Pedestrian Boulevard, the Esplanade, the Paseo Marítimo in Alicante

One of the symbols and the busiest place in the Spanish city of Alicante is a famous pedestrian Boulevard Esplanada (Explanada de España) Paseo Marítimo.

Explanada de españa is a pedestrian Boulevard and is a favorite place for walks and recreation of residents and guests of the city of Alicante.

We had 17 days in Barcelona, but having a swim in the sea, sunbathing and walks, always postponing (an urgent need to quit this stupid habit), we found the Esplanade in rainy weather))

Paseo Marítimo in Alicante

esplanade pedestrian boulevard Alicante

Esplanade Boulevard Alicante Spain

A pedestrian Boulevard is located in the heart of the historic part of the city, on the one hand from the Esplanade lies the seaport of Alicante and one of the most beautiful beaches, the Playa del Postiguet (Postiguet Playa de la), and on the other hand reveals its vastness the city of Alicante with its narrow streets, museums and historic buildings.

Esplanade originates from the Plaza Puerta del Mar and stretches to the street Calle Canalejas, where flows seamlessly into the cozy little square. The length of the alley is 500 metres away.

Along the Esplanade on both sides by towering palm trees which provide shade for leisurely stroll locals and visitors. On one side of the Boulevard located souvenir shops, and on the other, lined up in a row numerous cafes, eateries and restaurants. Evenings in the cafes are crowded.

Alicante pedestrian boulevard

Explanada de España

Explanada de España Alicante

In the Central part of the Esplanade, about halfway up, is an outdoor pavilion stage in the form of a sea shell. Sometimes in the evenings during the summer season, there are free shows and concerts.

Paseo Marítimo

The pattern Esplanade paved with mosaics, in the form of waves, consisting of six million individual stones. When laying the mosaic was intended to create an optical effect that walking down the Esplanade, giving the impression, if not go on the road and on the waves. We do, however, this effect is not felt, perhaps because mosaic already quite old and much worn.

All day on the Esplanade, full of life. Day many tourists cross it holding your course to the beach. And in the evening, crowds of people stroll down the Boulevard, catching the smells of incense wafting from the souvenir tents on one side and the smell of paella wafting from restaurants nestled on the other side of the Boulevard.

Here lies and beggars, merchants, musicians, artists - narissa your portrait-caricature in six minutes. The price of a portrait 5 EUR (Euro) single and 10 euros for two persons.

street artists on the esplanade Boulevard in Alicante

Night life pedestrian Boulevard Esplanada (Explanada de España) Paseo Marítimo

Explanada de España

Explanada de España Alicante

esplanade boulevard alicante photo

In the evening, street musicians play musical instruments and sing songs. Thus gathering around itself a bunch of spectators. Local grandparents are sitting on wooden folding chairs, some dancing. The spectacle is certainly exciting.

street musicians of alicante

musicians esplanade Boulevard Alicante Spain

Here is a small video with dancing to the songs of street musicians

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