the town Hall Square in Alicante, Spain

Alicante is not only the beautiful Mediterranean, the sun, hot Spanish delicious Spanish wine and paella. It is also a lot of attractions, parks, squares, alleys and squares. Many interesting and famous places of the city we have already talked in the blog, read on the pages of this website. In this article I want to talk about one of the most famous and visited tourist areas of Mallorca, the town Hall square/Placa de Ajuntament (or Plaza del Ayuntamiento).

Town hall square, unlike most other Spanish areas are not green, except it is absent of any vegetation, except that ornamental trees in pots on the balconies of houses and near restaurants. It is a stone square, rectangular, plate, asphalt and grey stone buildings on all four sides. So in cloudy weather, the area looks quite dark and oppressive, but in a Sunny, very personal.

In the center of the square from under the stone slabs playful beat jet fountain. It makes the Plaza of the town Hall more attractive.

fountain on the town Hall square in Alicante, Spain

City Hall Square, Alicante, Spain

Despite its parsimony, the town Hall area from the first minute draws and attracts with something inexplicably alluring. And it attracted us, we even once had dinner at a cafe on this square.

The perimeter of the area with tables and cafes and restaurants, and two shops, one of which is grocery and ice cream kiosk.

During the photos the weather was rainy, so the tables of restaurants have been removed, and the umbrellas folded

cafe on the Town Hall square in Alicante, Spain

Square spend the holidays and organize the manufacturing of different products. The couple walking across the square. The lovers are Dating. And men and women, grandparents sit on the benches that are on the square and just stare at passers-by.

City Hall Square, Alicante, Spain

Title the town hall or the town Hall square is due to the fact that it is located in front of city Hall which houses the local municipal governing body - city hall of Alicante.

Town hall Alicante town hall Alicante (Ajuntament d'alacant)

Alicante City Hall, Spain

The town hall, an interesting building in the style of Spanish Renaissance, which was built in the 18th century, known in those days by the architect Lorenzo Chapala. The three-story city Hall building, on both sides framed by a 35-meter towers. The tower is visually similar, however, to distinguish them quite easily in the upper part of the right tower built clock. The walls of the building of Municipality center is decorated with a balustrade, and architectural style includes multiple religious elements.

City Hall of Alicante, Spain

The main entrance to the town hall represents the iron gates of green color, decorated with flowers and two spiral columns, above which is the coat of arms of the city of Alicante.

City Hall on the central square of the same name in Alicante

The main attraction of the town Hall, attracting crowds of tourists, serves as a topographic mark - reference mark, calculating the height above sea level. This label is right at the stairs of the main entrance to the town Hall. Mark is considered a benchmark for the whole of Spain.

The building of the Municipality open to the public during business hours. Inside is a Museum with the most famous rooms, such as Elizabethan Blue room, the plenary hall and a chapel, which held a celebratory mass, also has archaeological exhibition, and other wonderful rooms of the town Hall.

The address of the location of the town Hall in Alicante: Plaza del Ayuntamiento 1, Alicante

Town hall square with all the attractions located in the heart of Alicante, 100 metres from the Postiguet beach and the promenade. The town Hall area is crossed by the street of Rafael Altamira. If you move to this street in the direction of mount Benacantil then after 100 meters you will find yourself near the Basilica of Santa Maria and Museum of modern art. If you go down the street in the opposite direction, after 50 meters out into a busy street with lots of cafes and restaurants.

And passing from the square to the town Hall to the arch, which is pictured below, immediately find yourself at the Puerta del Mar (Plaza Puerta del Mar) and the world famous pedestrian Boulevard of the Paseo Marítimo Esplanade. So here everything is close and conveniently located!

Placa de Ajuntament, Alicante, Spain

The town Hall area surrounded by old houses, with shutters on the Windows and the balconies, the color similar to the main gate of the town Hall. Building on the square, even the architecture is somewhat similar to the building of the town Hall. At least, the color is exactly similar.

buildings on the Town Hall Square in Alicante, Spain

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Alicante, Spain

Now it is clear why, with the sight of a gray square is the main square of the city of Alicante and the Central place for celebrations and festivals, fairs and meetings.

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