The Old town of Alicante - Santa Cruz

After a walk through the famous places of the Spanish resort of Alicante city, its attractions, groomed Central streets and admire the architectural treasures, have a great opportunity to witness the real life of a poor class of local residents and to join the true Spain.

Yes, that's right, the native Spain and her life are not those sanitized for tourists, the Central streets, parks and alleys. It's a completely different world, as it is called, old town of Alicante.

The old town of Alicante or Santa Cruz (El barrio de Santa Cruz) consists of several streets, neighborhoods located at the foot of mount Benacantil (Benacantil). Of course, the whole picturesque historic center of Alicante is its old town. However, the true old city, whose name speaks for itself, can only be seen in certain frequent the historic centre of Alicante, for example, the rise of the mountain, within walking distance of Central beach and the pedestrian Boulevard of the Esplanade with a mosaic pattern of sea waves.

old town of alicante

old town of Alicante, Spain

The old town is a few small streets - San Antonio, San Luis, San Rafael, San Roque, Toledo, Lepanto and others. Strolling through the narrow streets of old Aliante you can go to the Park de La Ereta and the castle fortress of Santa Barbara.

The district of Santa Cruz, the narrow winding streets that climb up the mountain, dark posharpanny the house, trash in the yards between the houses and almost absolute loneliness and silence in the streets. It would seem that you're just a few moments ago, I was in the thick of things, where day and night does not cease life, and now, just a few meters and you're already in the stone silence. Here only occasionally pass by the same old wandered into the city or run through cat. There are, of course, among the old homes and a decent, restored and colorful buildings.

Walking through the streets of the old quarter of Santa Cruz and fall prey to the charm of a rural Spanish life, not to notice how wander farther and farther away, sometimes even fever takes, and the subconscious draws the illusion that that's out of the gate POPs bandoleros, and you become his prey:).

the streets of the old city of Alicante

the old quarter of Alicante

Santa Cruz district of Alicante, Spain

Santa Cruz quarter of Alicante

Low houses, stuck to each other, between the narrow streets, sometimes so narrow that to pass only one person. Wooden doors are often white, but sometimes there are also quite unusual, colorful. Low dirty Windows, often with bars. Seen theft are not uncommon, although they had to take... don't even know. Lots of greenery, because of the lack of beds, the flowers are in pots on the streets near the houses. It is these doors, narrow streets and greenery in pots create, though poor, but still a quite unusual flavor.

old alicante

Santa Cruz Alicante

the narrow streets of old alicante

Santa Cruz Alicante, Spain

spanish flavor

Santa Cruz Alicante

Santa Cruz Alicante

Santa Cruz Alicante

Santa Cruz Alicante

Because the old quarter is located on the mountain, the streets are interconnected with many climbs and descents, stairs and terraces.

streets on Mount Benacantil

streets on Mount Benacantil, Alicante, Spain

old town of alicante photos

old town of alicante

the old quarter of Alicante

old quarters of Spain

About the garbage you see here are not worried. Trash can be stored right around the corner.

garbage on the streets of the old city of Alicante

There are in the old town and the newer, modern buildings. Or maybe it's a renovated old, who knows. At least they look at the background of the main mass of buildings more colourful and well maintained. Near them more space, but where you parked the more expensive cars. Probably lives in these houses the elite of the old town.

new houses in the old town of Alicante

The streets of the quarter of Santa Cruz, as noted earlier, located on the ascent of the mountain, so walking through the narrow streets, you always rise up from the eyes the panorama of the old town.

panorama of the historical center of Alicante

panorama of the old city of Alicante

Visible rooftops. Flat roof adapted to outdoor terraces. On these terraces, the Spaniards make the sun canopies, it is not just tables and chairs, but also sofas and a TV, sometimes place small pools. On such roofs, you can always tell tourists to local residents, it seems like they only do that days sitting or lying on their terraces.

terraces on the roofs of houses in Alicante

terraces on the roofs of Spanish houses

This photo shows the Cathedral Cequi St. Nicholas (Concatedral de San Nicolas de Bari) or as it is properly called the Cathedral of San Nicolas de Bari. The Church was built in the style of Spanish Renaissance arrerica (Herrera) during the second half of the seventeenth century, between 1616 and 1662, he, on the remains of a Muslim mosque, in honor of the patron Saint of the city of St. Nicholas. This Cathedral is considered one of the most important historical and cultural attractions of the Spanish city of Alicante. All its appearance, the Cathedral as if to say "I am native Spaniard!". In every detail of the Church and seen the Spanish architectural style and culture of the time.

It is believed that the prayers of all pilgrims and travelers on the road prosperous and successful journeys made in this temple, be sure to celebrate, because St. Nicholas is the patron Saint of pilgrims and travelers.

St. Nicholas Cathedral, Alicante, Spain

Street, vaguely reminiscent of the old town are present in the center of Alicante, but they are newer, not as colorful and are not ancient historical buildings.

old streets of alicante

old alicante in the city center

Alicante city center

alicante city center photos

Alicante city center, Spain

So we walked around the narrow winding streets of the old Spanish adorable Alicante. Met on its way a variety of UPS and downs, transitions, and corners, quite preserved medieval appearance. To get lost among all these buildings, winding quite difficult, although probably possible. All because of the streets of the old town there are not so many, they are all quite fit in a couple blocks. Many of the old houses deteriorate and become useless, from what are being demolished and in their place the newly erected new and more modern building, but what you need to give proper respect to the Spaniards, keeping the Spanish style in architecture and without losing the General appearance of the city.

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