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the most Beautiful street of Alicante, consisting of three avenues

One of the most beautiful and comfortable places for rest and walks in the city of Alicante is a street consisting of three avenues - Avenue Doctor Gadea Avenue Federico Soto Avenue and moor General (General moor).

These three prospectus are interconnected and form one long and green street, a beautiful pedestrian Boulevard in the middle.

On both sides of the Boulevard, high palm trees, installed benches for relaxing, playgrounds, flower beds with colorful flowers, fountains and buildings in the Spanish style.

the most beautiful walking avenue of Alicante

the greenest avenue of Alicante, Spain

Brochures are one of the most beautiful and frequently visited tourist streets of the city, which is so fond of walks by local residents.

At the sides of the Avenue stretch narrow Spanish streets with its many cafes and restaurants green areas, shopping center El Corte Ingles, and originates the main shopping artery of Alicante - Maisonnave Avenue (Avenida de Maisonnave). About shopping in Alicante, its shops, shopping streets and shopping centers we described in an earlier article, you can read it here.

streets of Alicante

the streets of Alicante that depart from the avenue

Pleasure prospect originates from the Mediterranean coast and stretches to the intersection with the street Wenceslao Fernandez Flores. One Avenue blends in with the other, so much so that the naked eye didn't know where one street ends and another begins. So all three of the prospectus for the tourist turn into one long and wide, green and beautiful walking path.

We will walk through the avenues from the Mediterranean coast. So, from the sea we set foot on the Avenue Doctor Gadea (Dr. Gadea).

Dr. Gadea Avenue, Alicante, Spain

Where ends the Prospect Gadea, in the center promenade of the Boulevard stands the monumenterected in memory of all the men and women who died for the sake of my ideals.

monument in memory of all those who died for the defense of ideals, Alicante, Spain

monument on Dr. Gadea Avenue, Alicante

At the foot of the monument is a memorial stone, framed by flowerbeds with flowers.

memorial stone for monuments on Dr. Gadea Avenue, Alicante

Behind the monument is a monument to the Doctor and three times mayor of Alicante in the early 20th century - Gadea. His name and named itself the Avenue.

monument to Dr. Gadea in Alicante

Dr. Gadea Avenue, Alicante

The prospect Gadea ends. Next originates the Prospect Federico Soto. On the right, between the two avenues, is surrounded by a lovely green area Sotelo Calvo (plaza Calvo Sotelo). The middle of the square lies the garden square. Located in the Park shady alleys and benches, decorative lanterns and cafe with snacks and soft drinks. In this place, in the 16th century, was located in Plaza San Francisco, which was renamed in the 20th century in honor of the politician, who died tragically in 1936 year.

Calvo Sotelo Square, Alicante, Spain

plaza Calvo Sotelo, Alicante, Spain

If Park Calvo Sotelo still literally a dozen steps to the right, i.e. to delve into the winding Spanish streets, you will get to another beautiful, but not so green area of the Placa de la Muntanyeta. However, the lack of the abundance of greenery makes the Plaza de La Muntanyeta less important and picturesque.

On the square lies a small fountain, which rises from POS land.

Placa de la Muntanyeta, Alicante, Spain

Around this small area are concentrated the abundance of monuments of architecture and history, fit the youngest Catholic Church in Alicante.

Here is the building of the Ministry of economy and Finance in Alicante (Ministerio de Economia y Hacienda) in the same building there are various financial and provincial agencies, and the courts. For example, the representation of the regional economic administrative court of Valencia (Provincial Dependencia del Tribunal Economico Administrativo Regional de Valencia) and the State Agency for tax administration (Agencia Estatal de Administracion Tributaria).

The building was built in 1769, the plan favorite architect Carlos III, Francesco Sabatini and originally belonged to the Royal customs.

Ministry of Economy and Finance in Alicante

Here, in the area Muntanyeta, you can see the Government building in Alicante (Subdelegacion del cobierno).

Government building in Alicante

Also on the square Muntanyeta nestled the youngest and modern in its architecture Catholic Church Alicante - the Church-God's Grace parish (Parroquia Nuestra Senora de Gracia). The parish built in 1951 in memory of the victims of the civil war. The architect of the project of the Church of the grace of God was Antonio Serrano. This temple is included in the diocese of Orihuela-Alicante.

Church-Parish of God's Grace, Alicante, Spain

The Church is very attractive in appearance and decoration. Takes up almost the whole block. Indeed, in Alicante, the blocks are Mehanika in size. The most beautiful view of the Church has with the intersection of the streets of Jerusalem (carrer Jerusalem) and Felipe Berge (calle Felipe Berge). It is from here I see the high tower of the belfry of the parish of our lady of Grace with a clock on top. This is one of the highest towers in the region of Alicante, it can be clearly seen from many places in the city.

