Sea port of Alicante, Spain

That resort town Spain, Alicante, which lies along the Mediterranean Bay, is the tourist and cultural heritage we have written extensively in previous articles. Learn about travel Mediterranean vacation, beaches, landmarks, life, local people and the delicious Spanish food from our previous articles in category Alicante Spain.

In this article I want to emphasize that besides of a tourist destination, Alicante has economic value. This is the most important center of fishing, export of fish and seafood. And this in turn means that the city needs to be a Sea port. And indeed there is, and even what size.

Sea port of Alicante has become almost the Central symbol of the city. Do not deceive sources, the port is really quite large and picturesque. And boats, yachts, boats and small vessels, landing of the shores of Alicante, is so diverse and beautiful that the rays of the sun, on a background of blue sky with white yachts lined up in a row, present a picture of gorgeous beauty.

sea port of Alicante

seaport of Alicante

The seaport is located in the heart of the city, across the street from the famous pedestrian Boulevard of the Paseo Maritimo Esplanade. Marine Wharf originates from the Central Postiguet beach, and runs along the main part of the promenade, adorned with tall palm trees. And sea port and promenade are the main attractions of the Spanish resort town of Alicante.

embankment along the seaport of Spain

sculpture in front of the seaport in Alicante

ship-restaurant in the seaport of Alicante

In the port of Alicante regularly visit the court freight and passenger purposes. The sea port is open and working all the year round, though the schedule of ships can vary depending on the time of year and season.

The cargo part of the port is small and located away from the city. But the main part of the port along the seafront, we have a Yacht Marina. Yacht Marina (marina) is a specially equipped yachts where the crews are provided a variety of services. So yachts and catamarans in Alicante provided services such as Parking, refuelling and washing. So, in other words, traveling on his yacht on the seas, oceans and decided to stop in Valencia, so this is where, for a fee, you'll enjoy the gas station, yachtmaste and other additional services for your white beauty.

Here at the Marina for tourists arrange trips to the open sea and nearby Islands. We went to one of the Islands, 20 kilometers from Alicante - Tabarca island. Was pleased with the journey we liked and recommend you. To read about how to get to Tabarca island here, and learn General information about the island and see the photos here.

Seaport in all its glory, with a variety of many pleasure yachts and cargo ships can be seen, only sailed from the port on a catamaran. With the shore just won't see.

yachts in Alicante

boats and catamarans in Alicante

mediterranean sea port

The seaport is so vast that to look at it all in order to create a complete picture impossible. This can be done only once in the Parc De La Ereta or mount Benacantil with its ancient castle of Santa Barbara on top. It is from these two places, at a glance, offers a beautiful panorama of the whole sea port, the Mediterranean sea and Alicante.

panorama of the seaport in Alicante

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