Zelenogradsk, Kaliningrad region

Zelenogradsk is a small resort town located on the Baltic Sea coast, 32 kilometers from the center of Kaliningrad.

The Curonian Spit National Park originates from the eastern outskirts of the city, the settlements of which belong to the Zelenograd district.

Currently, Zelenogradsk is one of the most popular places for short-term recreation for residents of Kaliningrad and guests of the region.

Brief chronograph of Zelenogradsk

1252 is the date of the foundation of Kranz (now Zelenogradsk).

1807 - the Prussian Queen Louise passed through the city of Kranz on her way from Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad) to Memel (now Klaipeda, Lithuania).

1816 - on the initiative of Professor F. Kessel (1765-1844) founded a spa in Krantz.

1901 - the famous Russian reformer P.A. Stolypin and his wife and children rested in Kranets.

1945 (February 4) - Soviet troops entered Kranz.

1947 (June 17) - the city of Zelenogradsk was formed, which on June 25 became the district center and remains so to this day.

1971 - Zelenogradsk received the status of a resort city of republican significance.

2000 - Zelenogradsk was declared a resort of federal significance.

2018 - the World Cup games were held in Kaliningrad, on the eve of which Zelenogradsk underwent significant improvements - the beach and promenade were extended and ennobled, some historical buildings were reconstructed, and the overall appearance of the city became brighter and well-groomed.

Zelenogradsk beach and promenade

The beaches of Zelenogradsk stretch almost in a single strip along the entire coast of the city. Above the beaches there is a promenade (embankment).

Most of the beach strip of Zelenogradsk is sandy, in places sand mixed with pebbles. The sand is light in color and pleasant to the touch.

In the eastern part, behind the promenade towards the Curonian Spit, there is a beach for people with disabilities and even further away there is a nudist beach.

During the high beach season, lifeguards are on duty on the beaches from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm. And on the embankment: changing cabins, paid toilets, places for recreation, children's and sports grounds, a bike path, cafes and kiosks with drinks and food.

Average sea water temperature + 17 - +19 degrees, but in hot years, sometimes it warms up better.

The approach to the sea is gentle, the bottom is mostly sandy, the depth comes gradually. Breakwaters are installed in the water.

On the embankment there is a 50-meter Ferris wheel "Eye of the Baltic", which has 18 closed cabins of superior comfort with 6 seats in one booth. Learn more about the beaches, the promenade and the Ferris wheel in Zelenogradsk...

Places to walk in Zelenogradsk

The main places of walking and recreation in Zelenogradsk are:

- the promenade (Zelenograd embankment), which runs along the entire coast of Zelenogradsk.

On the promenade there are places for recreation, children's and sports grounds, cafes, a Ferris wheel, a swing, a bike path and various sculptures, for example, the sculptural composition "Mermaids", the sculpture "Cat on the embankment", and the most famous sculpture of the Zelenograd promenade - "Gray Baltic Seal" installed in 2013;

- Kurortny Prospekt is the central pedestrian street of Zelenogradsk, located in the historical part of the city, 200 meters from the coast. This is one of the most well-maintained streets of the city.

Most of Kurortny Prospekt is a pedestrian zone, along which there are low buildings, some of which are historical and architectural monuments. On the ground floors there are cafes, souvenir shops and retail shops. More about the Resort Avenue in Zelenogradsk...

Parks and squares of Zelenogradsk

Zelenogradsk City Park

Zelenogradsk City Park (formerly Plantage Park) is an oasis of greenery, which is a large Urban park that merges with an extended pine forest (Curonian Spit) outside the city.

In the park: walking paths, recreation areas, children's and volleyball courts and, the pride of the park - Tortilin pond.

Tortilin Pond is one of the favorite places in Zelenogradsk for walking and recreation. According to some local residents, the most famous turtle from the fairy tale about the adventures of Pinocchio lives in this pond. In the center of the pond is decorated with a fountain.

Sights of Zelenograd Park:

- wooden gates decorating the central entrance to the park;

- monument to the poet Adam Mickiewicz, who rested in Krantz in October 1824;

- natural attraction - the Imperial Oak;

- Memorial to the Fallen Wars, opened in 1950;

- a memorial stone to Sam Simkin. More about Zelenograd Park...

