Gabriel miro is the most green area of Alicante. Plaza Gabriel Miro Spain

Square Gabriel miró (Gabriel Miro) is one of a small and most green parks in the Spanish city of Alicante.

The Park is located between the streets of San Fernando and Calle Med Manero Molla, in the heart of the historic part of the city, near the sea, the Central waterfront and the famous pedestrian Boulevard of the Esplanade de Espana.

On both sides of the Park, under the Spanish sky, nestled cafes and small restaurants.

Gabriel miro Square Alicante

We square miró attracted by the abundance of greenery and most importantly its huge centuries-old trees. From the square the impression like in the tropical Park. The entire area is surrounded by giant size trees with vast green canopies and trunks for girth you'll need at least a dozen people. The feeling that the trunk of each tree's trunk is a single tree, but several woven together. In fact, that tree branches hanging down and going under the ground, they form a strong trunk and root system.

huge trees in the Miro square of Alicante

Plaza Gabriel Miro Alicante

Arch of the entrance to the area adorned with flowers, which further fuels the feeling of tropical places

arches with flowers in the square of Alicante

In the center of the Plaza Gabriel Miro is a large fountain with a flowerbed. Along the perimeter of the fountain, in the shade of the trees and shrubs are placed benches for rest.

Sitting on a bench, hearing the lapping of the singing of hundreds of different birds.

fountain in the center of Gabriel Miro Square

To the center of the square and the fountain, are the shady alleys, paved with patterned tiles

shady alleys in Gabriel Miro Park Spain

Gabriel Miro Alicante Spain

The Park is named for the Spanish writer Gabriel miró. Years of life July 28, 1879 - may 27, 1930

Gabriel was a native of the city of Alicante. Died in Madrid.

Gabriel miró was among a group of writers of the "Generation of '98". Generation of ' 98 (the Spanish name Generación del 98), is a Spanish name, established for a group of Spanish writers who survived in their life and work, the collapse of the Spanish Empire, which was zavershilsya defeat in the Spanish-American war, and deep social, moral and political crisis in the country, plus the loss in 1898 of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippine Islands.

On the square there is a memorial stone to the writer. In the photo it can be seen in the background, to the left behind the fountain.

memorial stone to Gabriel Miro Spain

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