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Cross-Exaltation Cathedral, Kaliningrad (church of the Cross, Kreuzkirhe)

Holy Cross Cathedral, formerly the Church of the Cross or Kreuzkirche (Kreuzkirche) is an Orthodox church in Kaliningrad.

Initially, the building of the current church housed the Lutheran-Evangelical church of the Kreuzkirche, the Church of the Cross, located in the former area of the island of Lomse in Konigsberg, Germany.

Currently, the Holy Cross Cathedral attracts attention, first of all, with its unusual appearance with the image of a huge cross on the facade, between two equally high towers, which end with small domes. The towers are connected by a covered gallery. Previously (in the German years) there was a clock under the gallery.

The cathedral building has the shape of a Greek (equi-pointed) cross. Kadinsky clinker, a decorative brick, was used for the cladding of the building, which gave the church such a seemingly unusual, but at the same time characteristic of Western churches.

In general, the architectural style of the cathedral can be attributed to the late Modern, with elements of Gothic and neoclassicism.

The pre-war interior of the church was designed mainly by the Berlin artist Erhst Fey. The stained glass windows were created according to sketches by the Konigsberg artist Gerhard Eisenbletter. Another Koenigsberg artist Jacob designed a baptismal font, a communion cup and an altar lamp. Balconies were located above the side naves. To this day, the pre-war interior of the church has not been preserved.

Now the interior has been restored in accordance with Orthodox canons. The main attraction of the current cathedral is a unique amber iconostasis.

A brief history of the Holy Cross Cathedral in Kaliningrad (Churches of the Cross, Kreutskirches)

The church was originally designed by architect Arthur Kikton and built between 1930 and 1933 for the evangelical congregation of Konigsberg.

On May 7, 1933, the Church of the Cross was solemnly consecrated.

During the Second World War, the Kreuzkirche suffered a little. In the post-war years, the church building was used mainly for economic purposes. In the walls of the church, at various times, there was an auto repair shop and a fishing equipment factory. By the early eighties, the former church building was completely abandoned.

In 1988, the building of the then former Church of the Cross was decided to be used again as a church, only now for the Kaliningrad Orthodox Community. In 1991, the Kresto-Vozdvizhensky parish of the Smolensk-Kaliningrad Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church was registered. In 1991-1994, repair and restoration work was carried out under the direction of architect Yuri Zabuga.

In 1994, the upper church of the Holy Cross Cathedral was consecrated by Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad in honor of the Exaltation of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross of the Lord, and in 1995 the lower chapel was consecrated in the name of the holy Prince Alexander Nevsky.

By the Decree of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region dated March 23, 2007 No. 132, the Church of the Cross received the status of a historical monument of regional significance (subject to state protection).

Practical information

Address of the Holy Cross Cathedral: Kaliningrad, Oktyabrsky Island, General Pavlov Street, 2.

There is a Sunday school in the cathedral.

Since 1989, the cathedral has its own choir, participating in divine services on Saturdays, Sundays and Orthodox holidays.

What to visit near the Holy Cross Cathedral in Kaliningrad

Fish Village is an ethnographic and trade and craft complex located in the heart of the city of Kaliningrad, on the banks of the Pregolya River.

Kant Island is a historical, non-residential island part of Kaliningrad, the main attractions of which are: the Cathedral, Kant's Grave, sculpture Park and Honey Bridge.

The Lower Lake is a favorite place for walking and recreation among locals and visitors of the city.

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