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Rossgarten Gate, Kaliningrad (Roßgärter Tor)

The Rosgarten Gate (German name Roßgärter Tor) is one of the seven preserved city gates of Kaliningrad.

Named after the Rossgarten district (Rossgarten, German - Roßgarten). These gates replaced the previous version of the gate of the early 17th century.

The Rosgarten Gate, which has survived to this day, was built between 1852 and 1855 under the leadership of Wilhelm Ludwig Sturmer, for the fortifications of the Konigsberg defensive system.

Next to the Rosgarten Gate was the Dona Tower (now the Amber Museum is located in the tower). Both buildings were connected by a defensive wall and formed a single architectural ensemble, part of which can still be seen today.

During the Second World War, the Rosgarten Gate was damaged, but later restored.

Currently, there is a cafe-restaurant "Sunny Stone" in the gate. Sunny Stone is the first fish restaurant in Kaliningrad. The restaurant is open to visitors to this day, however, according to guest reviews, it does not deserve attention. They say the service is slow, and the food is below average, you can go in, except for the sake of the interior and history.

On July 2, 2005, a festive dinner dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the city of Kaliningrad was held in the Sunny Hall of the restaurant. The dinner was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the State Council of Russia.

The gate consists of only one passage (passage) about four meters wide. There are three casemates on both sides of the passage, so the facade of the gate, in total, consists of seven openings. From the city side, Chernyakhovsky Street, casemates have windows, from the outside - embrasures.

The central part of the facade of the Rosgarten Gate has two high octagonal towers, ending with decorative machicolations. The entire central perimeter of the gate is decorated with a row of teeth.

There is a high arch between the towers, actually this is the entrance to the gate. Above the arch are two portrait medallions depicting Prussian generals Scharnhorst and Gneisenau.

Also above the arch there is an observation deck with a view of Vasilevsky Square and the surrounding area.

Currently, the Rosgarten Gate is a historical monument, one of the sights of Kaliningrad and is among the objects of "Kaliningrad fortification".

Practical information

The Rosgarten Gate is located at the intersection of Chernyakhovsky and Alexander Nevsky Streets, next to Vasilevsky Square and the Amber Museum.

The distance from the center of Kaliningrad, which is conventionally considered Victory Square, is about 1.6 km. You can walk for 20-25 minutes.

Website of the restaurant "Sunny stone" - sun-stone

What to visit near the Rosgarten Gate in Kaliningrad

The Amber Museum, located in the walls of the fortification - the Don Tower.

Upper Lake and The lower lake is a favorite place for walking and recreation among locals and visitors of the city.

The Wrangel Tower is a fortification built in Konigsberg.

Maraunenhof was once an old German district, where the houses of architecture of those times are still preserved.

Yunost Park is one of the most popular city parks in Kaliningrad.

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