Promenade of Alicante

Promenade in the Spanish resort town of Alicante is considered to be a pedestrian Boulevard Esplanada (Explanada de España) Paseo Marítimo. However, this belief does not agree.

Explain why:

by definition, the promenade - this building, bordering the coastline of the sea or of a river embankment also serves as a convenient passage and travel along the shore, for mooring ships directly to areas of land, to facilitate the transfer of cargo and transport passengers from shore to ship and back. And in Alicante from the Boulevard of the Esplanade to the sea have yet to overcome the carriageway and the transition zone, which stretches along the coastline. This pedestrian zone on the right and can be considered a promenade of Alicante.

Alicante promenade stretches from the favorite vacation spot of all tourists and locals of Playa del Postiguet (Postiguet Playa de la) and runs towards the sea port of Alicante.

Let's start with the Postiguet beach. Along the beach, at the beach, the promenade tiled three-dimensional images. Which side do not look at the tile, they look like pyramids, spread up your arms or a plurality of three-dimensional cube-Rubik.

alicante embankment

quays of Spain

Here on the waterfront nestled a few cafes with open and covered terraces. In these cafes you can quench your thirst or wait out the midday heat, called in Spain the Siesta.

cafe on the embankment

Further, the promenade turns left and goes around the hotel Melia Alicante, passing along the line of the sea. Find yourself in the so-called Spa area was a favorite place of fishermen. The Spa area is equipped with comfortable benches.

spa area on the embankment

spa area of Alicante

After a little more, get on marine mol - wooden flooring stretching into the sea. At the Mall also installed benches and canopies to rest.

wooden marine flooring

Mall with beautiful views of Postiguet beach and mount Benacantil (Benacantil), which is known throughout Spain for castle of Santa bárbara (Castillo de Santa Bárbara).

view of the beach Postiget from the pier

City lights

lights of the evening of alicante

Walking down the pier to the left appears the Mediterranean sea, and on the right

to the right of the pier

view from the Alicante pier

The entrance to the pier is free, but to visit the pier is open during certain hours

opening hours of the pier

Down the Mall. The descent is additionally equipped with a lift.

In General, in Spain, any lift that involves more than one step, whether it is the entrance to the shop, cafe or an entrance equipped with a ramp, a lift for the disabled or Elevator.

elevator to the pier

Melia hotel Alicante you can not go around, having to cross the beach road section of the road and go straight along the promenade.

Go to an interesting sculpture

sculpture on the Alicante embankment

The Melia Alicante will be on the left side of you. Also on the left is the pedestrian part of the promenade, lined, Esplanade, pattern, resembling a sea wave.

This zone is located stalls, children's attractions - carousel, a café and restaurants, one of which is on an old wooden ship and the casino Mediterraneo. In the evening there full of life.

Mediterraneo Casino

restaurant on the ship

shopping tents on the embankment

evening embankment

children's carousel

Go to the seaport. Left right in the water is a sculpture, and on the right small square.

the square near the seaport

sculpture at the seaport

The sign under the sculpture

the plaque under the sculpture

Completes the whole story the most beautiful part of the promenade - pedestrian walkway. Alley really is beautiful, walking on it is a pleasure, we liked it the most.

On both sides of the alley grow tall palm trees and installed benches, sitting on which you can admire the sea port.

Walking through the alley on the right there is the port, and left the roadway and behind it is the Esplanade de Espana.

avenue with palm trees

beautiful spanish embankment

Sea port of Alicante


Towards the evening of the alley black residents spread blankets and sell all sorts of Chinese small things - bags, shoes, Souvenirs, sunglasses from the sun.

there is a full trade going on

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