Fish Village, Kaliningrad

The Fish Village is an ethnographic and trade and craft complex located in the heart of the city of Kaliningrad, on Oktyabrsky Island (formerly Lomze), on the bank of the Pregolya River.

Currently, the Fish village is one of the most visited places for walking and recreation in Kaliningrad, both among local residents and guests of the city.

The Fish Village complex is stylized as the pre-war East Prussian city of Koenigsberg. The complex itself is small, it stretches from the Honey Bridge connecting the fish village with the island of Kanta to the High Bridge and is an embankment.

The most interesting and visited part of the Kaliningrad Fishing Village is the part of the embankment stretching from the Jubilee Bridge to the Honey Bridge.

Jubilee Bridge, Fish Village, Kaliningrad

The Jubilee Bridge is a pedestrian drawbridge across the Pregolya River, part of the Fish Village complex and connects Oktyabrskaya Street with Epronovskaya Street.

This bridge was built by the Kaliningrad City Hall to commemorate the 750th anniversary of Konigsberg - Kaliningrad. For this reason, to coincide with the opening of the bridge to the anniversary of the city, the bridge got its name - "Jubilee". Learn more about the Jubilee Bridge...

From the north side of the Jubilee Bridge there are beautiful views of the Pregolya River, the Fish Village and Kanta Island

Whereas from the south - you can see the continuation of the embankment and the High Bridge

The "Embankment" of the Fishing village

The embankment of the Fishing Village is the brightest and most colorful part of the complex.

Along the embankment: stylized buildings and attractions of the Fishing Village, as well as cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and hotels.

Just behind the Jubilee Bridge there is a small square with places to relax. Here, in a beautiful building, there is a restaurant and a 4-star Kaiserhof Hotel with a spa, pool bar and sun terrace.

In the summer season, in good weather, water excursions by motor ships on the Pregolya River depart from the piers of the Fishing Village. The duration of the tour is approximately 45 minutes, the cost is 500 rubles for an adult ticket, children 5-12 years old - 250 rubles, children under 5 years old - free of charge.

The embankment of the Fishing village next

The main tourist attraction of the Fishing Village isView tower "Mayak".

In the Lighthouse observation tower there are: Madame Boucher restaurant, a Glass shop museum and an observation deck located at the very top of the tower.

Entrance to the observation tower from Oktyabrskaya Street.

There are two sculptural compositions near the entrance: a sailor with a monkey on his shoulder, sitting on a bench, and a lady innkeeper, looking out from behind a slightly open door and inviting guests.

Entrance to the observation deck is paid - 100 rubles. Opening hours: from 10:00 to 20:00 pm. The ascent is only on foot, by a metal spiral staircase.

At the very top of the observation tower there is a closed Rendezvous platform.

And just below, an open area with a 360-degree view. From this observation deck there are wonderful views of the Cathedral, the House of Soviets, the embankment of the Fishing Village and the surrounding area.

There is also a sculpture "Bird of Happiness".

In the museum of glass, you can see various glass products, as well as, if desired, buy souvenirs or jewelry made of glass. The glass itself is brought from the Czech Republic or from Mexico, and in Kaliningrad only products are made from ready-made raw materials.

In the stylized buildings near the Lighthouse View Tower there are cafes and restaurants, as well as the 3-star Skipper Hotel and the hotel At the Honey Bridge.

Next is located Honey Bridge connecting the Fish Village with the island of Kanta (formerly Kneiphof). On the island of Kant are: the Cathedral, the grave of Kant and the Sculpture Park.

These two sights of Kaliningrad (Fish village and Kanta Island), together form a single walking route, one of the most important and interesting in the city. A visit to Kaliningrad, without a walk through these places, will be incomplete. Learn more about Kanta Island...

Near the Honey Bridge: shops selling amber products and a tourist center. There are also retro cars here. In fact, they are not retro, quite even modern - electric cars made in China and sharpened for Rolls-Royce. The cost of an excursion in such a car with an audio guide around the city center is 1000 rubles per person, a 20-minute mini-walk along the Jubilee Island to the stadium erected for the 2018 FIFA World Cup is 500 rubles per person.

Beyond the Honey Bridge. Along the Veterans Embankment or Oktyabrskaya Street , you can go toThe wooden bridge, behind which is the House of Soviets and Lower Lake (Lower pond).

Parking near the Fishing Village

There is a small parking lot directly near the fishing village, on the side of Oktyabrskaya Street. If you do not have enough places in this parking lot, then you can always leave your car in the parking lot near the Victoria supermarket, the entrance from Oktyabrskaya Street or Sunny Boulevard.

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