Queen Louise Square

In 2010, the square of Queen Louise, the most famous woman of East Prussia, was opened in Zelenogradsk. In the center of the square, on an elegant pedestal, there is a bust of Queen Louise.

The square is decorated with a white openwork gazebo, which houses the Summer Library of the Muses, where, with the arrival of warm days, visitors can read books (which we have not found).

In the center of the square there is a large tree - elm (elm, elm). The urban legend says: During a visit to Kranz (1843), King Frederick William IV of Prussia planted a tree in the square in honor of his mother Queen Louise.

The square on Kurortny Prospekt

A small square located on Kurortny Prospekt is also a popular place to relax among guests and residents of the city.

In the park: places to relax in the shade of trees and a sculptural composition dedicated to Zelenograd cats.

Cats in Zelenogradsk

Cats in Zelenogradsk have already become a cult, well, or a brand, so many residents of the Kaliningrad region associate Zelenogradsk with cats.

In Zelenogradsk, you can see a lot of sculptures and monuments dedicated to cats, graffiti on the walls of houses with images of cats, there is even a cat museum "Murarium", located in the Water Tower of Krantz. And there are a lot of real mustachioed fuzzies on the streets of Zelenogradsk)).

The "leader" of the cat world of Zelenogradsk sculptures is the sculpture "Prussian Cat", located near the Zelenograd Museum of Local Lore.

The image of a fat and proud Prussian Cat was born on the basis of legends and fairy tales of the region and was "visualized" by Kaliningrad sculptor Lyudmila Bogatova in 2005 in honor of the 750th anniversary of Konigsberg-Kaliningrad.

This important fat man remembers a lot - old times and customs, how and by whom the famous Konigsberg Castle was founded, and currently he still keeps the keys to all the city gates of Kaliningrad. Zelenogradsk also has its own "special" line of whiskered descendants of Prussian cats - they are less fat, but also cute and purring))

Drinking Pump room in Zelenogradsk

Pump room "Queen Louise" - pump room with artesian mineral water. Mineral water is extracted from a depth of 240 meters from a reservoir formed 160 million years ago.

The pump room is public, the water is free. The pump room is located on the promenade, in its very center.

The central square in Zelenogradsk

The central square of Zelenogradsk, where festivals, concerts and other public events are held, is located near the railway station, just in the place where Kurortny Prospekt and Lenin Street meet.

The so-called "Zelenogradsk-Pinneberg Friendship Alley" originates from the square, leading to the promenade and the sea.

Zelenogradsk observation deck

The observation deck of Zelenogradsk is located in a water tower, at a height of 24 meters (in the area of the former tank).

The observation deck is an open circular platform with a 360-degree view.

Sights of Zelenogradsk

Krantz Administration Building

The building of the former administration of Krantz - Burgomistrat, was erected in the early 20th century in the Art Nouveau style and is now a unique object of cultural heritage.

Krantz Post Office

The post office is a solid red-brick telegraph building, built in the early 20th century in the Neo-Gothic style. Since then, the appearance of the post office has not changed much, only in the center there was once an East Prussian coat of arms - a black eagle.

Krantz Water Tower

The Kranets Water tower is the symbol and dominant of the city, and also occupies a special place among the architectural monuments of Zelenogradsk.

The water tower building was built in 1904 to improve the water supply of Krantz.

The water tower is made in an architectural style - historical eclecticism, has a height of almost 40 meters, has a peculiar dome and is the second tallest architectural object of the city. It is in this tower that the observation deck is located, as well as the Murarium cat Museum.

St. Adalbert 's Church

The Church of St. Adalbert, later the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord (now the Transfiguration Cathedral) it is made of red brick with a Gothic tower, the height of which is 42 meters.

On November 5, 1897, the church was consecrated as the Lutheran Church of St. Adalbert. After the Second World War, the building lost its cult purpose - the city gym was located here. In 1994, the building was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church. The church was consecrated in 2007 by Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad.

Chapel of St. Andrew

The Chapel of St. Andrew (now the Church of the Apostle Andrew the Primordial) was built in the Neo-Gothic style in 1903-1904. The building was consecrated as the Catholic Chapel of St. Andrew. Later, the chapel was acquired by St. Elizabeth's Hospital, located in the city of Konigsberg and equipped with a rest home for children in it.

