Park Yunost, Kaliningrad

Yunost Park in Kaliningrad, the full name of the Park of Culture and Recreation "Yunost" is one of the parks of Kaliningrad.

According to visitors, Kaliningrad Yunost Park is considered one of the best parks in the city for family recreation and entertainment.

During the year, various events are held on the territory of the park: holidays, festivals, concerts.

On the territory of the Park there isan amusement Park for children and adults, 45-metre-high Ferris wheel (the highest in Kaliningrad), trolls, boat station, 5D cinema, winter indoor ice rink Ice arena, go-kart, adventure Park, trampolines, a "House upside down", the pond area for walking and recreation, centre for the development of interpersonal communications, as well as a cafe and a food court.

Attractions in Yunost Park, Kaliningrad

There are various attractions on the territory of the park, designed for both the youngest and older guests of the park.

Among the attractions: railway, motor city, spaceship, canoe, race track, merry-go-round, sunny, chain carousel, laughter room, etc.

In the winter months, an indoor ice rink "Ice Arena" operates on the territory of the park.

A visit to each attraction is paid separately. The cost of attractions starts from 100 rubles. Also on sale are season tickets for 5 visits to certain attractions: the cost of a family ticket is 600 rubles, for children - 400 rubles.

On the territory of the park you can ride a bright train. Walking time is 10 minutes. The cost is 200 rubles.

Boat station in Yunost Park, Kaliningrad

In the eastern part of the park, near the Ferris wheel, there is a boat station.

The boat station is open on weekdays from 13:00 to 21:00, on weekends - from 10:00 to 21:00.

The cost of renting a boat is 200 rubles for 30 minutes.

Karting in Yunost Park, Kaliningrad

The go-karting area is a separate pride of the park. Both adults and children from 6 years old and over 120 centimeters tall can try themselves as a racing driver.

Check-in time is 10 minutes. A children's card costs 500 rubles. Adults are offered both standard cards with a capacity of 6.5 horsepower for 500 rubles per race, and more powerful cars with 9.5 horsepower, costing 600 rubles per race.

"House upside down" in Yunost Park, Kaliningrad

Attraction "House upside down" or Upside down house. In the interior of the house, like the house itself, everything is turned upside down. Visiting this attraction, there is an opportunity to walk along the ceiling and see the picture of the home interior that is familiar in everyday life from a completely different angle - a bed on the ceiling, a chandelier on the floor…

The cost of the visit: 14+ - 150 rubles; 7-13 years - 100 rubles, children under 6 years - free of charge. Children under 9 years of age are allowed to visit the house only when accompanied by adults. Payment of tickets immediately before entering the Inverted house.

Center for the Development of Interpersonal Communications

One of the central places in the park is occupied by the Center for the Development of Interpersonal Communications - a cultural and educational institution primarily engaged in extracurricular education of children.

The three-storey building of the center, which was opened in 2007 (construction began in 2004), perfectly fits into the park area. Russian Russian classical style, the building is built in the style of Russian classicism, and resembles the Russian noble estates of the 19th century.

There is a fountain in front of the central entrance to the center, and a pond surrounds it around the perimeter. Ducks swim in the pond, there are places for walking, there are small sculptures and a gazebo made in a characteristic style.

Walking area of Yunost Park in Kaliningrad

A considerable part of the park is occupied by a green walking area. Here:

- alleys in the shade of trees and places to relax. The Alley of Consent and the Alley of the Sovereign;

- bridge of desires across the Blue River;

- bridge of kisses across the Blue River and avenue of lovers;

- the monument of all lovers, near which the newlyweds "perpetuate" the dates of birth of new families;

- monument to internationalist soldiers who died in local wars and conflicts (opened in 1998, sculptor L. G. Ponomareva, architect V. G. Eremeev);

- memorial "Eternal Glory to the Heroes", dedicated to the soldiers of special forces units of the Kaliningrad region who died in the line of duty.

Other infrastructure in Yunost Park, Kaliningrad

During the holidays, a stage is set up in the park, where concerts are held, bands perform.

The bulk of the mini-cafes are concentrated near the amusement area. In the cafe: hot and cold drinks, ice cream, cakes, hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers, French fries, etc.

Where is Yunost Park located

Yunost Park is located in the city center, in the Leningrad district of Kaliningrad, near the Upper Lake, at the intersection of Telman, Azovskaya, Zemelnaya and Gorky streets.

The park has several entrances from different sides. The main entrance is from Telman Street.

The scheme of the Yunost Park in Kaliningrad

Practical information

The address of the park: Kaliningrad, Telman Street, 3.

How to get there: the nearest stop to the park is called "Yunost", bus No. 14, minibus No. 61, 75. There is a stop on Gorky Street - "Children's Hospital".

The distance from the center of Kaliningrad, which is conventionally considered Victory Square, is about one and a half kilometers. You can walk for 15-20 minutes.

Park opening hours: attractions: on weekdays from 11:00 to 21:00, on weekends from 11:00 to 22:00; ticket offices open 15 minutes before the start of the rides and close 15 minutes before the closing of the rides.

Attention! The opening hours of the park and the cost of tickets for attractions may vary, we recommend that you clarify the information before visiting.

Yunost Park website: park-unost.

What to visit near Yunost Park in Kaliningrad

Upper Lake and The lower lake is a favorite place for walking and recreation among locals and visitors of the city.

Maraunenhof was once an old German district, where the houses of architecture of those times are still preserved.

The Wrangel Tower is a fortification built in Konigsberg.

The Amber Museum, located in the fortification - the Don Tower.

Rosgarten Gate is one of the seven preserved city gates of Kaliningrad.

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