Bell Tower of the Parish of God's Grace, Alicante, Spain

The view of the Church and the bell tower of the grace of God from Plaza Nueva, near the street Felipe Berge

view of the Church of God's Grace from Nueva Square

As you can see, Plaza Muntanyeta has a huge governmental, economic and religious significance.

Generally in Alicante, like many other cities of Spain, no matter where you turn, everywhere come across a Park, Plaza, Church, office building or just architectural heritage. So if we continue to walk a few steps to the left or right of the Avenue which is the focus of this article, you will get far in the "wilds" of the city. We're already distracted, so back to pleasure Avenue. And you, how are you going to Alicante, don't stick to the route, and just walk through the streets, turning here and there. I assure you, in the back streets of this Spanish city, you will see and discover a lot of unknown interesting places.

So, the Avenue Doctor Gadea ended and segued into the Avenue Federico Soto (Av. Federico Soto).

On the corner of Avenue Soto, on the left side of the square Calvo Sotelo, is a shopping Mall El Corte Ingles and originates from the main shopping street of Alicante - prospect Maisonnave, which we described earlier.

El Corte Shopping Center, Alicante, Spain

The main shopping street of Alicante is Maysonnave Avenue

Promenade in the middle of the Avenue Federico Soto beautiful and well-groomed.

Federico Soto Avenue, Alicante, Spain

Palm trees, flower beds with various flowers, benches and lights create a relaxing state and touches his naturalness. Someone already relaxed and he decided to take a NAP on the lawn under the shade of palm trees.

Federico Soto Avenue, Alicante, Spain

Walk along this Central Avenue pedestrian street is very nice and comfortable. Prospect Federico goes to the main square of Alicante Luceros (Plaza de los Luceros). Here's where it ends.

Round Luceros square roundabout and in the center of the Plaza de Los Luceros is the beautiful large fountain. This fountain was built in 1930 and is the main decoration of the square. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful fountains of Alicante.

fountain in Luceros Square in Alicante

In its architecture, the fountain has sculptures of horses with kids and the column, on the sides where you can see women's faces and red stars.

fountain in Luceros Square, Alicante, Spain

From Luceros square in both directions diverge Central roadways of the city of Alicante.

Luceros Square, Alicante, Spain

Here, on the corner of streets, houses, cafes and restaurants. But where only in the resort cities of Spain are no cafes, they are on every street, intersection, area or nook.

cafe near Luceros Square, Alicante, Spain

The Plaza Luceros originates the third and final prospectus, which in the first two constitute one of the most beautiful pedestrian avenues of Barcelona. And this is the Avenue General moor, the Spaniards it is called the Avenue of the General of the moor. This is the small for the length of three avenues, it ends at the foot of the hill.

The roadway of the Avenue of the moor as well as the first two avenues divided into two bands, kids area, equipped with benches and playgrounds. On both sides of the Central Park area grow not only palm trees, trees with a canopy of dark green. Outside there is a large number of shops and cafes.

General Moor Avenue, Alicante, Spain

If walking along the Avenue of the General of the moor to the hill to turn back, then from any point the prospect will see the fountain in the Plaza Luceros.

General Mavra Avenue, Alicante, Spain

Prospect General the moor ends at the street Wenceslao Fernandez Flores. Cross the street and go to the Institute of education, George Juan (Instituto de Educacion Secundaria Jorge Juan) or the secondary school IES Jorge Juan. The Institute was opened on 1 November 1845. Since then, he became a secondary school in the province of Alicante. Currently provides children a high school education and courses in aesthetics and computing elementary professional training program.

CES Jorge Juan High School, Alicante, Spain

To the main entrance of the school are stone steps. The steps of the Institute is to climb. It is from here a beautiful view on the most famous Avenue of Barcelona, and the prospectus, at the level of the horizon are seen the waters of the Mediterranean sea.

view of the most beautiful avenue of the city of Alicante, Spain

That brings me to the end of our walk through the most beautiful alleys three avenues. Will be in Alicante, be sure to explore them, you will not regret. The resort Mediterranean Spanish town of Alicante and many more beautiful and so cozy parks, squares, boulevards, areas of relaxation and rest, all of them, we were told on the pages of this blog, so read the section of Alicante, learn a lot of interesting and useful information. And follow our adventures on this site, here we write about all my travels, which was already not enough, and there will be more.

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