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City park of Zelenogradsk. Tortilin pond, Zelenogradsk

The East end of the city of Zelenogradsk, near the beach, is an oasis of greenery, perestavnymi a large City Park, with the city merging with the extensive pine forest (national Park of Curonian Spit).

The city Park of Zelenogradsk (formerly Park Plantage) is a great place for walks and rest. And on a hot summer day this Park can be a breath of fresh air in the shade crowns of trees to shelter from the sun.

The main entrance to the Park, located on the street Volodarskogo, decorate the wooden gate on the left side which is a paid Parking. Located at the gate: shop with Souvenirs, jewelry and other products from amber and coffee shop.

Over the main entrance, free public toilet, at least the toilet was free. The monument to the poet Adam Mickiewicz, who was vacationing in Krantz (now Zelenogradsk) in October 1824.

Next to the monument bench, on which is written the words from the poem of Adam Mickiewicz.

Near the entrance, in the shade of the trees is a Playground "Сat house", near which in the summer runs a children's sports and entertainment venue "Trampoline".

Just East of the playgrounds, on a fairly large open areas are platforms for game in volleyball. For the volleyball field - free Parking.

South of the volleyball courts - restaurant-bar and another Playground.

The pride of the Park is Tortilin pond. Tortilin pond - one of the favorite places in Zelenogradsk for walking and recreation. According to some local residents, in the pond there lives that same famous tortoise from the fairy tale about the adventures of Buratino.

Around the pond with walking paths, benches for relaxing and in the center a pond decorated with a fountain. In a pond inhabited by ducks and other waterfowl.

Park pond consists of large and small ponds, which are shared by the humpback bridge. This bridge carries the romantic name "Bridge of sighs". Earlier Torchilin pond called "Stork" (German title Storchenteich), as at the center of a small pond stood a statue of a stork.

Photo of the Park

On the South side of the pond are:

- natural landmark - oak "Imperial". The oak was planted in 1872 in honor of William I, proclaimed German Emperor on 18 January 1871;

- a memorial to fallen war opened in 1950. In this place are buried 813 soldiers guards army, 5, 39 and 43 armies who fell in the January - April 1945;

- a memorial stone Sam Simkin

"Sam Simkin well, Dolgonosov and freestyle Ptah, onion in a cowboy shirt.
Two years in Leningrad there lived two years in Kaliningrad.
Why? Romance for...".

Boris Slutsky

- across the street from the memorial stone is located in a historic building - now the hotel "Queen Louise".

Today it is the only hotel in the city that bears its historical name. The building (ulitsa Moskovskaya, d. 50) was built in the 1930s and named in honor of Queen East Prussia. In January 1807, the most famous woman of East Prussia, fleeing from Napoleon's troops in Memel (now Klaipeda, Lithuania), the first night after leaving Koenigsberg held in Krantz. The name of people's favorite in Prussia were named streets, a Church, a bridge and a Fort, at the Krantz hotel. In Soviet times, the building initially belonged to the military Department and in the late 1960s, there were hotel and restaurant "Tourist". In 1990-e years the new owner of V. A. Westerlund returned (partially) to the pre-war building form and former name.

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