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Outlet Park, the outlet stores in Alicante

Previously the outlet was called San Vicente Outlet Park, now he changed the name on The outlet stores. But only changed the name of the outlet center, but not its essence, presents a range of goods and location.

San Vicente Outlet Park is the biggest outlet in the Spanish city of Alicante.

Outlet Park is a shopping complex of outlet stores under one roof. The shopping center offers products with discounts up to 70% of the most famous brands of clothing and household products to Spanish and European brands. Most of this stuff from past collections different seasons, driven in the outlet of all the commercial stores of the city.

The outlet stores is a Paradise for shopping enthusiasts.

Getting ready to go to this outlet center need to be prepared for the fact that the variety of clothing sizes may be limited. Yes, and not infrequently in the shops of the center is a mess, so to find the right stuff and size will have to dig around in piles of clothes.

outlet park in Alicante

outlet center in Alicante

outlet stores in Alicante

San Vicente Outlet Park

Location San Vicente Outlet Park

Outlet geographically located not in the city of Alicante, and in the suburbs of San Vincenzo (San Vicent). But in fact it is not even noticeable as cities in Spain are so close, and in recent years has grown so much that one city blends into another. The locals already do not remember exactly where the end of one town and the other begins.

The outlet center is located at: Calle Alicante 94, 03690 Sant Vicent del Raspeig, Alicante, Spain.

The phone number of the administration center:+34 965 66 44 98.

Official website outlet Park

San Vicente Outlet Park Alicante

Hours of operation The outlet outlet stores

  • From Monday to Saturday, the outlet centre is open to visitors from 10:00 am to 22:00 hours.

  • Carrefour Market, Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 22:00 hours.

  • Leisure and restaurants from Sunday to Thursday until 01:00.

  • Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays until 03:00.

How to reach San Vicente Outlet Park

To get to the outlet center The outlet stores from Alicante city centre can be by car or on public transport or on foot.

Distance from Alicante to San Vicente Outlet Park is about five kilometers.

By car

From the centre of Alicante on a car you can drive to the outlet Mall in 10-15 minutes, following straight up from sea level, direction San Vincenzo. The outlet will be situated almost on the border of the two cities. You can drive along the Avenue of Alcoy (Av. De Alcoy), followed by Avenue Novelda (Avenida Novelda) - track CV-828 or on the street Teulada, then follow the Av. Universitat, after the third ring or rotate right.

Near the outlet centre there is free Parking with plenty of Parking spaces. The free space is always there.

parking at the outlet center in Alicante

parking at the Alicante outlet Park

By public transport

The outlet village is reachable by public bus or tram.

Buses and trams go to the center of Alicante.

To the Central market (Mercado Central), Alicante you'll take the bus number 24 or tram number 2.

Travel costs 1,45 EUR (Euro) pay to the driver at the entrance by cash or credit card.

There are other routes of trams and buses No. 18 and 212. However where they follow we don't know, because we needed to get only to the Central market.

Tram and bus stops are next to the Park, opposite the main entrance to the outlet center.

stop at the outlet park


Five kilometers is not much, so if you have time, you can walk on foot, at the same time see the city and get acquainted with life of local residents. Believe me, there is something to see.

In the outlet we were on foot, but was kicked back by bus.

General description outlet San Vicente Outlet Park

The building complexes of the outlet is quite big and beautiful, designed in a modern style.

It offers presented a well-known clothing brands, the choice is admittedly quite large, there is plenty to choose from. Presents a large variety of sports clothing and equipment, as well as a decent selection of shoes for all seasons and jeans. There are shops of cosmetics and perfumery.

The entrance to most of the shopping outlets inside the property. But there are also shops, and only accessible from the street.

shops in the outlet center

shops in the outlet park

outlet perfume and cosmetics store

Tired of shopping you can sit down at one of the restaurants or cafes, since they are enough. The entrance to the cafeteria from the street.

Inside the complex snack bar and coffee shop where you can eat sandwiches, scones or cake with coffee and tea.

restaurants in the outlet center of Alicante

ice cream in the outlet park of Alicante

In the centre is a large supermarket Carrefour market. It something on similarity of our Auchan. Selection of products is huge and the prices are cheaper than in supermarkets, in the city center.

Carrefour market supermarket

In addition to shopping and restaurants in the outlet of San Vicente Alicante, visitors will find bowling and 3D cinema.

A children's room, Playground, toilets, a room of mother and child.

Scheme outlet center San Vicente Outlet Park and brands of clothes are presented in this

The scheme of the outlet center San Vicente Outlet Park

clothing brands in Alicante outlets

Prices in San Vicente outlet Park Outlet Park

Prices in stores outlet shopping Park is always much lower than the prices in the shopping centers of the city. Discounts at any time of the year is from thirty to eighty percent.

For example, men's beach shorts you can buy for 7-9 euros, womens bathing suit for 10 euros, a sweater for 10-15 euros, and a t-shirt for 2-7 euros.

On the other, not less interesting places for shopping in Alicante can be found here.

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