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Kurortny prospect - central pedestrian street of Zelenogradsk

Kurortny prospect (Kurortnii prospect / Resort Avenue) - the Central pedestrian street of Zelenogradsk, located in the historical part of the city, 200 metres from the coast.

This is one of the most comfortable streets.

Most of the Kurortny prospect is a pedestrian zone, lined with low buildings, some of which are monuments of history and architecture. On the first floor - cafe, gift and retail shops.

The Hiking part of Kurortny Prospekt stretches from the area where the monument Zelenograd cats to the building of the former post office near the Central square, which hosts festivals, concerts and other public events.

Photo of the Central square

Post office - solid red-brick Telegraph building, built in the early 20th century in neo-Gothic style. Since that time, a kind of post office has not changed, only in the center once adorned the East Prussian coat of arms - a black eagle. In the building were located: the post, Telegraph and official apartment of the postmaster. Currently, the post office building is located North-West Telecom.

Near the post office are famous watch Kranz (now Zelenogradsk) or the clock tower of Zelenogradsk and, we believe, three of the most beautiful (now renovated) building of Kurortny Prospekt.

A small squarewith Seating in the shade of the trees and, of course, a sculptural composition dedicated to Zelenograd cats. Cats in Zelenogradsk have become a cult, well, or the brand, so many of the residents of the Kaliningrad region Zelenogradsk associated with cats.

In Zelenogradsk you can see a lot of sculptures and monuments dedicated to the cat, graffiti on the walls with the image of the cat, there is even a cat Museum "Murarium" located in Water Tower Kranz. And these mustachioed fuzzies on the streets of Zelenogradsk lot.

In the centre of the Kurortny prospect is the Kurhaus (Kurortny prospect, 16). Previously, the Status of Kurhaus was assigned the main hotel of the resort, where he held various events for guests, and was focused resort life.

Date of construction of the building, under the title "the Big hotel and New Kurhaus" - 1843. Then the Kurhaus accommodates dining room, billiard, concert halls, theaters and dance halls, as well as 23 rooms. In the spacious reading room under a glass roof could be Newspapers. Behind the Kurhaus was a Park with rare species of trees and summer theatre (1859). Here was located the summer dining. The music pavilion gave concerts for the local chapel, and on Sundays was made by a military band.

Currently the building is the Kurhaus is in private ownership, it is restored and functions as a hotel, bar and restaurant.

On the left side of the Kurhaus is a statue of Lenin

And in the center of the pedestrian part of the Kurortny prospect, near the Kurhaus, - metal support for open lines (Germany, 1920s-1930s).

Towers of this type were widely spread in Europe. Reliance created using the technology of joining metal parts by means of fastening with blind riots. Until the 2nd half of the 20th century, this technology was primary during the creation of the corps in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and bridge construction.

The manufacture and installation of components (including transmission towers) in Germany was engaged in large manufacturing enterprises, in particular shipyards "Shihau" in Königsberg (now - Baltic shipyard "Yantar" in Kaliningrad).

At the intersection of Kurortny prospect street Polichuk pedestrian part of the Avenue ends, then driving is street with sidewalks.

Monument Zelenograd cats. On a rotary device of a stylized window frame with a sculpture of a cat on the windowsill. At the base of the monument is the flounder is a symbol of Zelenogradsk.

This composition is made of stainless steel with cast iron base, with mechanism by which the cat rotates around its axis, which allows the use of the composition as a rotating attraction, and on a Sunny day, turn the sculpture so, to be able to take good photos without shadows and glare.

The monument is made a sign of greater attachment of residents to the tailed friends.

For cats Zelenograd monument is the buildingwhich housed the headquarters of the 292 pages of the detachment of Suvorov 3rd degree Regiment of the red banner of Chelm 115 infantry division under the command of p/p at Marschavina Yakova Petrovicha. His regiment first entered the city Krantz February 4, 1945.

Next, Kurortny Prospekt passes in the Kurortny of lane, where there is a water mill

Where to stay at the Kurortny prospect

Art Cranz apartments with free Wi-Fi. Some apartments have a kitchenette with a microwave and a refrigerator.

The hotel is a "Home on Kurortny". The rooms offer wardrobe, flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. Every morning the hotel serves a continental Breakfast.

Apartments at Kurortny prospect 14, offering free Wi-Fi and sea views. Apartment with 1 bedroom, a kitchen with a microwave and a bathroom with shower and washing machine.

Apartment "Kurortny prospect 14" with free Wi-Fi, 1 bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave and a bathroom with a Hairdryer.

The Old Chestnut with the view of the city. It offers free Wi-Fi and Bicycle rental. Featuring 1 bedroom, kitchen with dishwasher, washing machine, bathroom with Hairdryer and a flat-screen TV.

Apartamenty overlooking the city. It offers free Wi-Fi and a fully equipped kitchen. This apartment features 1 bedroom, a living room with a flat-screen satellite TV and DVD player, air conditioning, a washing machine and a bathroom with bidet and shower.

Apartment "Studio in the center" with a fully equipped kitchen and a garden. The accommodation is provided with satellite-TV.

All accommodation in Zelenogradsk you can view and book here.

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