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You can go all the way along the Baltic Sea line. On the one hand - the endless sea, on the other-the lush vegetation of the Curonian Spit.

The length of the route is 10.7 km.


In winter, Zelenogradsk attracts with the possibility of walking along the promenade along the Baltic Sea.

Also in the city there are: a park with a pond, a pedestrian avenue, a square, museums, an observation deck, a Ferris wheel, an ice rink.


The sculpture of the Resort girl (Tourist) is the most popular sculpture of the resort city of Zelenogradsk, which has already become a recognizable landmark.


You can walk the whole way along the sea line. On the one hand - the endless sea, on the other - vegetation, sometimes coniferous.

At the end of the journey, you feel a pleasant fatigue in your body, and in your soul you become refreshed and rested.


Zelenogradsk is a small resort town located on the Baltic Sea coast, 32 kilometers from the center of Kaliningrad.

The Curonian Spit National Park originates from the eastern outskirts of the city.

Currently, Zelenogradsk is one of the most popular places for short-term recreation for residents of Kaliningrad and guests of the region.


Zelenogradsk is a resort town located on the Baltic Sea coast, just 32 kilometers from the center of Kaliningrad.

There is no airport in Zelenogradsk, and there is also no railway line connecting the city with other regions of Russia, in addition to the Kaliningrad region. Therefore, you can get to Zelenogradsk only through Kaliningrad - Khrabrovo Airport or from the city center.


Zelenogradsk is a small resort town located on the Baltic Sea coast, in the Kaliningrad region.

In addition to the long promenade and sandy beaches in Zelenogradsk, there are also some interesting sights, including: historical, architectural, modern and natural.


Kurortny Prospekt is the central pedestrian street of Zelenogradsk, located in the historical part of the city, 160 meters from the coast.

This is the most interesting and well-maintained street in the city.


The water tower in Zelenogradsk, also known as the Kranets water tower (Kranz is the former name of Zelenogradsk), is the symbol and dominant of the city, and also occupies a special place among the architectural monuments of Zelenogradsk.

In the tower, at a height of 24 meters, there is an open circular observation deck, and on three floors, below the observation deck, the Murarium cat museum is located.


Zelenogradsk City Park (formerly Plantage Park) is an oasis of greenery, which is a large park that merges with an extended pine forest outside the city (Curonian Spit National Park).

The pride of the park is Tortilin Pond. According to some local residents, the most famous turtle from the fairy tale about the adventures of Pinocchio lives in this pond.


The beaches of Zelenogradsk stretch in almost a single strip along the entire coast of the city, representing an extended beach area.

Along the beaches, above the sea line, runs the Zelenogradsk promenade.

Most of the beach strip of Zelenogradsk is sandy, in places sand mixed with pebbles. The sand is light in color and pleasant to the touch.


Khrabrovo Airport, the only airport in Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region.

We will tell you about how to get from Khrabrovo airport to the center of Kaliningrad, as well as such resort cities as Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk and Pionersky, or, conversely, from the center of Kaliningrad to the airport, in this article.

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