In Soviet times, a warehouse was located in the chapel, which burned twice. Later, the church was rebuilt according to Orthodox canons. Currently, the Orthodox Church of St. Andrew the First-Called is located in the walls of the building.

In the church there is a part of the holy relics of the Apostle Andrew the Primordial - a particle of the bone of the thumb of the left foot.

Villa Krell

Villa Krell is an architectural monument of the early 20th century. It got its name from the name of the owner - Max Krell, a notary and lawyer. After retiring from business, Krell and his family moved to Kranz. The villa was built according to an individual project, it combines elements of Gothic and Russian style architecture.

Since 1947, the building has housed a children's library, and now the Zelenograd City Museum of Local Lore.

Basta Apartment Building

The Basta House is a former apartment house of Friedrich Basta, built in the early 20th century in the Art Nouveau style. Previously, the building functioned as an apartment building - furnished rooms were rented to vacationers as hotel rooms. Currently, a kindergarten is located in the building.

Zelenogradsk City Clock

Next to the post office there is the famous clock of Krantz or the city clock of Zelenogradsk, marking one of the central and pedestrian streets of the city - Kurortny Prospekt.

Kurhaus Krantz

The date of construction of the building, the full name of which is "The Big Hotel and the New Kurhaus" - 1843. Then the Kurhaus contained a dining room, billiard room, concert, theater and dance halls, as well as 23 hotel rooms.

Currently, the Kurhaus building is privately owned, it has been restored and functions as a hotel, bar and restaurant.

Support for an open power line

Supports of this type have become widespread in Europe. The support was created using the technology of joining metal parts by riveting. Up to the 2nd half of the 20th century, this technology was the main one when creating hulls in machine, ship and bridge construction.

The building of the Queen Louise Hotel

Today it is the only hotel in the city that bears its historical name - the Queen Louise Hotel. The building was built in the 1930s and named after the Queen of East Prussia. In January 1807, the most famous woman of East Prussia, fleeing from Napoleon's troops to Memel, spent the first night after leaving Konigsberg in Krantz.

The building of the hotel "East Prussia"

The exact date of construction of the building, preserved on the facade, is 1906. The architectural style is modern. In the upper part of the building - half-timbered. There are many decorative elements on the building: mascaron (fisherman's head), wrought-iron balconies, floral stucco pattern.

Zelenogradsk Railway Station

The building was built in 1885, when the grand opening of the railway line connecting Konigsberg and Kranz took place.

To date, the station building has hardly changed and still functions as a railway station, only now - Zelenogradsk. There was only a turning circle left, on which the driver used a hand lever to turn the locomotive around. Learn more about the sights of Zelenogradsk...

Zelenogradsk Museums

Zelenograd City Museum of Local Lore

The museum is located in a historic building - the former Villa Krell, at the address: Lenin St., 6, Zelenogradsk.

In the museum:

- interior of the family villa Krell of the early 20th century;

- history of the city and the district from ancient times to the present day;

- as well as: art workshops, souvenir shop, reference and information and excursion services. Museum website

Murarium Cat Museum

The Cat Museum is located on three floors of the Water Tower, below the observation deck, at the address: ul. Saratovskaya, 2a, Zelenogradsk.

In the museum, in glass showcases, exhibits are displayed: saucers and plates, figurines, vases, toys, paintings, drawings, figurines and other objects with images or depicting cats. Museum website

Museum of Skulls and Skeletons

The Museum of Skulls and Skeletons (MES) is located in the building adjacent to the Water Tower, at the address: ul. Saratovskaya, 2a, building of the hotel and entertainment center "PARADOX", 2nd floor, Zelenogradsk.

The exhibition area of the museum presents a collection of "skulls and skeletons" expressed in various decorative elements, accessories, figurines, sculptures, dolls, characters from cartoons and fairy tales, etc. Museum website

The House of Angels Museum

The House of Angels Museum is a private art collection that includes more than 1,000 different exhibits dedicated to angels.

Museum address: 12a Pogranichnaya str., Zelenogradsk. Museum website

Zelenogradsk Universal Market

The market is located near the railway station of Zelenogradsk, at the address: Tkachenko str., 3, Zelenogradsk.

