Upper Lake, Kaliningrad (Upper Pond)

The Upper pond, in colloquial speech, the name Upper Lake is more common (until 1949, the German name Oberteich) is a reservoir of artificial origin, located in the center of Kaliningrad and is particularly popular for walking and recreation among citizens and guests of the city.

The pond appeared in 1270, when the knights of the Teutonic Order from Konigsberg Castle blocked the tributary of the Pregel River (Pregel, now the Pregolya River) with an earthen dam. In those days, the pond was used for breeding fish.

The Upper Pond is one of the oldest, after the nearby Lower Pond (Castle Pond), a Koenigsberg structure that has survived to this day. It has an irregular elongated shape, with two bays in the northern and an extension in the southern part.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the Upper Pond was almost completely located outside the city defenses that passed along the southern shore of the pond at that time (now Chernyakhovsky Street).

After the defensive structures became obsolete at the beginning of the 20th century and no longer performed their military functions, were bought by the city and partially demolished, the city began to grow beyond its former borders even then.

Next to the lake, in its north-western part, a new prestigious area of villas for the wealthy class of the population was built - Maraunenhof. A few villas with pre-war Prussian architecture are still preserved in the historic Maraunenhof district, now part of the Leningrad district of Kaliningrad. More about the Maraunenhof district in Kaliningrad...

The lake itself has become a place of rest for citizens, which it is to this day.

Now along the lake there is a gentrified embankment with a bike path, there is a hotel, residential buildings, bridges, playgrounds, recreation areas, a park, a cafe, a boat station and several historical attractions. Ducks and swans live in the lake.

The main objects of the western part of the Upper Lake embankment

The 4-star Mercure Hotel (Mercure Kaliningrad) features a terrace, a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and free Wi-Fi.

Boat station

Sculptures of marine animals. During Koenigsberg, the shores of the pond were decorated with sculptural monuments. On the west bank in 1913, the work of sculptor Hermann Thiele, a group of four sculptures of marine animals was installed: a walrus, a sea elephant, a sea dog and a sea lion. Only two original sculptures have survived to this day, but during the construction of the embankment and the cleaning of the pond, the sculptures were restored.

Recreation area.

Skate park and playground "Pirate Ship".

A curved bridge, near which there is a composition of small fountains.


Sculpture on a pedestal with a clock.

Yunost Park with areas for walking and recreation, attractions for children and adults, a Ferris wheel, a boat station, a winter indoor skating rink, go-karting, an inverted house, as well as mini-cafes and eateries. More about Yunost Park in Kaliningrad...

The main objects of the eastern and southern parts of the Upper Lake embankment

Sports ground

The Amber Museum, located in the historical fortification - the Don Tower.

Near the Amber Museum, on the lake side, there are kiosks with amber products and souvenirs. More about the Amber Museum in Kaliningrad...

A section of the defensive wall located on Chernyakhovsky Street.

The wall, the remains of which can be seen today, was erected in the middle of the 19th century, had a defensive significance and was under the cover of cross defensive fire, the implementation of which was possible from the towers "Wrangel" and "Don".

The architectural advantages of the brick wall are emphasized by arches and stylized embrasures with cornices. It is noteworthy that until 1945, in the embrasures of the wall there were barrels of ancient artillery guns attached by chains to metal hinges. The gun barrels were removed in the post-war years.

Across the road, Chernyakhovsky Street, from part of the wall and the Upper Lake, there is the Lower Lake (formerly called the Castle Pond), connected with the Upper Pond by cascades.

The banks of the Lower Pond are a green area with places for walking and relaxing. Learn more about the Lower Lake in Kaliningrad...

What to see near the Upper Lake in Kaliningrad

The Wrangel Tower is a fortification built in Konigsberg.

Rosgarten Gate is one of the seven preserved city gates of Kaliningrad.

Marshal Vasilevsky Memorial Square. The memorial is dedicated to the heroes of the assault on the fortress city of Konigsberg, designed by architects A.D. Tishin and G.S. Simanovich.

The square is decorated with a monument to twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Knight of the Order of Victory, Marshal of the Soviet Union - Vasilevsky A.M. Along the perimeter of the square there are curbstones with memorial plaques with the names of Heroes and twice Heroes of the Soviet Union who participated in the storming of Konigsberg.

Monument to Alexander Nevsky

The Church of St. Alexander Nevsky. The Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana was founded on July 20, 2008, and on November 16, 2013 it was consecrated in the name of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky. It was built according to the project of architect A.B. Musin in the tent-dome style.

The reduit of the "Oberteich" bastion, built in the middle of the 19th century and subsequently modernized several times. At the time of construction, the reduit was part of the bastion of the same name with an earthen rampart, intended to accommodate artillery positions.

The barracks building of the 3rd Cuirassier Count Wrangel Regiment is a historical monument located at 90-92 Proletarskaya Street.

Victory Square is the central square of Kaliningrad.

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