How to get to Zelenogradsk from Kaliningrad (airport and city center)

Zelenogradsk is a resort town located on the Baltic Sea coast, just 32 kilometers from the center of Kaliningrad.

There is no airport in Zelenogradsk, and there is also no railway line connecting the city with other regions of Russia, in addition to the Kaliningrad region. Therefore, you can get to Zelenogradsk only through Kaliningrad - Khrabrovo Airport or from the city center.

How to get to Zelenogradsk from Khrabrovo airport

The airport (Khrabrovo) named after Empress Elizabeth Petrovna is located 13-20 kilometers from the center of Zelenogradsk.

Khrabrovo International Airport regularly accepts domestic flights connecting the Kaliningrad Region with some regions of Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Krasnodar, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Cherepovets, etc.), as well as international flights from Belarus, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Poland, Spain and some other European countries. Cheap flights to Kaliningrad...

You can get from Khrabrovo airport to Zelenogradsk:

Taxi/Transfer from Kaliningrad to Zelenogradsk

To get from the airport to the center of Zelenogradsk, as well as other cities and resorts of the Kaliningrad region, it is more convenient and fastest by taxi. You can order a taxi / transfer in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign where your first and last name will be written. To order a taxi, it is enough to provide your flight data!

Car rental at Kaliningrad airport

If you plan to travel around the region, then the ideal option would be to rent a car. You can choose and order a car in advance, at the appointed time your car will be waiting for you near the airport.

Rent a car at Kaliningrad airport →

How to get to Zelenogradsk from the center of Kaliningrad

You can find out how to get from Khrabrovo Airport to the center of Kaliningrad here.

You can get from the center of Kaliningrad to Zelenogradsk by taxi or car.

Rent a car in the center of Kaliningrad →

On a personal or rented car:

- the first way. We leave Kaliningrad along Sovetsky Prospekt, then get on the A192 highway and drive to the fork near the village. Kholmogorovka. We reach the fork, the A192 will go straight, and we need to turn right, turn and go on, without turning anywhere. The road will lead to Zelenogradsk;

- the second way. A higher priority, since the road is wider (two lanes in each direction). We leave Kaliningrad via Alexander Nevsky Street. Then we go to the A191 highway and drive straight along the signs without turning anywhere. Then the road will be called A-217 (Primorsky Ring). We move along it to the big interchange (near the village of Bezymyanka), before the interchange we go to the right and then without turning anywhere we reach Zelenogradsk;

- the third way. We leave Kaliningrad via Alexander Nevsky Street. Then we go to the A191 highway. After some time there will be a pointer to Orlovka. We go to the right and follow to Orlovka. We drive without turning anywhere, we pass Malinovka, Morshanskoye, Kashtanovka, Muromskoye and Sosnovka. Next - Zelenogradsk.

Trains to Zelenogradsk from Kaliningrad

Trains from the center of Kaliningrad to Zelenogradsk, as well as from Zelenogradsk to the center of Kaliningrad, run daily, several times a day (more often in summer).

Trains in Kaliningrad depart from Yuzhny Railway Station, where interregional trains from "big" Russia arrive, then pass the Severny railway station (Kaliningrad-Severny), located near Victory Square, in the very center of Kaliningrad, at the address: Sovetsky Ave., 2.

Travel time is 27-50 minutes. The schedule of trains can be specified here.

The train will take you to the Kranets Railway Station in Zelenogradsk, located at 3 Vokzalnaya Street, 300 meters from the historical center of Zelenogradsk and 450-600 meters from the central beaches of Zelenogradsk.

Bus to Zelenogradsk from the center of Kaliningrad

Public buses from Kaliningrad to Zelenogradsk run daily, there are many flights, especially in the high summer season. There are both express trains and simple public buses.

Buses depart from the Kaliningrad bus station, located within walking distance from the Yuzhny railway station, + make several stops in the city center.

The fare starts from 84 rubles in one direction. Tickets can be purchased both at the ticket offices of the bus station and on the bus. Travel time is approximately 55 minutes - 1 hour 15 minutes. The bus schedule can be specified here.

The bus will take you to the Zelenogradsk bus station, located at 2 Vokzalnaya Street, which is within walking distance from the Zelenogradsk railway station.

Housing in Zelenogradsk

If you plan to stay in Zelenogradsk, then you need to book accommodation (a hotel room). There are hotels located directly near the beach and in the tourist center of Zelenogradsk, as well as those that are further from the main tourist routes.

All accommodation facilities in Zelenogradsk can be viewed and booked here

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