Pissouri village, part of Limassol district and is located on the southwestern coast of the island of Cyprus, between Paphos and Limassol.

Distinguish top settlement of Pissouri is situated on a hill and the lower settlement of Pissouri area Pissouri Bay, where the beach of Pissouri. The distance between the upper and lower Pissouri is more than 3 kilometers.


The beach of Pissouri is a beautiful and stunning natural beach, located near the town of Limassol, in a little-known and eponymous village of Pissouri.

Pissouri beach is in the form of an open Bay. The beach is mostly small pebbles, sometimes mixed with sand. Sea water is clean and transparent, has a pleasant blue color.


Pissouri - a little known resort situated on the South-Western coast of Cyprus and is included in the administrative district of Limassol.

Distance from the historical centre of Limassol, the centre of Pissouri is 37 km.


Pissouri village, a little-known resort of Cyprus, which is part of the administrative district of Limassol.

Pissouri is located 43 kilometres South East from the centre of Paphos.

From Paphos airport can be reached in Pissouri by taxi or car.

From Paphos city centre to Pissouri is by direct bus, taxi or car.

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