At the market and near the market (on Tkachenko Street): clothing, souvenirs, food and other goods inherent in any other city market.

Where to go from Zelenogradsk

Kaliningrad is the administrative center of the Kaliningrad Region and the westernmost regional center of the country.

You can get from Zelenogradsk to Kaliningrad by taxi, public buses or commuter trains.

Svetlogorsk is the largest and most developed resort city in the Kaliningrad region.

You can get from Zelenogradsk to Svetlogorsk by taxi, public buses or trains.

Curonian Spit is a national park with unique natural complexes: sand dunes, dancing forest, royal forest, lake "Swan", etc.

In 2000, the Curonian Spit was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

You can visit the Curonian Spit with one of the excursions, as well as independently, by car, taxi, bicycle or by bus to one of the villages: Lesnoy, Rybachy, Morskoe.

The length of the Kush Spit is about 48 kilometers, the main and most interesting places of interest are located at a sufficient distance from the villages, so a bus ride is not the most suitable option for visiting the Curonian Spit.

It is more convenient to visit the Curonian Spit by car (rent a car in Kaliningrad), bicycle or with one of the excursions:

Where to stay in Zelenogradsk

If you plan to stay in Zelenogradsk, then you need to book accommodation (a hotel room). There are hotels located directly near the beach and in the tourist center of Zelenogradsk, as well as those that are further from the main tourist routes.

All accommodation facilities in Zelenogradsk can be viewed and booked here

How to get to Zelenogradsk

There is no airport in Zelenogradsk, and there is also no railway line connecting the city with other regions of Russia, in addition to the Kaliningrad region. Therefore, you can get to Zelenogradsk only through Kaliningrad - Khrabrovo Airport or from the city center.

How to get to Zelenogradsk from Khrabrovo airport

The Empress Elizabeth Petrovna International Airport (Khrabrovo) is located 13-20 kilometers from the center of Zelenogradsk.

Khrabrovo International Airport regularly accepts domestic flights connecting the Kaliningrad Region with some regions of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Krasnodar, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, etc.), as well as international flights from Belarus, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Poland, Spain and some other European countries. Cheap flights to Kaliningrad...

You can get from Khrabrovo airport to Zelenogradsk:


To get from the airport to the center of Zelenogradsk, as well as other cities and resorts of the Kaliningrad region, it is more convenient and fastest by taxi. You can order a taxi / transfer in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign where your first and last name will be written. To order a taxi, it is enough to provide your flight data!

Car rental

If you plan to travel around the region, then the ideal option would be to rent a car. You can choose and order a car in advance, at the appointed time your car will be waiting for you near the airport. You can view and pick up a car here...

How to get to Zelenogradsk from the center of Kaliningrad

You can find out how to get from Khrabrovo Airport to the center of Kaliningrad here.

You can get from the center of Kaliningrad to Zelenogradsk by taxi or car.

Trains to Zelenogradsk from Kaliningrad

Trains from the center of Kaliningrad to Zelenogradsk, as well as from Zelenogradsk to the center of Kaliningrad, run daily, several times a day (more often in summer).

Trains in Kaliningrad depart from Yuzhny Railway Station, where interregional trains from "big" Russia arrive, then pass the Severny railway station (Kaliningrad-Severny), located near Victory Square, in the very center of Kaliningrad, at the address: Sovetsky Ave., 2.

Travel time is 27-50 minutes. The schedule of trains can be specified here.

The train will take you to the Kranets Railway Station in Zelenogradsk, located at 3 Vokzalnaya Street, 300 meters from the historical center of Zelenogradsk and 450-600 meters from the central beaches of Zelenogradsk.

Bus to Zelenogradsk from the center of Kaliningrad

Public buses from Kaliningrad to Zelenogradsk run daily, there are many flights, especially in the high summer season. There are both express trains and simple public buses.

Buses depart from the Kaliningrad bus station, located within walking distance from the Yuzhny railway station, + make several stops in the city center.

The fare starts from 84 rubles in one direction. Tickets can be purchased both at the ticket offices of the bus station and on the bus. Travel time is approximately 55 minutes - 1 hour 15 minutes. The bus schedule can be specified here.

The bus will take you to the Zelenogradsk bus station, located at 2 Vokzalnaya Street, which is within walking distance from the Zelenogradsk railway station.

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