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Corrida, or bullfight in Alicante

Corrida is a bullfight. In the arena before the audience are the two main participants - the bullfighter or what it is called Matador, that is specially trained man and the bull, which in the final part of the presentation kills the Matador. Bullfighting and truly traditional Spanish spectacle. Bullfighting is also practiced in some countries of South America.

The word Bullfight (Corrida) is derived from the verb "to run". However, it is a common title of the show caught on and is widely used among the population of other countries, the Spanish call bullfighting the word, they just call it the toros, or bulls. From this word is formed the name of all Spanish arenas which hosts bullfighting Plaza de torоs. Plaza de torоs literally translated as the square of bullfighting, you can also find the name of the square running of the bulls.

The venue of bullfighting or what we are used bullfighting in Spain is called square. Although of course it is more correct to call it an arena. However, the area has its roots far back in history. Originally bullfights were held on city squares, usually of rectangular shape. However, this form of the square was not very comfortable for the fight, the bulls were just huddled in the corner and never came out what the view was deprived of the bright colors of the battle. So in the eighteenth century, that the bull was not huddled in the corner, a round square. The first square was built in 1784 in Ronda. Over the next hundreds of years the round arena was built in all major cities of Spain. So Central rectangular space for corridas steel round buildings, and the name "the Square" has been preserved.

Not spared this event and now the Spanish resort city of Alicante.

In Alicante bullfighting arena is called the Plaza de toros de Alicante

Located square in the city centre, walking distance to the Central promenade and Postiguet beach, at 03012 Alicante Spain.

It looks like the main entrance to the arena of bullfighting

bullfighting arena in Alicante

Here there are offices where you can buy tickets for the bullfight. In the building in addition to fighting concerts.

The appearance of the square of bullfighting from the top. The round building in the middle of the photo. Photo taken from the observation deck of the castle Santa Barbara in Alicante.

bullfighting in Alicante

On the structure of the arena resembles a Roman circus or the Colosseum, located at the circle seats. Round battle arena has sand footing and is separated from the spectators by a barrier height of about 140 centimeters, and premises.

In bullfighting, of course, practically all one hundred percent of the cases, wins the man is the Matador. Anyhow. This happens for two reasons:

First, the bullfighter is primarily a master of his craft, he's trained and knows all the habits of bulls.

Secondly, and most importantly, for bullfighting use a special breed, the phenotype close to the tour. These bulls are pretty badass, easy to "enter the light", but the mind is no different. This is one of the most primitive breeds of bulls.

For razzadorila bulls use red cloth, a rag. Rag is red solely to the viewer to attract attention. The bulls, in turn, do not distinguish between colors and being just the flickering before the eyes of the subject. For these purposes, the bullfighter so actively waving a red flap.

Is prohibited bullfighting in Spain?

In some parts of Spain, bullfighting is already banned. The official ban is in effect in Catalonia - Barcelona and its surroundings. In General, Catalonia is the most economically developed and prosperous region of Spain. It is not just the Catalans were in favour of separation from Spain. And maybe someday it will happen and we will see a completely new country on the world map.

I want to believe that all the other regions of Spain will abandon bullfighting. But will it happen... serious doubts, at least, certainly not any time soon. It's a very profitable business, from bullfighting revenue simply enormous. Every year Spain attracts thousands of tourists to see bloody show. But still around the corrida long ago, the controversy erupted and a considerable percentage of the Spaniards in favour of banning bull fights throughout the country. After all, the spectacle is cruel, in which the painful death of an animal.

We are also opponents of bullfighting, so be encouraged and get on the show do not go.

Across the street from the main entrance to the Plaza de Toros is Spain square

Spain square - Plaza de Espana, is a small green square.

Spain square in alicante

The main decoration of the square is the monument to the running of the bulls

monument to the bullfight of Alicante

Another decoration of the square is a fountain located in the center of the square. Along the perimeter of the fountain, in the shade of tall palm trees and ornamental shrubs, comfortably placed benches for rest.

fountain in the center of the Square of Spain Alicante

In the Plaza de españa is a monument cutting debris. This mechanism was used in the construction of the main collector. The sculpture is dedicated to the memory of the works for protection from floods.

monument cutting debris after floods in Alicante

Another monument in the square. The truth of who or what it is dedicated, we do not know.

Plaza de Espana in Alicante

Most in the Plaza of Spain we liked the miniature design of filling containers, ditches, pits with water. You can come spin the wheel and see the whole process. Very interesting and fun both for kids and for adults.

the mechanism of filling containers with water

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