Central market (Mercado Central), Alicante

Central market (Mercado Central), Alicante is one of the most popular places in the city where it is constantly full of life.

Mercado Central is the largest market of the city.

The market is indoor, so it works in any weather. The market is located in one of the most beautiful and oldest buildings of the city. The market building is an architectural heritage of stone bas-reliefs, mosaics and moldings in the form of plants and animals.

By the way, the market building is on the list of major attractions of the city.

The market is located on Avenida Alfonso El Sabio (Avenida Alfonso X el Sabio) and occupies an entire block between two streets - Captain Segarra and Carrer Calderon dela Barca. Over its main entrance from the street Captain Segarra stands a big sign Mercado Central, which is difficult to see. This market you will definitely notice from afar, be mistaken it is simply impossible.

central market of Alicante

market in Alicante Spain

At the Western entrance to the market (on the street Carrer Calderon dela Barca) is a small square with a coffee shop and exhibited in a number of floral tents. Here is the glass entrance to the underground stop trains.

cafe on the square near the central market in Alicante

Square market is a stopping place of almost all public transport, so the market serves as a kind of guideline for the location. Don't know how to drive or walk to the public market, the Mercado, ask any driver or passer-by: "Mercado Central" and will tell you immediately and show you where to go.

Mercado Central is open from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 14:30 hours, Saturday and eve of holidays from 07:00 to 15:00 hours. Sunday - day off.

A little advice: coming on the market to closing you can get a discount on purchases. And if you buy from the same vendors, they will remember you, and will put small gifts.

From any point of the city centre of Alicante to the market walking. Distance from the old town and Central beach, Alicante - Playa del Postiguet (Postiguet Playa de la) to market is about one kilometer. It is best to get to market on foot through the narrow and colorful streets, filled with noisy tourists and an endless array of cafes, restaurants and small shops.

The market is two story, has two entrances. Going into it with any input, you get to the first floor.

The entire first floor filled with meat departments. Here meat and poultry to suit every taste. The fresh tenderloin of pork, beef, veal; chicken, duck and Turkey; domestic rabbits, pork ribs and a variety of semi-finished products.

Fresh meat cut right in front of you. And if you like the piece weight will be great, but here you will cut it, it needs a part, all neatly Packed and stretched with a smile and gratitude.

On the ground floor you will also find a canned food, sausages and other delicacies of meat and poultry, dried fish and stockfish, and of course the Spanish national delicacy - raw uncooked gammon Ham.

Mercado Central

Hamons on sale

Here, at the exit, there are free toilet and drinking fountain.

public toilet and drinking fountain in the market of Alicante

On the lower floor has a wide staircase and an escalator.

Mercado Central Alicante

This floor is Paradise. There are rows of fish and seafood. Everything is extremely fresh.

Here and shrimp of various shapes, sizes and shades; cockles and mussels; squid, octopus and lobsters; spiny lobsters, lobster, live crabs and a variety of many other inhabitants of the deep sea, whose name we don't even know. The price ranges from 10 EUR (Euro) to 70 per kilogram.

Sold here and fish, not only from the Mediterranean sea, but ocean perch, tuna, fish fuck, bachelor, mackerel, flounder, swordfish and its variants, which we have not previously met. All this is sold as a whole or in purified form.

All the fish here at your request, clean and cut.

All these seafood are in front of your eyes on the ice.

By the way, there is no specific fishy smell inherent in our fish shops, probably because the fish is very fresh.

fish at the central market Spain Alicante

seafood in Alicante

Mercado Central seafood

Mercado Central Alicante

Mercado Central photo

central market of alicante photo


To cook and taste Mediterranean delicacies, gourmet kitchen, so going on holiday to Spain take not a hotel but a guest house with a shared kitchen or apartment. Then the rest will be really full.

On the same floor are located the rows of vegetables, herbs and fruit. And that just is not there, the selection is funky, ripe and juicy mango, papaya, watermelon, melon, grapes, oranges, peaches, nectarines, pears, apples and other exotic fruits. How many species of fungi...

fruit on the market in Alicante Spain

Spanish market

We a couple of times a week, be sure to go to the market for fruit. Always buy a mango and half a papaya. Mango is so ripe and juicy that biting him in the face and hands flowing sweet juice and papaya pulp spoon part itself.

Enjoying mango, you recall so accurately described the taste of the fruit in the novel-the bestselling 1977 Australian writer Colleen McCullough "the thorn birds", in the episode, when one of the main characters Maggie is resting on the island.

Kilo of mango costs 6,20 euros, and pounds of papaya 3 euros. We took four mango and half a papaya, all of this cost us about 6 euros.

Our buying. Before the photo shoot took place just two mango, as the other two, we couldn't resist to eat right at the market.

juicy, ripe mango

Also at the market you can find Spanish wines, olives of all sizes, types and colors, nuts, honey, eggs, cheeses, spices, a variety of pickles and sweets, and so much more interesting. Come and see for yourself. Believe me, there will be something to remember.

all sorts of things at the Mercado Central market

dried and dried fish

In Alicante there are other, smaller rynecki, but spending time on them is pointless. Central market is a historical delight for the eyes, and abundance of the stomach. On it you will find all the delights of the coastal States.

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