Puerta del Mar and Carbonell House in Alicante, Spain

Puerta del Mar (Plaza Puerta del Mar) is one of the main areas of Alicante. This is quite an interesting urban place, where at any time it is possible to meet a large crowd not only tourists but also local residents.

In the center of the square is a round of the city fountain.

fountain in the Puerta del Mar square of Alicante

Puerta del Mar Square Alicante

Behind the fountain is placed monument-the monument is a small white obelisk, at the foot of which are three soldier, maybe a sailor or just a famous personality. What is the monument dedicated to we never found out... sorry, it would be interesting to understand the history of this memorable place! Maybe you know? If Yes, then share your thoughts in the comments, we will be very grateful.

monument on the Puerta del Mar square in Alicante

In the area there is nothing particularly remarkable, it is an ordinary town square in Spain a lot. But it is from this place you can walk along the promenade along the port or on the walking Boulevard Esplanade (Esplanada de Espana) with patterns of sea waves. This is also close to the city is Postiguet beach. It is also an easy walk to the castle Santa Barbara.

Moreover, Plaza Puerta del Mar is the area with non-stop running around cars and public transport. Many of the city's public transport lines begin to walk from this square. If you have just arrived in Alicante and I don't know how to get into the centre, ask any local or the bus driver: "Plaza Puerta del Mar!" you will immediately tell me how to get to the square and in the center of the city.

Here such it turns out the center area of Madrid in the Spanish resort town of Alicante, the starting point for various tourist and transport routes.

Across the street from the fountain and the monument there is another interesting sculpture with the image numbers. This song is already on the waterfront.

Plaza Puerta del Mar

Particularly noteworthy in the Puerta del Mar, located on the square at the beginning of the Esplanade, the home of Carbonell/Casa Carbonell.

The home of Carbonell is a historical landmark. He from the first minutes amazes with its architecture and is perhaps the most beautiful building of Barcelona. The white building is built in modern style with elements of neo-Baroque, has two towers with cupolas.

Carbonel House Alicante

Casa Carbonell

In addition to the appearance and architecture of the building attracts and the history of its creation. It is believed that this house was built by a wealthy businessman of textile industry Affairs Enrique Carbonell/Enrique Carbonell from Alcoy. The daughter of Enrique is very ill and on the advice of doctors, it was decided to bring her to Alicante, where warmer, Maritime climate. On the way to Alicante was an emergency, and on arrival in the city appearance of the father and daughter was quite dirty and shabby. To stay in Alicante they decided in one of the best hotels of the city, the Hotel "Palas", but because of the sloppy appearance of the representative of the hotel did not let guests. This event brought Enrique into a rage. A few days later he approached the local Municipality with the request to allow the construction of the house, next to the hotel. So in the period from 1921 to 1925, next to Hotel Palas, on the site of the old municipal market, grew grandiose and magnificent building - the House of Carbonell. Newly-constructed beauty of the external appearance completely overshadowed standing next to the greatest the hotel Palas.

Currently, to visually compare the hotel and the home of Carbonell is not possible, because from the Hotel Palas is in ruins. But the house Carbonella shines its beauty to this day. Now the home of Carbonell is residential, so there may be an inspection only of the building facade.

Enrique Carbonel's house in Alicante, Spain

The home of Carbonell is well visible from the promenade and beach

Cardobnel's house in the Puerta del Mar square of Alicante

At the foot of the home of Carbonell is located cafes and restaurants, with the tables which are so fond of to gather locals and visitors.

cafes and restaurants near the house of Carbonel

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