alicante, is so diverse and beautiful that the rays of the sun, on a background of blue sky with white yachts lined up in a row, present a picture of gorgeous beauty.

In the port of Alicante regularly visit the court freight and passenger purposes. The cargo part of the port is small and located away from the city. But the main part of the port along the seafront, we have a Yacht Marina.


Corrida is a bullfight. In the arena before the audience are the two main participants - the bullfighter or what it is called Matador, that is specially trained man and the bull, which in the final part of the presentation kills the Matador. Bullfighting and truly traditional Spanish spectacle.

In Alicante bullfighting arena is called the Plaza de toros de Alicante. On the structure of the arena resembles a Roman circus or the Colosseum, located at the circle seats.


I must say we went to Alicante, knowing little about shopping in this city. But our experience exceeded all expectations. Alcante - large shopping malls and shopping streets, and shopping outlets.

As for prices in Benidorm, they lower prices in the more popular tourist cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. Not even in the season of sales in the shopping centers of the city you can always find discounts on previous collections, and not to mention outlets. Outlets prices and even more cheaper. For example, at the end of August - beginning of September you can buy a t-shirt for 1-2 Euro shorts for 3 euros, and a pair of jeans for 5-7 euros.

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