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Winter in Zelenogradsk. New Year Zelenogradsk

Zelenogradsk is a resort town of the Kaliningrad region, located on the Baltic Sea coast, 32 kilometers from the center of Kaliningrad.

Until 1946, Zelenogradsk was part of the Konigsberg region and was called Kranz.

Today Zelenogradsk, along with Svetlogorsk, Yantarny and The Curonian Spit, is a popular resort of the Kaliningrad region.

Zelenogradsk is beautiful at any time of the year. Of course, summer is the best time to visit the resort, but nevertheless, thanks to the mild climate and the Baltic Sea, Zelenogradsk is suitable for recreation at any time of the year.

In winter, the city attracts with the possibility of walking along the promenade along the waters of the Baltic Sea and the pier. Also in the city are: a beautiful city park with a pond, a well-groomed Resort Avenue, Queen Louise Square, several museums, a water tower with an observation deck, a Ferris wheel with booths with heating and an ice rink.

Winter climate in Zelenogradsk

The weather in the Baltic is unpredictable. In winter, in Zelenogradsk, the bright sun can shine in spring, and the lawns delight with green grass, so it rains or even snow falls, which, as a rule, does not linger for a long time (melts quickly).

The air temperature in winter can range from +10 °C to -10 ° C, which is rare. As they say, year for year and day for day do not fall. Mainly the air temperature is kept from +4 °C - +6 °C to -3 °C.

How many days to spend in Zelenogradsk

You can go to Zelenogradsk for a few days, while staying in one of the hotels or apartments (full-fledged apartments with all amenities) in the city. The choice of accommodation facilities in Zelenogradsk is sufficient, hotels and apartments are located as:

- near the coast, from the windows of which there can be a view of the Baltic Sea and the promenade. For example, this is a 3-star Golden Mile Hotel and a 3-star A Priori hotel;

- on the most popular street of the resort - Kurortny Prospekt. For example, apartments Apartment on Kurortny Prospekt and apartments Kranz Prestige;

- and more remotely from those listed. All funds in Zelenogradsk can be viewed and booked here

You can also go to Zelenogradsk for one day, while choosing the city of Kaliningrad as the place of your main accommodation.

In one full day on your own, you can have time to see the entire resort: look into the Queen Louise Square, walk along the Resort Avenue, climb the observation deck of the water tower, visit the city park, walk along the promenade and pier, and also, if desired, visit any of the museums.

If you stay in Zelenogradsk for a few days, then you can go on one of the excursions from the city. For example, visit the Curonian Spit National Park, the capital of the region - the city of Kaliningrad, as well as cities such as Svetlogorsk and (or) Baltiysk

If you are staying in Kaliningrad, then you can go to Zelenogradsk both independently and with one of the excursions, while combining, for example, a visit to Zelenogradsk and the Curonian Spit or Zelenogradsk and Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk and Shaaken Castle, etc.

New Year's Zelenogradsk. Winter Zelenogradsk

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas, the city "lights up with a hundred lights". The main Christmas tree of the city is being installed on the main square, buildings on Kurortny Prospekt are being decorated, decorations and installations are being installed in the city park and Queen Louise Square. All this makes the center of Zelenogradsk one of the most beautiful New Year's Eve cities in the Kaliningrad region.

Below in this article the main places of Zelenogradsk with winter (New Year) photos will be briefly described. More detailed information about Zelenogradsk can be found here.

Queen Louise Square was opened in 2010 and named after the most famous woman of East Prussia. The square is decorated with an openwork gazebo, and in the center of the square there is a bust of Queen Louise.

The central square, which is located at the end of the Resort Avenue and on which the main Christmas tree of the resort is installed.

For example, on New Year's Eve 2021, a gingerbread house with augmented reality technologies was installed on the square: with the help of a smartphone, you can "look out the window" and see how Santa Claus is preparing for the upcoming holiday.

Kurortny Prospekt is the central street of Zelenogradsk, located in the historical part of the city, 200 meters from the coast.

This is one of the most well-maintained streets of the city.

Most of Kurortny Prospekt is a pedestrian zone, along which there are low buildings, some of which are historical and architectural monuments. On the ground floors there are cafes, souvenir shops and retail shops. More about the Resort Avenue in Zelenogradsk...

In the central part of Kurortny Prospekt (landmark - house number 7) there is the most popular sculpture of the city - the sculpture "Kurortnitsa".

The composition depicts a walking tourist girl dressed in sandals and a light short dress. The girl is holding a phone in her outstretched right hand - she probably wants to take a selfie.

Behind her, the resort woman carries a suitcase, on which a cute cat is comfortably placed.

In the cold season, kind locals sometimes dress a girl in warm clothes so that she does not freeze)) More about the sculpture of the Resort girl...

Observation deck Zelenogradsk is located in a water tower, at a height of 24 meters (in the area of the former tank).

The observation deck is an open circular platform with a 360-degree view. Learn more about the water tower and the observation deck...

Zelenogradsk City Park (formerly Plantage Park) is a large park area in which there are: paths for walking, places for recreation, "bridge of sighs", swings, children's and volleyball courts and, the pride of the park - Tortilin Pond. Learn more about the city park and pond...

The promenade of Zelenogradsk (Zelenogradskaya embankment) runs along the entire coast of the city.

There are various sculptures on the promenade, for example, the sculpture "Mermaids", the sculpture "Cat on the embankment", and the most famous sculpture of the Zelenograd promenade - "Gray Baltic Seal", installed in 2013.

Also on the promenade there is a 50-meter Ferris wheel with closed booths with heating, which can be used in the cold season.

Approximately in the center of the promenade there is an exit to the pier. The pier goes into the Baltic Sea waters at a distance of 150 meters. The entrance to the pier is decorated with wooden gates. At the far end of the pier there is an observation deck and descents to the water. Entrance to the pier is free (free). Learn more about the promenade and beaches in Zelenogradsk...

The Zelenogradsk Ice Arena gives everyone the opportunity to skate. Address of the ice arena: 9B Turgenev Street. Website: katok-zelenogradsk.

All accommodation facilities in Zelenogradsk (hotels, apartments, guest houses, etc.), including near beaches, in the city center and more remotely from those, can be viewed and booked here

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