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The Beaches of Tabarca island, Spain

The island of Tabarca (Isla Plana o Nueva Tabarca), also called New Tabarca (Tabarca Nova), located just 20 kilometers from Alicante city and about 9 kilometers from the village Santa Pola. To reach the island on the river catamarans and buses that depart every morning from the mainland. How best to get to Tabarka see here.

We visited this wonderful island, while vacationing in Alicante. A day trip was enough.

To tell about the island can be long, but this article we would like to dedicate the beaches of the island of Tabarca.

Although there is a public swimming beach on the island is only one, we are not in vain called the article "beaches of the island of Tabarca", because you can swim in the vicinity of the island, the campers safely do. Just walking around the island, find a suitable place and start taking sea baths.

First, let's talk about the public beach

The beach is small, pebbly and sandy, is shaped like a lagoon. People on the beach are always a bit.

If on on the beaches of the mainland, in the Valencian community of Spain, the sand is fine, light and soft, then on the beach of Tabarki, the sand is dark, mixed with pebbles. That is why the beach is equipped with wooden decking leading to the water's edge.

The beach is equipped with free public toilet, shower and sun beds with umbrellas that can be rented for an additional fee.

You can rent a catamaran and water.

The sea water around the island is slightly cooler than water off the coast of the mainland.

Because the waters around Tabarca island are a marine conservation area, the water in the sea near the island is very clean and clear, with a huge number of species living there sea fish of all kinds, sizes, shapes and colors.

So going to the island, don't forget to bring your fins, mask and snorkel. If you have an underwater camera safely bore her along, I'll take the stunning marine footage. If you have all this equipment at hand will be okay, the water is so clear that standing waist-deep in the water you can see all these wonderful fish.

Here's one tip!

Arriving at Tabarka, do not repeat our mistakes, do not rush to walk around the island, leaving the swimming for later. The fact is that the island and the mainland before lunch, the sea calm, and in the afternoon, the waves rise and increase as nightfall. So the swim and look at fish best before 14:00 hours. And to walk around the island and sample local cuisine, and after lunch, enough time off, we went around the whole island in two hours.

It is because of the rich marine life, not all swim at the public beach, but prefer to move away from the masses of people and enjoy the unity with nature and to better see marine life. For these purposes we take the peddle boats, move away from the shore and dive with them.

Wild beaches of Tabarсa

With wild beaches all just walk around the island, find a suitable place to bathe.

Only one but, the coast and the sea on the wild beaches of Tabarka are not very comfortable, so grab a comfortable sea of shoes - special shoes for swimming in the sea. The sole of such shoes must be solid, that is, without all the slits and holes with a fully closed heel. Otherwise, you can get hurt on rocks or small their fragments.

Swim and from the moored boats

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