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Park, Santa Teresa and Pantheon Governor Kahina in Alicante Spain

Santa Teresa Square (Plaza Santa Teresa) - a small green square in the center of the Spanish resort city of Alicante.

The Park is located at the address 03004 Alicante Spain, near the arena of bullfighting in our Bullring. About the bullfighting in Alicante we wrote extensively in a previous article, read and see pictures here.

Park, Santa Teresa and quite a small green with benches to relax on site.

The Park closed at night. Opening hours of the Park daily from November to March from 09:00 to 22:00 hours, and from April to October the Park is open to visitors from 09:00 to 23:00 hours. In addition, the Park allowed Pets. In the Park you can't organize a picnic, kindle fire, and play sports. It is understandable because in the middle of the Park is the Pantheon with the remains of former Governor of Alicante Kahina.

Plaza Santa Teresa Alicante

Santa Teresa Park in Alicante

The Quijano Pantheon (Panteon de Quijano) is located in the heart of the Park is its main attraction and symbol of the city.

The Pantheon is a stone mausoleum, established in honor of the former Governor of Alicante Trino gonzález de Quijano (Trino Gonzalez de Quijano), who during the cholera epidemic refused to leave the city and died of cholera in 1854. According to legend it was on this spot are buried the remains Kahina.

The Pantheon is a symbol of the tragedy and memory in gratitude for human kindness, courage, fortitude, faith, and devotion to his people and city.

Pantheon has a pyramidal shape, reaching to the heavens. The lower part of the Pantheon of black marble, and the top crowned by a large obelisk.

Pantheon to the Governor of Quijano Alicante

The Park is one of a kind cave

cave in the park of Alicante

Also on the square of Santa Teresa is a stone fountain with frogs

fountain with frogs in the park of Alicante

Outside the Park, on the street díaz Moreu is a Holy parish - Parroquia De La Misericordia

Parish of De La Misericordia Alicante

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