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Brandenburg gate, Kaliningrad (Brandenburger Tor)

Brandenburg gate (German name Brandenburger Tor) is a living testimony to the history of the city of Kaliningrad and the legacy of Prussian königsberg.

Currently, the Brandenburg gate included in the Tops of the sights of Kaliningrad and is a monument of architecture of Federal value.

Also the Brandenburg gate - one of seven surviving gates of Kaliningrad and the only city gate still used for its intended purpose, through the gate is the roadway of the street Bagrationa.

The Brandenburg gate was built in königsberg in 1657 as part of the fortifications of Königsberg. The gate is named in honour of the castle of Brandenburg (now Ushakovo village) as situated at the intersection with the road leading to the castle.

Originally, the Brandenburg gate was made of wood. For reliability and protection in front of the gate was a water-filled moat. In a hundred years by order of king Frederick II of wood and already battered gate was broken and in their place built a more robust brick building with thick walls and two spacious sections with a pointed end. At that time, there were also service, utility, storage areas and lifts.

In 1843, during the restoration work has been substantially modified as a result of which the Brandenburg gate was built anew on the same place. Later, gates also subjected to reconstruction and recovery-supporting activities.

The marzipan museum at the Brandenburg gate

Another interesting, has already become a kind of landmark of Kaliningrad, is the Museum of "Marzipan", located in the Brandenburg gate.

The marzipan Museum, although small, but it is possible to learn the history of the königsberg marzipan, marzipan, for example, the Königsberg Cathedral and the Struggling bison as well as old original packaging, used once for cookies, forms and other items for the production of marzipan.

In the Museum shop of marzipan, where you can buy sweets, chocolate and other sweets with marzipan, both local and German production.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 21:00 hours. Entrance is free (free). Address: Kaliningrad, Bagrationa str., 137.

Königsberg marzipan (Königsberger Marzipan) - a type of marzipan traditionally produced in the German Koenigsberg, a characteristic feature of which is annealed the surface is Golden or light brown color.

Originally königsberg marzipan was developed in Switzerland. From Berlin, königsberg marzipan was more prozirnost and darker color. Also in the dough "local" has added more marzipan and bitter almond that made the königsberg marzipan more flavorful and rich. But from marzipan from Lubeck, Konigsberg differed less sugar, browned in the oven crust and beautiful, made in the form of animals, buildings, toys and so on.

In Tsarist Russia the marzipan was one of the main elements that accompany the winter holidays.

Where are the Brandenburg gate

At the end of the street Bagrationa, at the beginning of Suvorova street, within walking distance from the South railway station (500 metres away).

From South station you should go to the left if you stand with your back to the main entrance to the station building, on the street Южновокзальной to the intersection with the Суворова street and then turn right, or from the station on street Железнодорожной, through the gas stations ОйлБалт.

Near the Brandenburg gate

Near the Brandenburg gate is another small and often invisible to the eyes of tourists historical sights of Kaliningrad - the former Haberbargoed cemetery, or rather what's left of it, namely brick wall and embedded in it a plaque with three sculptural portraits of professors and rectors of the königsberg University "Albertina", which were buried in this cemetery in the 19th century: a philologist Ludwigs Reza 1776-1840, physiologist Karl Burdach 1776-1847 and philosopher Jakob Kraus 1753-1807.

Wall with memorable portraits is located just South of the Brandenburg gate, just near the gas stations ОйлБалт.

Near South station, at the Kalinina square (former Reichsplatz), is a monument to Mikhail Kalinin (1959, sculptor B. Edunov).

Photo of the southern railway station in Kaliningrad

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